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  1. w3bm4st3r

    Is the fracking going to cause a major earthquake soon ?

    This is an interesting theory for sure. After all Earthquakes are caused by movement of the crust, and excessive force throughout time underground such as fracking could cause a disturbance or at least alter the natural movement of the crust. Of course Earthquake activity is so unpredictable and misunderstood that any seismic activity can't be consider out of the ordinary because we really have no clue when it will occur or how intense it will be, etc. This would be a tough one to prove. I worry about a lot of the activity of humans on Earth, the rate that we alter the state of energy and change it's form unnaturally in numerous processes seems like it could result is some negative impacts directly or indirectly - ie. stuff like global warming , or possibly something we haven't even detected yet, the axis of the planet, effects on the magnetic field via moving excessive amounts of metals throughout the planet constantly...But back to the main topic, we really don't know the long term side effects of fracking and it very well could lead to problems in the future, if we haven't stirred any up already.
  2. I don't see you're connections but what about the principle from sandy hook being seen at the boston marathon according to fox news, just with the name Donna instead of Dawn. So how did she die in Sandy Hook and watch the Boston Marathon? Supposedly Fox news used the wrong image for "donna" and put one up of Dawn, but they've since taken the video down from their website and it replies with a 404 can't be found error. Creepy.
  3. I'm really glad you made the decision to not take their advice. This is a case that's seen far too often in schools around the country, the teacher can't handle the children resorts to suggesting medication, because it can't possibly be them that's flawed or misunderstanding the situation of course... There's just too many kids and not enough teachers, a classroom shouldn't be filled with 40+ kids. At a higher level of education it makes sense, as the students are more mature and don't need constant one on one in class etc, but in lower levels of the system the classrooms are packed and a lot of kids are slipping through the cracks.
  4. Before you read any of this I'd like to fore-warn you this post is going to be all over the place. What's the consensus about ADD/ADHD labeling and medication being a form of regulation and oppression, as well as the flaws in the education system and teachers/educational staffs influence on the decision of medicating children? A child starts out early as a violator of social norms and defiant to the rules of school...they possibly will be similar in their adult life but in a more controlled and experienced way. So what's the solution to prevent issues in the future, such as organization of people that oppose the societal norms and question the way the government operates, etc? Let's drug and zombify them so by the time they could have caused any serious hiccups in the system they're already too far gone to make a difference. Go ahead and stop taking the medication, by now you're already physically dependent and the outcome of withdrawl might leave you worse than when you started. Now you need the drugs. This is kind of a different topic but my personal opinion of defiance is that it leads to a more open mind. Blatant disregard to rules and law might have negative effects and outcomes, but who's to decide what's positive and negative anyways? The government? How about this great society that we're surrounded by? Oh don't forget religion. Back to the original topic - sorry for trailing off - When a child doesn't want to sit and do multiplication worksheets are they bad and in need of medication? Or do they simply already understand the simple math problems and are bored with it, in need of a challenge and something more engaging? The one size fits all form of education is counterproductive and quite possibly a big factor in the huge amount of people in the legal system, being medicated for drugs that are not helping them or even vaguely necessary and possibly harmful as well as the limited amount of a truly skilled workforce in america. Check this video out about education, it really inspired me: http://youtu.be/zDZFcDGpL4U
  5. w3bm4st3r

    Stress makes you sick

    Stress of course can have a physical effect on your body and health, but I'm not quite convinced that it can cause you to be more susceptible to such things as AIDs as the article suggests. I'm fairly certain that if I decide to have unprotected sexual intercourse with someone carrying AIDs, stressed out or carefree, I'm going to contract it . All jokes aside, I'm not health professional but I certainly could see stress playing a factor in your immune systems efficiency.
  6. w3bm4st3r

    Aliens tagged our DNA

    I really hope that's what it is. I'm not sure what could be gained from monitoring human DNA changes / development, but I can't wait for the day that something like aliens transform from a theory to reality and everyone that has discredited the thought and wouldn't even consider it a possibility has no choice but to believe. I'd put money on it that we'd see another Pope step down if Aliens decided to stop by and say hey. Anyways I'm convinced that we are the aliens. What other species on Earth completely disturbs the balance of nature like us. We don't belong here. Think about the astonishingly profound and fascinating way that almost every organism on our planet keeps a harmonic balance and almost fits in it's habitat/niche perfectly like it was designed to be there. Then think about how we run about the planet turning everything we come across into some kind of product or pet, and have the ability to make entire species' become extinct or prevent their extinction if desired. There's quite a big leap in evolution somewhere down the line that goes from simplicity and limited function to endless possibility (us), and I'm not sure it's necessarily natural to this planet. It's almost like life started on Earth a long long time after life started on our home planet and we've had a lot more time to evolve, and somehow we ended up here amongst these primitive lifeforms we refer to as animals.
  7. w3bm4st3r


