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  1. Morph, while I agree with some of your points, you sort of opened yourself up with the whole women vs men invention dynamic. Just fyi, look here Overall I agree with MTHart about the video. I think it's sort of a darned if you do, darned if you don't sort of thing with the video. I can see the videomaker's point of view, but I also understand that men participate in rape and educating men to understand that you do not take what you want from a woman may be part of the intention of the website/organization the video is critiquing. Nevertheless, I do have my issues with feminism. If women
  2. The existence of aliens has no real bearing on the existence of God, although I've heard it argued that the existence of aliens would be more likely in an intelligently designed universe. Two forms of thought here:
  3. In light of recent events, I was led to wonder if any of you have heard of Russ Dizdar's Black Awakening theory. It postulates that there are an untold number of sleeper assasins programmed sometimes in youth through trauma based mind control, ala MKULTRA and that many of these mass shootings and false flag operations may be their work.
  4. I am a Christian, I believe in the Bible, not because of blind faith, but because of experience and evidence. I defend the Bible and various doctrines and theologies therein. I do not necessarily attend a church, although I have spoken in them. I currently have a love hate relationship with the corporate model of the Church as I do not beleive it was the intent of the disciples to start treating the church similar to a business. Plus the words of Christ indicate an upside down pyramid model when it comes to leadership versus the right side up pyramid model of a business. And no, Jesus was n
  5. There are things in scripture that "primitive" man could not know about and by that I do not believe man could have created the Judeo-Christian God. It is evident through some of the revelation in the text, fulfilled prophecy, accuracy of general salvation message over time, distance and different authors, etc. The original question falls in the logical fallacy of a category mistake. God by definition is a supernatural entity in nearly every concept I have seen both in Judeo-Christian theology and outside it. Thus the category mistake is assuming an infinite being needs to be created. It is