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  1. now how many people do you know who have a giant ball of string? it took years to make, is over three feet in diamter and weighs over forty pounds!
  2. just came from there, I typed a nice, long, wise and profound answer to a post; after all that typing I went to post it and instead it took me to the "extortion page" apparently you gotta pay to post now
  3. I used to work as a PC and Apple service tech, already an A+ PC tech, I was taking the training modules to become an certified Apple tech, then they laid me off LOL ! anyhow, I scheduled, did service calls, ordered parts, the whole bit... one thing I'll say about Apple, the parts are VERY expensive, and good luck trying to find a local tech who can fix 'em
  4. you don't catch train, train catches you http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/07/15/us-russia-accident-idUSKBN0FK0I720140715
  5. interesting stuff here; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zodiac_Killer
  6. well I liked the site and I contributed a lot, then they got some New mods, "instant ass holes" as the Master Harely schooled me, back in the day, "some people cannot deal with power, they get a little taste and they abuse it" mind you, this is from an SM Master with over 50 years experience, I think he knows people Sorry to go on & on, but I also believe in fairness in life- karma I was on that site over 13 years and this new mod starts shit with me, I was on that site over 12 years yet this ass hole stabs me in the back...
  7. in RT I am probably one of the nicest, kindest persons you'd ever meet, but I am ballsy and I speak my mind
  8. I did NOT break any TOS, I did not say or do anything wrong; I had been a member there since the beginning - because I was smart enough to see and question his agenda, I got banned, fukin ass hole mods over there now
  9. it used to be a great site years ago, the new mods have ruined it
  10. it makes me me sick, it really does. I thought it was bad five year ago, now it is worse. I feel sorry for America, it is NOT the America I grew up in.
  11. Javkalope sightings are very common here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jackalope
  12. at one time I lived in an old victorian, top floor aparment, very cool- and whe I was sitting in the living room I saw a little girl peeping at me through the door, twice- and when I moved out I asked the landlord "has anyone elses been ghosts here ?" he replies "yes the little girl" it just blew my mind other tenanats saw her too