    Being skeptical is not necessarily being closed minded. If they didn't question new ideas proposed to them and simply nodded along to some foreign form of thinking then it'd just be another form of following even if the idea you presented appears to be the truth. Assuming something to be true only because the majority of people or at least the perceived "popular opinion" feels a certain way is a very limiting mind frame but on the other hand you shouldn't immediately take the side of what is often referred to as radical ideas just because there is a little subjective evidence it could be true. I personally attempt to combine what I hear from every side of the story and formulate my own decision on the topic/belief, and even after I've decided on what I think to be the truth I remain open to further interpretation and development of the idea. There's always more than one way to look at something, and even the wrong side normally has at least some truth behind it or at best can be rationalized relatively easy, otherwise it wouldn't even be believable to the person/people that are on that side of the debate...
  8. w3bm4st3r

    Would Aliens be hostile?

    Honestly 'aliens' capable of travelling the vast distances between stars would probably not waste their time stopping by earth let alone attacking it. The only thing that appears to be unique on Earth is Life which would not be so unique if there happened to be other living organisms travelling around the Universe. What would be an incentive to come to our planet? Any resources found on Earth other than Life are available in vast quantities all throughout the Universe, and would be more easily harvested on a planet that didn't have a species to fight in order to get to them. Of course we wouldn't be much of a fight to interstellar travelling beings, but I like to think that by the time our technology is advanced enough to reach other solar systems in a reasonable amount of time that we will have evolved past the trivial types of reasoning that lead to fighting/war/greed/etc, so I would be on the side of peaceful aliens. Humans have fought for survival, for resources, to push their beliefs on people, to expand their territory, and numerous other reasons, but one of the biggest incentives to start an altercation is to prove oneself in some way or another....Aliens already know they're the shit, so they have no reason to fight us
  9. w3bm4st3r

    Do you think Sandy Hook was faked?

    Psychiatrist as well as conspiracy theorist. Quite the combination. Well I tell you what, you're dead on about my unstoppable quest for knowledge as a child, as I was very inquisitive as a young kid. My main point is that you and I cannot say for certain that this so called "tragedy" didn't really occur, but simply spectate and provide thoughts and opinions. Everything else I said can be disregarded as it's mostly just filler and a synthesized debate over education via TV which obviously set me off - mainly due to the fact that I blatantly hate television and took it as an insult that you'd perceive what I wrote as something developed from watching propaganda and marketing disguised as entertainment.
  10. w3bm4st3r

    Do you think Sandy Hook was faked?

    Thats a cool story but I don't watch TV lmao. There's 2 television series' my girlfriend makes me watch ..."The Following" and "American Horror Story", neither of which would give a person any kind of perspective on a school shooting - At least to my knowledge. I agree that you should think with logic rather than emotion and feeling, but you "feel" like I'm educated by television because I have a different perspective on this topic. Anyways back on track - There's no legit way to fake the murder of 26 people in a country like the United States. Damn near every person over the age of 8 has a cellphone with video / audio recording capabilities in every corner of the country, how could something like that possibly be covered up. If you want to take the standpoint of "logic" than you would agree that there is not enough evidence or solid proof supporting that claim. The real question is why has it become so publicized when people are dying every second and no one even cares, especially not me. Why is the amount of "mass shootings" seemingly increasing? Not because there are more of them occurring nor because the governments staging them with fake deaths, but because more of them are being brought to your attention. Because a guy is possibly sociopathic and doesn't mourn the way you'd like him to doesn't mean his child didn't die. Also the reason they needed to prep him is because they are trying to push this gun controversy thing to the full extent and he did have a role to play as an actor even if his kid died. It had to be perfect. I'm not saying there isn't alternative motives behind this besides making people "safer", but to say that it didn't happen is a bit extreme and almost ignorant. Why it happened and what the outcome of it is going to be are the real matters of importance. And when I say "why it happened" i'm not referring to mental health issues or failure to act properly to a psyche evaluation proving instability and possible threat. It's quite possible it was planned, it's possible there's an agenda, but it's not been proven that it didn't happen and assuming someone who disagrees with you gets their information from television is just as ignorant as believing the governments' latest scheme was to stage murders of children. This is indeed an attack on you Also having a different opinion than you doesn't equal having no real opinion. Let it soak in.
  11. w3bm4st3r

