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  1. There were rumors of a microchip mandate within Obamacare. The rumors stated that all American citizens and newborns be microchipped by Mar 23, 2013. However, there isn't any credible evidence that any such bill exists. Can a bill like this come to pass? It certainly can, but hasn't so far. Snopes cites the places where this hoax/rumor began.
  2. Globalism is growing at a very rapid pace. I don't think a global system is in place just yet, but it seems to be right around the corner. It will interesting to see what happens to ghe global economy in these next few years. If the global economy tanks, do they introduce a global currency? Or will another country take the place of the US as the reserve currency?
  3. The allegations may be true, but I find it interesting how Australia isn't the only one reporting these type of problems. Here in the US, they are taking measures to improve cyber-security. The reason given? Hackers in China are infiltrating our cyber infrastructure. Is this true? Or just a way to pass legislation that will further invade online privacy?
  4. I think that if there are better areas for the Canadian government to apply funds, then so be it. As interesting as researching UFO's is, Canada has some very important economic problems to address that take the forefront. If they can correct their financial woes, then maybe they can keep the program.
  5. Again, cry me a river. I merely pointed out facts, and you got all bent out of shape. I understand that you are biased and can't come up with a reasonable debate to back up your hard wired opinion, but why keep talking out of the other end? Just give it up already, you have made no sensible debate. In fact, all you have been doing is ranting on and on. But I will wish you well with your utopia, hope it's all that you dream it to be, lest you get what you ask for.
  6. A couple of weeks back, Russia deployed two bombers armed with nuclear missiles over Guam. Was this Russia sending a message?
  7. How did they come to the conclusion that it was Alien? There is just as much possibility that it was an extinct species from this very planet. Unless they have evidence it is alien indeed.
  8. You are absolutely correct. I find it comical that the same people who push violent culture on our youth, stuff them with psychotropic meds, and more, are the same people who think the answer is disarming EVERYONE. Taking a gun out of the hands of a criminal doesn't change who he is, it just means he will use a different tactic, while citizens are told by DHS to run and hide and grab some scissors.
  9. You are beyond ignorant and pathetic. You make false claims of verbal abuse. Do you like making yourself a victim? Maybe that's why you desire a nanny state, you need someone to take care you. So once statistics are put right before you, you run and stick your head in the sand like a scared Ostrich, figures. What you fail to realize it that people like you are the real danger in this matter, you want to leave our citizens unprotected. Then you go and make stupid assumptions that anyone with a gun equals massive death, when what most of us want is safety and protection. If you have it your w
  10. And in other news, president Obama admits that the sky is blue.
  11. You make a good point, but ask yourself, how many people are leaving the US and other countries where tyranny is apparently kicking in. The fact is that the population is conditioned to accept their fate. They cheer on the tyrants as they blatantly take away their freedom piece by piece, until one day, it's too late.
  12. Me verbally abusive? Cry me a river. I haven't been verbally abusive toward you in any way, perhaps your'e just sensitive. By the way, nice twisting of the numbers. Typical of left wing radicals. Here's the TRUTH. " Britain has a higher crime rate than any other rich nation except Australia" "According to the figures released yesterday, 3.6 per cent of the population of England and Wales were victims of violent crime in 1999 - second only to Australia, where the figure was 4.1 per cent. Scotland had a slightly lower rate of violence, at 3.4 per cent. In the U.S., only 2 per cent of the
  13. If the shoe fits. At least this lady got educated and now sees the deception.
  14. First of all, please run your posts through spell check. Secondly, I don't like or dislike what you have to say so don't give yourself so much credit. It isn't brainwashed zombies like you that I care about, I simply hate that your ignorance might actually have an influence on people looking for answers. Nothing you say makes a bit of sense. You ramble on and on without actually ever posting any facts. You are so in love with Obama that you can't see the slight of hand right beneath your nose. Now then, you really don't think you come across like a rambling emotional loose canon? Re-read yo
  15. I also think it was a meteor. But it's interesting that Russia seems to be looking for reasons to antagonize the US.