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  1. Its a work of fiction. Or do we believe that all animals went into the arc? Or that women were made from Adam's rib?
  2. Just read this disgusting story IPPs were introduced in 2005 under former Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett. They were designed to protect society from dangerous, violent, and sexual offenders whose crimes were not deemed serious enough to warrant a life sentence but who posed a “significant risk.” The sentence was applied far more widely than envisaged, however, swelling the prison population to unprecedented levels and putting huge pressure on the already stretched parole board. Rather than targeting dangerous criminals – with an expected rise in the prison population of 900 – the sentence was handed down to 8,711 offenders between 2005 and 2012. They included arsonists, pub brawlers, and street muggers. So in other words, the judge thought their crime deserved a 2 or 3 year sentence. But in actual fact they were never freed. How can this be happening today? "In 2012, IPP was abolished under the Coalition government after a European Court ruling claimed it was “arbitrary and unlawful.” Former Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke agreed, labeling it a “stain” on Britain’s criminal justice system." So 5 years later, 4000 people still in prison having completed their sentences!! This is interesting showing life for these people in the UKs injustice system
  3. This weekend the people of Catalan wanted to vote in a referendum on their own independence from Spain. However the Spanish government, no doubt with support from the EU had other ideas! And used state violence to try to prevent this. So much for democracy! WIth 840+ illegally assaulted by Spanish Police, for instance this old woman. Who was clearly a serious threat. Or this older man who appears to have been seriously injured with that amount of blood. This is how the illusion of democracy is destroyed! Why have you done this? Because they knew they would lose the vote. And they have. A huge 90% voted for independence!
  4. Lots of people are disgusted about what has happened to Otto Warmbier, and how the reason he was in prison is insane, and to lose your life over such trivia is shocking, NK is a authoritarian disgrace, others might be saying, perhaps others are calling for military action to remove their ruler! I'd like to just contrast this case against Kevin Crehan's case. Ottom Warmbier: Stole a flag Kevin Crehan: Placed a flag and left some bacon sandwiches at a mosque. Ottom Warmbier: Admitted guilt and sentenced to harsh jail sentence Kevin Crehan: Admitted guilt and sentenced to harsh jail sentence Ottom Warmbier: Died in prison 17 months into sentence Kevin Crehan: Died in prison 6 months into sentence Ottom Warmbier: Happened in NK Kevin Crehan: Happened in UK Yes, that's right. Kevin's case happened in the supposed free and democratic United Kingdom. The two cases are so very similar.
  5. Two officers were injured after being attacked by a machete-wielding man near the central police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi, the Belgian media is reporting. The perpetrator, who could be heard shouting “Allahu Akbar," was shot by a third officer on site, the RTL radio station claims, citing local police. Witnesses said they heard gunshots near the Charleroi police station at around 16:00 local time on Saturday. The injuries received by one of the officers are described as “serious.” The police have established a security perimeter around the site of the attack. Full story here
  6. "Old but unused" Sadly the item has since been removed.
  7. "If Mr. Trump is suggesting that there is a conspiracy theory that is being propagated across the country, including in places like Texas where typically it's not Democrats who are in charge of voting booths, that's ridiculous. That doesn't make any sense and I don't think anybody would take that seriously," Obama said. What do you think of this guys?
  8. I have not heard this one, but it does make some logical sense. But we are not riding to the rescue of Europe for a third time, we need to save ourselves instead. Germany and France have made their beds, now they must lie in them.
  9. I just got offered a million to delete this thread. Just kidding. Do you know, Google has contacted us twice to delete things. The first time was the post on the Boston marathon bomb, as they thought it was "too gruesome". and the second one, on a post exposing paedophilia in the church. We deleted that one as a knee jerk reaction, even though it most certainly wasn't prompting anything, it was exposing the truth. We later regretted deleting it, and decided to remove Google adverts from the forum. But sadly we could not restore the post.
  10. When I read the "everything is rigged" section, I am literally going yes, yes, true, yes.... Its a great red pill article.
