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    limcid got a reaction from fedthehellup in A different unanswered question about the Moon Landing   
    Thank you! You've just demonstrated the root of the problem. You refuse to doubt, which means you blindly believe. That is the problem.
    I'm simply presenting a simple question based on a simple observation. Compare the original "moon" broadcast with the many videos available of modern communications with astronauts in low Earth orbit. Note the difference in delay between transmissions. Ask a simple question: Why?
    I don't care what the answer is, so long as it's not dismissive and is based on provable facts. I'm not interested in something that requires Faith, I already have a religion. I would like to see something scientific that explains the phenomenon. That's all.
    There were many missions to the moon that were unmanned, so a lot of footage of the moon is mostly real. In fact, questioning the video footage can be taken off of the table (temporarily), but I can't dismiss the audio.
    I believe the detail of the time delay was compromised because it would have made the broadcast too long (and boring). It was necessary to have better pacing (like a movie) in order to maintain the viewer's interest. It had to be entertaining. After all, it's television. That's why I think a decision was made to disregard the issue of the time delay. Plus, the viewing audience was more naive and gullible back then, almost innocent and too trusting. We should know better by now.
    The moon landing, as depicted on television, MAY have taken place. But, I think all anomalies should really be cleared up by now. If you go back and review (there are some excellent, long forgotten, maybe never televised documentaries about the Great Space Race) what was really going on in the world during the times leading up to the moon landing, you can see there was tremendous incentive to simply make the moon landing be a success, at all costs. I wouldn't even find fault with the decision to fake the landing because it really put the brakes on some things that may have easily gotten out of control. We HAD TO prove out superiority, we couldn't afford to fail.
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    limcid got a reaction from fedthehellup in A different unanswered question about the Moon Landing   
    Maybe, but I don't want to simply make up an answer and be satisfied. That's a bit dismissive, when I really want to understand (not with reasoning) this issue based on corroborable information.
    The answer needs to hold up to simple questions like:
    - Are there other examples (not associated with the Moon landing) that exhibit this phenomenon?
    - Is there an official observation of this that has been explained with math and physics?
    - Does this phenomenon have a scientific name?
    - When was it first observed and who discovered it?
    If it's an anomaly of math and physics, then we have a bit of a smoking gun don't we? I just want to know the truth.
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    limcid got a reaction from fedthehellup in A different unanswered question about the Moon Landing   
    I have a question that I have yet to see/hear asked concerning the believability of the Moon landing. It concerns the speed of communications between the Earth and astronauts.
    Question: Why is it that the delay in communications between the Earth and the Moon is a fraction of the delay observed between the Earth and the Space Shuttle(SS)? How can this be sensible?
    There is always quite a pregnant pause between both parties, Earth and the SS. This is with technological advances spanning over 40 years since the Moon missions.
    In the videos of the Moon landing, the conversations have almost no pause between the messages.
    Now, the SS is usually around ~250 miles above the surface of the Earth. The Moon is roughly 250,000 miles from the surface of the Earth. I'm rounding the numbers for easier comparison.
    How is it that communication signals travelled over 1000x faster, some 40 years ago, than today's signals? These signals are emanating from the same organization, from the same GPS location on the Earth. Was a more advanced communications technology used way back then?
    What don't I understand about communication signals that would clear up this strangeness. It's one of the reasons that I absolutely have to, just for the sake of good logic, doubt the validity of the Moon
    (okay, make that several similar questions.)
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    limcid got a reaction from Malifious in South Carolina Passes Nullification Bill To Make Obamacare A Crime   
    Racism has absolutely nothing to do with this. Go and actually look over the law and how things will be run. You really want the IRS to be connected to your healthcare? The whole system will be administered by the IRS. That's in the law itself. I'm amazed at how people defend something they know nothing about.
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    limcid got a reaction from MisterMassive1 in Forum categories / sections   
    A frontpage for the forum, similar to the simplicity of the DrudgeReport (a simple news aggregate), would be awesome. It would likely help to drive more traffic to the forum as well.
    It would be pretty simple to do, and requires no real design or coding. Keep it ugly and functional, like the DrudgeReport. Part of his success is the total simplicity of the page.
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    limcid reacted to r. zimm in Why are Republicans Grasping at Straws?   
    "But Obama does not micro manage"
    How true but he doesn't manage in any form. I really don't get the fact that hard core lefties don't understand what the Executive Branch is supposed to do.
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    limcid reacted to bluemachine in Why are Republicans Grasping at Straws?   
    Artistry, What is quite amazing is that you think I support the GOP. What makes you say that? Anyone who is critical of Obummer must automatically be a supporter of the GOP?

    In any case, standing down on sending help to Benghazi was unforgivable. Obama lied out-right when he said he called it terrorism in the Rose Garden on 9/12 and someone in his administration refused to send help when TSHTF. That is all I need to know about his character and his parties goals.

