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  1. In recent news, it is said that 3 new planets can host life. But the big point is... they are 1000 light years away! I am wondering why they manage such a deduction with planets so far away. Why would scientists research something closer to us, something that could probably be more useful to us in future, rather than planets that we will be able to reach in a thousand years? You can read more here.
  2. Isn't that considered to be a cult (or occult)? In my country, it holds a serious penalty to dabble in it. Actually, I heard there is a difference between Satanism and Luciferism. I think Satanism is a religion whereas Luciferism is not. It has zero core set of beliefs except worshipping Lucifer himself. A religion has to have a set of beliefs I suppose.
  3. Anyone caught the video where a dad was filming the explosion scene with his mobile phone? The explosion shook his car and temporarily made his daughter deaf. Stupid father I would say. If he was so far away, I can't imagine what happen to those just nearby the plant at that moment in time. On a sidenote, I seriously doubt this would be a conspiracy by the government. Just an unlucky chain of events this week.
  4. If werewolves exist, vampires must exist as well. They are arch-enemies and arch rivals. I am a believer of supernatural or paranormal creatures but I don't believe there are werewolves. Of certainly they are not men that become wolves only during a full moon. If werewolves are real, it could be the work of spliced DNA (watch Splice the movie, it's pretty awesome).
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they are doing so. Look at the extensive amount of 'control' they have over us. Smartphones, they have Android and their plethora of apps. Most of us use Google Maps and they know about our locations, where we commonly go and where we live at. When we use an Android smartphone, we will have to connect a Google account. When we surf the net or look up for videos, we use Google or YouTube. Google knows our preferences. Definitely our data is in the clear to them and a certain degree of 'spying' is a certainty.