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  1. I agree. With the Facebook thing, a lot. When joining websites we're asked about our favorite cars, colors, sports, etc. We connect our other social network accounts and our addresses, friends. The government could find out EVERYTHING about our interests in one single damn click. Ii once visited a site that went through HUNDREDS of pages asking me about my interests. I think it was MyLot. We're doomed. So I prefer to stay out of the radar. I wanted to become a famous writer or artist before, but now I don't. I'm using pen names, and everything possible to anonymy myself. Like someone els
  2. I read somewhere that in the realm of 'God', there is no time. Time is man-made. And you need time for consecutive events like who created who. For that reason, no one created God. He was just...there. I'm utterly confused with this too. It goes both ways. If there's no God, who created what created the Earth? And if there's God, how did he come to existence?
  3. Hmm...I'm not sure. Why would we need to research on UFOs anyway? Is it urgent? Maybe they could take money from the pointless shit they're making that plan to have a pizzeria on the moon when people start flying out there. It'll cost a few billion dollars.
  4. We got showed a similar video at school a few years ago. I can't find it, but it had a white background, and was of a baby to an old man singing the song. It was damn awesome, haha. But that Noah video is pretty creepy.
  5. I'll make sure my future kids do not have this done, whatever happens. This is horrible. That way, you can't hide ANYWHERE. I'd rather die of hunger than be chipped.
  6. That sounds horrible! Scanning children, and being like, "sorry, kiddo. but we're gonna have to keep a close eye on you -- you have the mind of a future criminal." Screw that! If that ever becomes a regular scan, I'm not gonna let my future kid do it!
  7. I'm not really sure about this. I mean, they do have access to things we don't, definitely technology, but I don't know if they'd control the weather. After all, destruction means they have to pay for the construction and recovery.
  8. Sometimes I look at the Earth's beautiful nature, then at an iPad or laptop. How did this happen? How did we get such technology out of grass, mud and water? Of a purely natural world? Hmm.
  9. I once saw my mom entering her bedroom while I was on the way to the living room. I said hi but she said nothing back. She didn't even acknowledge me. Upon arriving in the living room, I saw her sitting on the sofa. "Hey, how are you?" she said. I went back to the bedroom, but the 'doppelganger' mom wasn't there. I also had an app with people's ghost stories -- true stories. There was this kid who said he was in the garage, fixing his bike. The garage door was closed but it had a window in it. He saw his dad approach it and smile. He hand signalled for the kid to open the door. The kid didn
  10. There's this theory, which I believe in. It says that all the religions are fake, made up to cover up the real one. The fake religions limit us (sins, etc.). But basically, this means Jesus, all the other icons different religions worship are made up. What do you think of this? It's kind of disturbing -- everything I've believed in and prayed to is fake. So now I only believe that there is a God, but not necessarily the Christian (or any religion's) God.
  11. I remember this guy. How could someone just ruin so many people's lives? He shot about 4 people, yet those people had families. Altogether he shook up about 20 people's lives, probably. I think in some state in the USA guns are banned, but the rate of gun crimes is extremely high. I think it was Chicago? Yet in the other states it's much lower. I don't care. It's big guns that'll be banned -- assault weapons. I'll never buy them. I can still protect myself with a handgun. And even if handguns get banned, I'll still find a way to buy one. There's always a way. I'm not gonna let the stupid
  12. I live in London, UK. I'm still in school, so even if I do try and refuse the school will weasel their ways in my parents' minds to get them to get me to have them. So there's nothing I can do. In case they do something to me, see ya'll in the next life
  13. I got a letter today that I'm going to have to get booster shots for polio and some other diseases pretty soon. I don't trust medication, and I've read up on how it actually promotes the disease and makes you more susceptible to it. I HAVE to get these vaccines -- it's obligatory and there's absolutely no way I can refuse. So are they really that bad? Do you believe they can do more harm than good, and what can I do to protect myself other than not getting them? Thanks
  14. It'd be nice to have an electric car, but I like buying things that people have been using for years and know are reliable. Plus, a 67 Mustang is in no way electric, and I'm absolutely not sacrificing my baby for a faceless plastic car.
  15. I don't know what to believe any more. I think everything is done for a reason, and probably all the major news stories are faked, but that doesn't mean everyone in them or everyone interviewed is a fake. Sometimes conspiracy theorists go so far I can't believe them -- but I remember that a few months ago I wouldn't have believed in what I know right now. So I just choose to stop reading and trust no one. It's the best advice.