    On top of that stand down order there is the direct targeting of opposition groups by the IRS. The Democratic leaders were calling for investigations into Tea Party groups in PUBLIC, referring to them as racist and terroristic, which is outlandish, so this, too, will fall squarely on the shoulders of Obummer and the Dems. Heads will roll over the IRA mess, just wait and see. 
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    limcid reacted to TheCraft in Hitler, as bad as people think?   
    I think people are looking at the wrong thing here.. Obviously no-one can really deny he was an evil man. But that's all he was, one evil man. There are lots of evil people out there, all whom are pretty powerless without funding.. The real evil is not the man himself, but the organizations and money behind him. It is these powers that make it all possible.. I'm speaking in the present tense because it all still applies with what is happening in the world today.
    The Nazi phenomenon was not made real by just one man. Nazism had its followers, many of them exceptionally wealthy, veritable alchemists of the financial world back then.
    Ultimately, Hitler was funded by Gustav Krupp von Bohlen, the Warbrooks, the Rothschilds and other internationalist bankers. The slaughter of the supposed 600,000 Jews by Hitler didn't bother the Jewish internationalist bankers at all. That slaughter was necessary in order to create worldwide hatred of the German people and thus bring about the war against them. In short, this second world war was fought to destroy Nazism, and to increase the power of political Zionism so that the state of Israel could be established in Palestine. It was all part of a much bigger plan, and Hitler was simply used because of his talent as a public speaker and his ability to lead the masses.
    Here's a link to some more interesting information about it.
    The real evil behind all evils are the ones that finance these tyrants rise to power, and of course make a huge profit for themselves at the same time. These powers, such as the Rothschilds, fund both sides of wars, watch them take place, have no blame pointed in their direction, and make profit from it. These are the same people that fund governments, law enforcement, healthcare, schools, media, and the list goes on, it really is pretty much everything. They create this money out of thin air, and then charge interest on it, meaning there will never be enough money in the world to pay it back.
    Adolf Hitler was one man, and by no means solely responsible for the tragic events of that time.
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    limcid reacted to bluemachine in Why are Republicans Grasping at Straws?   
    Just because the GOP isn't offering anything much better does not mean the Dems are doing a good job. Anyone who lives in the U.S. and believes the economy is improving is deluded. I'm not sure how many scandals it takes to make a leftist question the tactics of Obama but I do see a few beginning to fear for the country. See ultra-leftist Piers Morgan finally beginning to see the light:

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    limcid reacted to BigBuster in Jury Concludes that FRAUD Put President Obama on the Ballot in 2008! Do you believe them?   
    A decision handed down by an Indiana jury in late April 2013 has concluded that outright fraud put both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the ballot in that state in 2008.
    Now this is interesting, you can read the rest of the story here
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    limcid got a reaction from bluemachine in Why are Republicans Grasping at Straws?   
    Well, this is a fundamental difference between us. I don't want or need my government to do a dam thing for me but get out of my life! We are supposed to be a free people, without the government telling us what we can and cannot do. We're supposed to be free, not slaves...get it?
    If people need help, that is what family, neighbors, and churches are for. Charities should be run by free people, not the government.
    You really need to lay off of the hate-filled music and culture. It's rotting your mind and soul.
    Thanks for the advice, but no thanks. I'm not really sure you know Him like you believe you do. You've got too much blind hatred born purely out of rhetoric and emotions. STUDY to show thyself approved, not merely listen or feel. Study means to look deeper than your current beliefs and understanding. You should diversify your sources of information. You should take the time to truly verify things because you are being played by the people and sources you trust the most. I can't convince you of that, that's your job (if you're up to it).
    We can certainly agree on the issue of wasting each others time.
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    limcid got a reaction from bluemachine in Why are Republicans Grasping at Straws?   
    Grasping at straws? Umm, you might want to diversify your news sources. You seemed to be filled with nothing but left-wing talking points that have no depth of evidence outside of the volume of rhetoric behind them. Repetition doesn't make it real.

    What about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, the spending that is many times that of Bush, the late-breaking IRS scandals, etc.?

    Does nothing stick to Obama? Is he accountable for nothing? Is everything someone else's fault? If you listen to him it is.

    The sequester was Obama's idea as a trick to get Republicans to do what he wanted. They called his bluff and it blew up in his face. Of course, right on cue, it's not his fault.

    The man has been President for over five years, now. What is he accountable for? What has he actually done, that he promised you? Let me guess, it's someone else's fault that he failed to deliver.

    If he's so susceptible to the influence of others then he must not be a good leader, nor a good President. Where has he lead? He's only dictated. Everything must go his way. Where has he seriously sat down with others. He's been one of the most disconnected Presidents this country has ever had. This sentiment is even expressed by Democrat politicians.

