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  1. That's cool! Add them to the list of many more other possible life-supporting planets!
  2. I think that I am more open to both sides to every story than most people. I tend to think about how it could have happened differently, or misrepresented. I do not persecute people for being open to another side of a story.
  3. I was browsing around YouTube and saw a very, very insightful, but scary video. It is about the Scole Experiment, an experiment about European scientists learning about the afterlife and aliens. Have you heard of this? What is your opinion of it? http://www.thescoleexperiment.com/
  4. ...People choose to do the work. Nobody says they can't scrape together their ownings to start their own business. I have seen first-hand the day workers walking into the gas station and picking up a 6 pack at the end of the day (Not cheap). People need to be smart with their earnings, and I don't exactly see the "slaves" doing that. Nobody said you had to support big business, you can not support them by boycotting their products. I don't see it as slavery.
  5. She was probably on a mission, to expose the government of something they did. I bet she knew something that people didn't want her to know.
  6. ...I'm not sure what it is, but it is 100% creepy! I would say half alien-half human mix.
  7. I think that they need to do something already! Quit talking crap to the third world country, and teach them a lesson already!
  8. It's always possible that you might have had family in the Illuminati, but you might want to research it a lot before you come to conclusions.
  9. I don't get my news from any one source, I try to research things a bit more by myself and look for bias in the story. I also try to look at what they are trying to accomplish when they are publishing the article, sometimes they will literally try to change your mind on a popular subject of debate.
  10. I'm pretty sure that they killed a high level "terrorist", I do not see how they couldn't have given the amount of money and time dedicated to the mission.
  11. Why do you ask people on a conspiracy forum if they trust the government... If we trusted the government, we wouldn't be here!
  12. I didn't know that it was a secret that soft drinks were plain out terrible for you... People just like the taste, and haven't found themselves a substitute for it.
  13. They are adding to the barrier between the people and the government... The founding fathers wanted the people to be the government, not the government just be the government. What can they really do if you exercise your right of free speech correctly?
  14. Dang! $6 trillion dollars... I had no idea that's how much the war in the middle east cost