    FDA Corruption

    How do you all feel about the FDA, whom regulates our food and drugs of course, being in bed with and receiving funds from the corporations/companies that produce the products they're supposed to be regulating? That's a flawed system if I've ever seen one. Every other drug commercial on TV is followed up a year or two later with one of those commercials ran by law firms talking about how your loved ones died from taking it. How can drugs be released to the public that aren't even tested for a long enough period to know what they will do? If people start dying from taking a medication only 1 year after its released to the market and approved by the FDA, doesn't that mean they didn't even test it for a whole year before approving it? Or at least not thoroughly enough...? So are they regulating drugs or just pushing them through because of a monetary incentive from the company that produces them? How about this stuff on sea food that's imported: http://foodsafety.news21.com/2011/imports/seafoodhttp://foodsafety.news21.com/2011/imports/seafood I just found this article searching for some info about the other part of my post, but I've read similar reports / information from numerous other sources... The article claims that less than 1% of the seafood imported is inspected, yet over half of what is inspected is turned down / does not pass the inspection because of salmonella and other disturbing factors. So quite possibly over 50% of the 99% of seafood imported that's not inspected could be below the standards of the FDA and make it's way to our dinner plates. How ya'll feeling about eating shrimp right now? I'm not sure if this type of corruption counts as a conspiracy but it's certainly not something that's discussed openly to the public. I think the FDA needs to be shutdown and restructured in a way that actually considers the health of the American citizens...What about you?
  12. I'm not so sure about this dissection, but the main thing that stands out to me in the Roswell situation is the numerous times that the story had changed from government officials. I don't remember the whole story, but I know that the information about the incident that was released publicly from government officials changed at least 3 times. I'm not sure if this validates an alien / ufo theory, but it certainly seems suspicious. I'd say that they were under pressure from the huge public curiosity and demand for clarity so they tried to keep making a more "believable" story. They were clearly hiding Something, alien or not, and this type of behavior is par for the course when it comes to the disclosure of "classified" information in the US.
  13. w3bm4st3r

    Do you think Sandy Hook was faked?

    So because I have a different view on the subject I get my education from TV? lmao. If you were really paying attention you'd notice that the gun sales after sandy hook jumped significantly, along with ammunition. Everyones still got their weapons, they won't remove weapons from the American citizens, we'd revolt before a big part of the foundation of this country is revoked.
  14. w3bm4st3r

    Do you think Sandy Hook was faked?

    I wouldn't go as far as to say it was faked. Those kids really died, that's pretty clear. But orchestrated? Quite possibly. I don't think it's to take our guns either. I think it's to sell guns. If there's an incident that sparks contraversy and causes people to bring up the gun control issues, then the Dems have lots of support and incentive to "speak" about gun control. They don't nescessarily have to do anything about the control of gun sales, mental health, or any of it. Merely bringing the subject up creates huge increases in the sales of weapons. More tax money gets generated, as well as an increase in production for ammunition and weapons, and some other factors would all be good reasons to orchestrate this. I don't know of anything to support this claim, but it's a little food for thought
  15. w3bm4st3r

    What is your Religious Standpoint?

    I personally don't believe in any of the manmade religions. There are many reasons why and I'll try to explain a few. For one, there are hundreds of regions with their own religion and they all believe there's is the true religion and everyone else is wrong. This is a typical human thought process - They must be wrong because they don't agree with what I think - a little underlying narcocism is all of us This reason alone isn't very solid so I have others... Secondly, if there was a concious/thinking creator that wanted us to believe in him/her/it then they would most likely make their presence known. Some religions try to claim that by not making his/her/it's presence known is merely a test of faith. I say that's a great excuse to make their religion relatively logical...relatively. Another aspect that throws me off is the complexity of physics and the make up of all things. What purpose would there be to make life in a form that has so many different factors contributing to it's existence such as organs, cells, minerals/vitamins/etc, that terrible abnormalities and diseases are more likely than not in the lifespan of the majority of organisms. Just a wierd thing I think about... 4th: All religions are based on "belief" and I attempt to remain logical in my decision making when possible. There's no solid evidence or logical reasoning behind religions, merely "well this is how it is" kind of attitude with nothing to support it. Why? Because your parents and family and community told you it's that way? Use your own thoughts, thanks. I feel like dedicating my life to a religious cause only to die and have it not be true would be a waste of a life. I'd rather take the gamble that I live with my own morale beliefs and use my own judgement, and if I have to go to the "bad" version of an afterlife, or "hell", then the GOD merely set me up to fail because I was created this way to think the way I do. If that's the case, then I don't want to worship a cruel "creator" that created disease, an unforgivingly dangerous universe and planet for us to live in/on, etc. Mostly rambling but that's my 2 cents.