    The man is a little too "above it all" to connect. The "Mr. Professor" President, always lecturing and dictating (and reading from a teleprompter).
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    limcid got a reaction from Neo in Shattered dreams of Americans, poverty, hopelessness   
    The American Dream is not free (is any dream?). It usually costs more than a lot of people are willing to invest (effort and time). Handouts are so much easier, and free.
    There are many that genuinely need help, but there are more that are just lazy excuse-makers. I've got one in my family (who's at least trying to do better), and I live in a city riddled with this type. I see it and hear the silly gripes everyday. It's a mistake to enable them.
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    limcid reacted to Neo in Shattered dreams of Americans, poverty, hopelessness   
    Only one in ten?  Its nothing.   More than one in ten people are deadbeats.
    Unemployment in Spain is 27%.   Youth unemployment is 55%!  Think about that, and then talk to me about loss of dreams!
    Its also crazy how these people have three children, but realistically couldn't afford to support one.
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    limcid reacted to Charlie Prime in Desperation and the IRS   
    The IRS admitted it was true because they knew a big report is about to come out about it.
    Employing the "it rolls downhill" principle, IRS administrators will claim some low-level clerk in Podunkville was responsible, and the President knew nothing about it, even though it benefitted him during a close election.
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    limcid reacted to r. zimm in Desperation and the IRS   

    The Obama administration is possibly the most incompetent and politically corrupt administration in out nation's history. What are you folks on the left smoking anyway?
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    limcid got a reaction from taskeinc in How Can We Survive Without Being Part of a Militia Group. How much ammo would the we need when things go wrong   
    The problem I have with Militia groups is that their rhetoric seems too heavily geared towards an Us vs. Them mentality. I believe they will see a dire situation as "their time to shine". This could lead to innocent lives lost.
    I know all Militia groups aren't like that, but I have joined some of their forums just to be a "fly on the wall" to see what they think. Some of it I agree with, but there's more that I don't.
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    limcid reacted to Victor Leigh in Collecting Rainwater illegal in many states   
    Well, I have been drinking rainwater ever since I was a kid. So that means my alimentary canal has adapted to whatever is in the rainwater. Maybe more people should learn to drink rainwater. The day may come when rainwater might just be the only water we have.
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    limcid got a reaction from happyflowerlady in Spraying   
    I don't think the spraying is anything viral, etc. Many times meteorologists have casually mentioned the practice of spraying to try and control the weather, particularly rain. I've seen plenty of tv broadcasts (even mentions on the Weather Channel) of this practice.
    This practice could be the real source for strange weather patterns. It makes a hell of a lot more sense than the stupidity of blaming SUVs and such.
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    limcid reacted to superangrymonkey in Do you trust the government?   
    Words can't really adequately convey how wrong you are. I was going to let this go and just throw you off as another statist sheep person who needs to be fed and led and told when it's okay to do things. Here's the thing, as a crazy freaking anarchist I feel the need to let you know that you might want to do a research into a political position other than your own.
    The government will always overstep it's authority. That's what it does. If you're dissatisfied with the way the government's performing voting “them” out doesn't really solve much. I mean, it didn't get rid of the cop who busted some kid on a bogus drug charge, it doesn't change much of anything at all. A tortured soul whose been manipulating mentally is not the hallmark of free thinking individualist anarchism.
    You're welcome.
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    limcid reacted in Everything is curable   
    For every illness god made a plant or herb to kill it. Most of our ailments and dis-ease come from how unhealthy our environment is currently. We have stopped interacting with nature and it cause us external and internal stress. If we remove ourselves from the city life and enjoy time in the country for vacation or a weekend we notice a lot of different things. We notice the air smells different, we hear birds and the site of nature can stimulate the thought process. Get back to nature and eat clean.
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    limcid reacted in Everything is curable   
    How can I forget to mention faith helps with the healing process. God first, that's my opinion.
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    limcid got a reaction from bluemachine in Extreme brutality of the US government, makes me question their sanity!   
    Well, I can't say that I'm up-to-date on so much information. But, I believe it's safe to say that the U.S. is not the hub of things evil in this world. I believe there's a much bigger picture where the U.S. is but a piece on a game board.
    I believe that if you piled up the statistics of goodness done by America, you'll find it to be a much larger heap than the bad. Especially if you do the same comparison for all other countries in the world.
    Leadership in all countries is really the root of the problem. We, in America, have develop a bad habit of treating our elections as popularity contests instead of evaluations for competence. Then, we elevate elected people to heights of stardom and authority that it's just sickening to me.
    I think all of the problems in the world revolve around a surprisingly small number of people in positions of power. If we, as a world of people, could one day manage to get around to paying more attention to the people we empower, the world could be a much better place. You've got to focus on the good that's out there, too.
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    limcid got a reaction from Tara in Letters Sent to President Obama and Two Senators May Have Contained Ricin!   
    An evacuated Congress sounds like a step in the right direction for a more productive nation, LOL.
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    limcid reacted to Neo in Forum categories / sections   
    This would be tricky, as there is always debate on what is proof and what convinces someone.  The Boston thread shows this.