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    Someone mentioned this to me the other day. For as long as I can remember I have seen jets flying very high in the sky and they alwaysleave behind a 'trail' of mist that I always mistook for smoke or exhaust. Now I wonder if those jets are releasing other chemicalsinto the atmosphere, affecting our oxygen. It also is possible that this mist contains new strains of plagues and other viruses like SARS and H1N1. I never notice any such exhaust or mist trailing behind commercial jets when they fly by.
  2. I believe everything written in the bible, both old and new treatments, is the truth spoken in metaphors. The cover up comes from the severe and even intentional misinterpretation of it.
  3. Do not the Saints, Mama Mary, the Crucifix, Rosary beads, and even the cross that Jesus died on, represent idols of worship, and therefore instigate the practice of idolatry?
  4. "For millions of years, men have lived just like neanderthals. Then something happened that unleashed the power of our imagination....we learned to talk". Pink Floyd.Was all that effort to develop a means of communication even worth it? There are human beings among us who have assumed power and authority over us, who are now trying to oppress even how we think and speak. By allowing them to do so, we give our power to them. We have the power. When are we going to develop the power to use it against them, and regain our freedom and right to communicate?
  5. You don't miss what you never had. I never experienced the freedom money brings to those who have it and depend on it. I only know the freedom I have of not having to worry about it. A situation like the one you pitched is difficult for me to even imagine.
  6. That's what I was thinking also. I wonder if 'ads' like that were created for the purpose of raging conspiracy theorists rampant.? If it wasn't Nike who created it, I'm sure they won't be pleased with having their shoes exploited in such a manner. Phantom foot or not.
  7. If I checked my bank account and all my money was gone, I would shrug it off as another hard day in the life of lucy. Many times I've had this happen, not from being robbed or scammed, but from just paying bills and everything else I need to survive. I have lived without an income for more than ten years and have never gone without my basic needs. I have lived on the streets, ate out of garbage cans with no money to speak of to my name. No big deal. I have my health, my friends, my gypsy lifestyle. If I were to find no money in my bank account tomorrow, no big deal. There's always the next day
  8. WTF??!!What kind of sick mind would use this to sell shoes?!And you say this is an advertisement from a few weeks BEFORE the Boston Marathon bombings?!
  9. God is the omnipotent, omnipresent source of all life energy. The ALL that is Nothing, the NOTHING that is All. God created man in His image, but somehow, since the conspiracy to form a World Government came into being, Man has created God in his own image, as a plot to divert the world's consciousness away from the evolving Soul and true spiritual growth, to living in fear and being controlled by the organized religious masses.
  10. They spend their eternity in landfill Hell, wasting away in their own battery acid while computers have taken over the world.
  11. Skeptics are people who have been brainwashed by the system. They believe what they assume science and politics have 'proven' and take everything they hear and read in the media at face value and accept it as reality. They don't want to be told that they are being watched and controlled through the very means of their entertainment, let alone take any necessary steps toward changing it.
  12. The antichrist has been among us since the garden of eden. It has grown and evolved since then. We call it ego.
  13. Climate changes upon the earth are natural and have been occurring upon the earth since its existence. Man is not the cause of climate change, but his actions, especially over the past 200 years have contributed to the escalating speed of the changes taking place.
  14. I myself am not religious, but I do believe in God and have my own relationship with Him. I hear many people talking negatively about God, but it doesn't upset me. They just don"t know Him like I do. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs. If someone chooses not to accept God, it is disheartening, but to each his own. If they persist in an attempt to begin a heated debate or argument, I smile, shrug and say "whatever".
  15. It would seem that the English language has been reduced to computer and texting lingo. I have actually listened to a conversation while on the bus the other day where one of the women, instead of laughing, said "LOL!"It may be too late to save them.