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  1. Very interesting explanations. I always believe that it was the Catholic that classified all other beliefs as heresy or witchcraft. There is nothing Satanic or unholy about Paganism. It simply was an umbrella term for religions that pre-Christian people practised in Europe before the advent of Christianity. It was only during the Inquisition and the ruthless witch hunts in Europe that people had to practise Christianity or risk death and it was during this time that anything un-Christian was deemed unholy as well.
  2. One of the best books that I've read regarding this subject was "The Ancient Alien Question" written by Phillip Coppens. His highly analytical writing as well as his well-researched book were extremely fascinating. I quite agree with the Ancient Alien Astronaut theory explaining the major advances made by humans in such a short span of time.
  3. With all the wealth and power at his disposal, what he does is entirely up to him. If he decides to take part in a special project that would revamp the US' immigration policy, that is his decision to make. For some reason he wants to bring in the worlds' best brains to work for him (among other items in the 's agenda) and his group. Whatever that might be, he has to contend with the old guard at Washington and deal with the nation's decision-makers. I do not quite trust what he is doing and I feel that as intelligent as he may be, he might not know (as the article explains) the po
  4. It's OK to let your mind wander and do some philosophizing once in a while. Our personalities are the end-product of our experiences and the information absorbed from birth until the present, coupled with our relationships with the people and world around us. There is a theory each and everyone of our actions can have alternate and infinite possible outcomes. The various dimensions are the result of different possible outcomes of a single action in our day-to-day lives. Imagine that, George Bush did not make America go to war with Iraq. Thus, there would be another dimension somewhere out ther
  5. I strongly believe there is a cover-up of some kind. But what that is, I don't know for sure, aliens and UFOs, secret weapons being developed by the government, secret testing sights for weird experiments, whatever it is, Roswell and Area 51 have so many people arguing and debating that I sometimes think the government has been releasing a mix of real and faked footage, weird leaked autopsy reports, strange photos and all manner of confusing and misleading information on purpose, just to keep us confused and perpetually in the dark.
  6. Whether we like it or not, the Taliban is an extremely brutal regime that does not care whom or how many lives it destroys in order to achieve its goals. During the Cold War in the 70s and 80s, the US government was willing to do anything to defeat the Soviets and this included training Afghan and Arab fighters in camps overseen by the CIA and Britain's MI6. The irony is that these very same fighters are probably the ones who eventually became the Taliban. Whether we like it or not, the US government is directly responsible for many of these dangerous fanatics running around and threatening th
  7. I believe that all religions have their own interpretations on how the world began and how it will end. Unless it really happens, we will never know. Muslims believe that Jesus will return close to the end of the world. He will descend east of Damascus dressed in yellow robes, and join the Mahdi (the redeemer of Islam) and fight the False Messiah or Antichrist (Al Masih al Dajjal). Muslims believe that Jesus will then slay the Antichrist, and all the People of the Book (Jews, Christians and Muslims) will be united as one people. What this means is that everyone has an interpretation on ho
  8. I believe that with so much wealth at her disposal, she had sought advice from the best medical specialists, geneticists and surgeons before she made this choice. Her mother died from this disease and it would likely have caused massive emotional trauma. It is now possible to detect genes that can potentially cause breast cancer and from what I've read in newspapers and magazines, she has the BRCA1 gene mutation which gives her an 87% risk of developing breast cancer at some point in her life. The gene apparently also increases the risk of ovarian cancer by 50%. With these odds, I am not
  9. This is not the first time that I had heard about the strangeness of this airport. I remember watching a program on TV that mentioned the Denver Airport as a secret headquarters. While I find all this to be unbelievable, I am also very sure that there are international conspiracies happening all the time, most of which involve money and politics. While I do not think that the Apocalypse wills start from Denver, I do believe that the US government has its fair share of conspiracies and the fact that something as mundane as an airport could be singled out as a sign of the coming of a "New World
  10. The Rothschild family is incredibly wealthy and unfortunately in this world, money is power. I am very sure that the photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Warren Buffet and Jacob Rothschild which was circulating in the press and online was a portent of things to come. I have no doubt that the Rothschilds and other wealthy families were often the real powers behind the throne in ancient times and that they continue to exact an immense influence on world politics today thanks to their wealth and connections.
  11. I do not think that Facebook is going to be a tool for the apocalypse! On the contrary, I strongly believe that Facebook and Google execs are using every single square micrometer of their Internet presence to try to make as much money as possible from web users (in other words,!) . I noticed an abundance of ads appearing since some time last year.. It's always on panel on the right side of the screen. I tried an experiment, I clicked on one ad that said 'Célibataires sur Facebook' ('Singles on Facebook' in French, because I live in France, and Facebook knows that), and voila, every day I
  12. Like many organized religions, the Church has traditionally used their religion as a way to control people. By instilling fear it its followers, it brainwashes them into thinking that there is only one true way and that anything else, Paganism, Wicca etc. is devil-worship and may even cost you your life in the old days. This will then (over the generations) breed a culture of intolerance in believers and no wonder Christians (and Muslims) have to deal with this baggage. A lot of the conflict between say, Muslims, Christians and Jews; or perhaps even in a social context like gays demanding
  13. I definitely agree. There are many families around the world with secret, occult connections and who often only marry among themselves. In the south of France, there are regions like Carcassone and the surrounding Languedoc-Roussillon area where there are many families descended from the Cathars who survived the purges by the Catholics. The Cathars were a Christian sect that believed in reincarnation and who abstained from killing (scholars used to call them the Buddhists of the West). Their descendants in the South of France often live in small, isolated towns and villages and avoid inter
  14. Hi I had read the above article before some time ago on the Canada Free Press (CFP) website which is normally very reputable. I have to admit, after reading your response I went back to check the original article on the CFP website ( and it had indeed been taken down a while ago, due to (as you explained) having information obtained from a non-reputable source. It's a mistake that I did not follow up on the original article and that is why I "jumped on the bandwagon" when I immediately recognized the original content that I had read before. It's neglect on my part.
  15. I believe that Freemasons preserve a lot of pagan practices and rituals forbidden by the Church and the Inquisition. Many mystical societies in the Christian and Islamic world are like this. The Sufi brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey practise what I can only describe as shamanistic trance rituals disguised as Islamic prayer and invocations to God. All people who are Christian and Moslem today have ancestors who were converts from pagan religions. I am not surprised that there are secret societies that preserve some of the knowledge and practices from those ancient times.