  11. Full article here EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media... you are living in a fabricated fairy tale After witnessing how Reuters just blatantly cooked the presidential election polls this week to favor Clinton and how the mainstream media is so terrifyingly biased in favor of Clinton that the very foundation of democracy is now in crisis, it's time to tell you something that perhaps a lot more people are finally ready to hear:EVERYTHING IS RIGGED.Every institution in America is sold out, corrupted and politically rigged to favor Big Government and Big Business. "America is a lost country," explains Paul Craig Roberts. "The total corruption of every public and the private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies."CNN, Reuters and the Associated Press are all now shameless promoters of every big lie across every sector of society, from vaccines and GMOs to elections and politics. The federal government itself is incapable of doing anything other than lying, and it has totally corrupted the entire realm of science by pulling the strings of funding via the National Institutes of Health and the NSF.The FDA is entirely corrupt, as is the USDA. Both function now as little more than marketing propaganda pushers for Big Pharma and Big Biotech. Similarly, Google, Facebook and Twitter are all rigged, too, censoring the voices they don't want anyone to hear while highlighting the establishment lies they wish to promote. Here's what "rigged" really means... the tools of tyranny When I say "everything is rigged," what does that mean, exactly?• All "official sources" are ordered to constantly lie about everything, weaving illusions to push a chosen narrative rooted in fiction (from "there are no Islamic terrorists" to "carbon dioxide is poison to the planet").• All voices of reason and sanity are silenced. Only the most insane, irrational voices are allowed to be magnified through any media (including social media). This is also true across the sciences, where real science has been all but snuffed out by political agendas (biosludge, GMOs, glyphosate, mercury in dentistry, etc.).• All facts are obliterated by propaganda. Facts have no place in any debate, and those who invoke facts are shamed and silenced (or even fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools or bullied into a state of suicide on social media). Anyone who invokes facts on things like the actual statistics of police shootings is told they are "part of the problem" because they have the "wrong attitude" about social justice.• Every branch of government is weaponized against the people and used as an assault tool against political enemies who threaten the status quo. (IRS, FDA, FTC, DEA, EPA, USDA, etc.)• All science is distorted into absurd, politically-motivated conclusions about everything the government wants to use to control the masses: Vaccines, climate change, GMOs, fluoride, flu shots, chemical agriculture, carbon dioxide and so on.• Every branch of medicine is hijacked by globalist agendas to make sure medicine never makes anyone healthier, more alert or more cognitively capable of thinking for themselves.• Every "news item" that's reported from any official source is deliberately distorted to the point of insanity, turning many facts on their heads while attacking anyone who might offer something truly constructive to the world. (Such as reporting that Clinton was "cleared" by the FBI when, in fact, she was indicted by the very facts the FBI presented!)• All voices of truth are silenced, then replaced by meaningless, distracting babble (Kardashians) or meaningless, tribal sports competitions (the Rio Olympics). The point is to dumb down the entire population to the point of cultural lunacy.• Any true reports that contradict any official narrative are immediately censored. For example, radio host Michael Savage just got blocked by Facebook for posting a true story about an illegal alien who committed murder in America.• Emotions are used as weapons to manipulate the masses. For example, when the mom of a Benghazi victim shares her grief with the world, she is ridiculed and shamed. But when a radical Muslim father who's trying to bring Sharia Law to America attacks Trump by expressing his loss of his soldier son, the media turns him into an instant celebrity, praising his "courageous voice" for daring to speak out. The media hypocrisy is enough to make you vomit... What exactly is rigged? • The entire mainstream media• Google search engine and Google News• Facebook and Twitter• The DNC and the RNC (both 100% rigged by globalists)• Every federal agency (EPA, FDA, etc.)• The entire justice system (makes a total farce of real justice)• Interest rates and the value of the money supply (central banksters)• Academia (all public universities)• EPA's "safe" limits on pesticides (all rigged by Big Biotech)• Food and food labeling (all run by corrupt food companies)• Public education (rigged into Common Core anti-knowledge idiocy)• Banking and finance (all controlled by globalists)• Government economics figures and statistics• Medicine and pharmaceuticals (rigged to maximize profits)• Big Science (totally rigged by government agenda pushers)• The music industry (most top singers can't sing at all)• Weapons manufacturers and war corporations• The illegal drug trade (it's run by the government)• Political elections (all 100% rigged at the federal level)• Political polls (now rigged by Reuters, too)• The health insurance industry (rigged by Obamacare)• College admissions (legally discriminates against Whites and Asians)• 9/11 and domestic terrorism (all rigged "official stories")• Oil and energy industries• The rule of law (rigged in favor of the rich and powerful)• Infectious disease and the CDC (a constant stream of lies)• Hollywood (all run by globalists)• Climate change science (all a grand science hoax)• Press release services (they only allow official narratives)• History (what you are taught is mostly a lie)• Government grants (only given out to those who further the agenda)• Government bids (only awarded to those who kick back funds to corrupt officials)• Consciousness and free will (we are all taught consciousness doesn't exist)• Ethnobotany (medicinal and spiritual use of healing plants)• Life on other planets (the obvious truth is kept from us all)• The origin of the universe (the official narrative is a laughable fairy tale)As a fantastic example of how everything is rigged, consider these paragraphs from this news story published today:Over the weekend and for the past few days since Khan spoke alongside his wife Ghazala Khan about their son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004, media-wide reporters, editors, producers, and anchors have tried to lay criticism on Trump over the matter. They thought they had a good one, a specific line of attack that pitted Trump against the military—and supposedly showed him as a big meanie racist in the process. But, as Breitbart News showed on Monday midday, that clearly was not the case. Khizr Khan has all sorts of financial, legal, and political connections to the Clintons through his old law firm, the mega-D.C. firm Hogan Lovells LLP. That firm did Hillary Clinton’s taxes for years, starting when Khan still worked there involved in, according to his own website, matters “firm wide”—back in 2004. It also has represented, for years, the government of Saudi Arabia in the United States. Saudi Arabia, of course, is a Clinton Foundation donor which—along with the mega-bundlers of thousands upon thousands in political donations to both of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016—plays right into the “Clinton Cash” narrative.
  12. But surely it should vary? Some immigrants will make a good contribution and fit into society, while others will bring crime and third world beliefs. And these can be clearly identified by looking at the cultures these migrants come from. I will still be voting for Trump, come what may. He is America's last chance, it cannot stand Hillary as president.