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  1. America/ USA- the biggest bullies worldwide! But what's good for the goose apparently isn't good for the gander. Maybe that is why so many American's choose to call all this conspiracy crap- because they just couldn't imagine living the way we are making others in other countries live....How prosperous a thought that we come and and take what we want and do not care at who's expense. Sometimes I am truly ashamed to be an American!
  2. Thanks for sharing! Doesn't surprise me at all. The media here only puts out what the government allows the people to know....and Im pretty sure the government wants none of use to really know just how many wars we are in..let alone how many we have started. When the bomb happened in Boston I had to shake my damn head at our president stating that anytime a bomb is used on innocent people it is terrorism- REALLY Mr. President....so you are admitting to terrorizing Iraq, Iran, etc as we can go on and on. What we forget about wars is most times it is the innocent that are bombed. Many
  3. That is EXACTLY what makes you a threat. Religion is the control of the mind. Those easily controlled will spew venom at people like me who will not conform to what anyone else tells me is right or wrong when it comes to living my life. And the fact that we aren't afraid to speak on our free thinking makes us a threat to them - which make no sense because if they truly believed what they are fed about the bible...you religious ones won't see us others in the afterlife...so why all the fuss now? You do not need to have religion in order to live morally. Let's all remember that Christian
  4. Just the fact that he felt the need to say that in a commencement speech is proof enough to me to LISTEN TO THE VOICES!! lol. Our government has grown out of control! And we Americans sit back and allow it. I mean we just found out the IRS has been targeting tea party and other groups trying to acquire their 503© to become tax exempt. The Patriot Act, CISPA....I mean the proof is in the pudding people.
  5. Does anyone NOT question why the Vatican runs/owns the LARGEST bank in the world? Does anyone wonder why pastors live the high life off your weekly donations but most of its patrons live in the projects or some shady part of town and cannot afford a new vehicle while your pastor is driving around in a 2012 model? I mean most pictures of the Pope have so much Gold in it ..he is the epitome of "bling bling". Religion = control = MONEY I'm not here to debate whether there actually IS a GOD...Because I easily believe there is a GOD without the need for religion. God to me is not some m
  6. Everyone who believes and follows religion blindly is a little strange to me...so I guess we are in the same boat!
  7. Bwhahahahahaha!! @ sky pixies.....people need to learn to do for self instead of wait on "god" to fix it all. if there is a GOD I can guarantee he sitting up there saying....damn can NONE of ya'll help YOURSELVES first before crying to me....lol
  8. Unfortunately peoples fears won't allow them to believe that this is happening to us...much like everyone ignored the dreaded Patriot Act ..until it was too late. We ignored the CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) - and now any of our data can be sent to the government for review as they see fit. We as a people keep allowing them to do what they want, when they want. I say there needs to be a revolution ..and the people are many compared to the government! If we could just find it within us to stand together as one...there is no way we could lose!
  9. From what I've found in my own research the experimental hepatitis B vaccine trails (1978-1981) conducted in NY, SF and 4 other American cities by Dr. Wolf Szmuness of the Center of Disease control unleashed the virus upon the population.
  10. I was just reading an article about this the other day and was astonished to find this out! How preposterous to make it illegal to collect rain water! Just more proof that we are truly being enslaved! We could go on and on about government all day long but to put a law on water that falls from the sky?!?! Why the hell does no one else in the world see this? I sometimes wonder if people remain ignorant out of fear more so than out of ignorance. I plan on starting to collect rain water....
  11. How the saying go....a scientist will read 1,000 books and STILL know there is much to learn about our universe- a Christian will read ONE..and all of a sudden they have the answer to it all! SMH!! Religion was created to enslave the masses- point blank - PERIOD. If the Christian God was so good....then why did the Romans get slaughtered for not wanting to convert? Why did the women of the salem witch trials get burned at stakes because they chose not to believe the Christian way. I hate having this conversation with Christians or any other religious nut that refuses to see
  12. Yes I trust the government as far as I can throw them...and I'm only 4'11" and 110 lbs so that ain't very far at ALL! HELL TO THE N-O I do not trust the people in power in the US. We have secret organizations running everything and are only shown what they feel we need to see via the media- its all government controlled...the FBI, the CIA, the ATF, the KKK, the IRS, TNT, CBS, NBC- look deep into all of these and you will find nothing but lies covered up with the truths they tell and want us to believe. The Bilderberg group is set to hold its 2013 meeting somewhere in the UK this year
  13. Newbie here! Loving this site already!!! I remember the very first time I felt like I took the red pill. It was after reading the book Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper. If you have never read it...I highly recommend it. It is filled with literally military documents explaining exactly what they are trying to do to the masses. I haven't looked back since. My favorite radio station about conspiracies is InfoWars..if you haven't checked it out..please do so! Anyway glad to be here among like minded people. I have always told my family that if they ever try to take me to an insane