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  1. Not only fiber optics but nano technology as well. It is nature of human to invent what they need and useful. However, nano technology is not needed but someone invented it and until today scientist are still searching for the use to nano technology. There is a theory that Aliens helps humankind to built civilization, I guess technology is one of their help.
  2. The price of gas is not really that expensive if only there is even distribution, and healthy competition among gas traders. The war in the middle east also contributes to the expensive price of gas. When US started to deploy military in the Middle East, its flame the idea that something in the Middle East is valuable that US would like to take a slice.
  3. I guess the research which concludes that sugar is addictive as cocaine does not know the meaning of “addiction”. If that is true then sugar would become illegal as well. Many people will become addicted and can’t stop their addiction. When someone is addictive, he doesn’t know when to stop.
  4. This is the price of industrialization we have to pay. Sad to say that the waste water treatment is not enough to totally purify the water. If humankind continues to neglect water management, there will a time that not only fish suffer but all the living creatures.
  5. How could a million dollar state of the art stadium cuts its power during a football game? I really want to know why they do that, Uncle Obama might know this would happen.
  6. I agree to this, I know a priest who doesn’t practice what he preaches. It is funny that some people are saying something but their action says otherwise.
  7. False, according to Wiokipedias, Satanism is a broad term referring to a group of Western religions comprising diverse ideological and philosophical beliefs. Their shared features include symbolic association with, or admiration for the character of, Satan, or similar rebellious, promethean, and, in their view, liberating figures.
  8. Yes, certain Dead Sea scrolls have omitted to portray the Jesus is holy. He is God but during the time He was here on earth, he is in human form. He is married to Maria Magdalena and during their wYes, certain Dead Sea scrolls have omitted to portray the Jesus is holy. He is God but during the time He was here on earth, he is in human form. He is married to Maria Magdalena and during their wedding he turned water into wine. edding he turned water into wine.
  9. Not sure if we just don’t understand each other but I am starting to think that my wife is an alien. Lately she started to behave differently and I completely don’t get it. Did it ever occur to you that your wife might be an alien?
  10. My friend send me this video on youtube It shows a footage of a mysterious object moving around the surface of the moon. It came out from the shadowy landscape of the moon's surface and then seemingly accelerates over the craters, before changing direction at breakneck speed and heading towards the bottom of the screen. Do you think it is edited?
  11. Most religion belief that there is one true religion that can save us, and all the other religion are false. Is there really a true religion among all the other religion, if there is, which one.
  12. I’m staring at the picture for more that five minutes just to figure why it's called “picture of maturity” but it seems I don’t have the eye of an artist. I would rather choose the scandalous picture of Kate where her breast is exposed to be named “picture of maturity”. I just don’t get it sometimes where the names of portraits derived from.
  13. If a massive asteroid will hit the earth, the government will not be the first to know. There few private research teams who watches asteroids, meteors, comets and other near earth objects, and they directly report in their website. If this happens government cannot cover and suppress the truth.
  14. I love the title of this thread “When conspiracy theorists go too far”. I believe Sandy Hook is an honest man who really concerned about the kids by the time it happened. Simply providing his home and providing toys for hours is not enough basis that he is part of the conspiracy.
  15. It is a suspicious observer indeed. Thought the video looks crappy taken from TV and YouTube then edited but the report is updated and most are not mentioned on weather news. Definitely I will subscribe to this guy.
  16. You are watching to much movie. I don’t believe we are tracked throughout life. While it is possible to track someone by the use of technology but the cost of doing so is too expensive. Furthermore, why would someone track you?
  17. I just take the red pill and my eyes were opened to reality beyond the world that we know. Hello comrades, my name is Nhoel, I’m newbie in this forum. I wish I can gain knowledge of some secrets and to provide some insights as well.