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  1. I think it's really bizarre how they just dump his body in the water like that, and with no official picture of his dead body. Of course there was that one image going around that looked photoshopped. I am really not sure if that was the genuine proposed picture of his dead self, but if it was, it was very poorly done.
  2. I think it's really ridiculous where these potential terrorist claims are going. People that can't see through the stupidity of having to abide by pointless law, I feel sorry for. I've seen people arrested for dancing so I guess anything can be called out as illegal these days.
  3. I think it is possible that this happened. It is strange how Lennon died to be honest, but I am always suspicious of death within the entertainment industry. There are so many death in the public arena that are quite strange, where some things just don't add up. I think because John Lennon was about promoting peace seemingly, then this is why he was made a target perhaps.
  4. I think it is really barbaric that she would take this action. It was clear to me as soon as I had read this, that there was something up. People don't just cut off parts of their body for nothing, and her being a celebrity, well something was bound to be up.
  5. Does anyone listen to Max Igan? I think he is really good because he is clearly very perceptive and awake. I often listen to people that are awake as a reminder as to what it is humanity is going through collectively.
  6. This is cool, but really there is life much closer to Earth than that. I really don't follow Nasa to give us the latest news, of course they cover stuff up. They would never tell us if they found life on the moon or Mars now would they? It would be nice to see proof of life on another planet reach the public arena in my lifetime.
  7. That's a good summary in one line. I think I was more referring to immediate surroundings. It can be hard to be awake and aware, yet surrounded by others that see that as whacko, and that perhaps you need help. The ignorance of the situation can really get to me.
  8. Does anyone feel that they are awake and aware, or at least more aware than most people, yet they are surrounded by others that are not awake or aware at all? I am, and I find it very frustrating. They are the sort of people that would pass you off as a conspiracy theorist and easily regard you as a 'nutcase'. This ignorance really wears me down because people really get off on it. People are so quick to put down anything that questions the official story, there is just no hope of some people ever seeing even slightly beyond the veil.
  9. What are your thoughts on this video? The guy does look like an reptilian or perhaps he's an android or alien?, his eyes do not appear human! Also, this guy is perhaps stranger. Is it just a human with an odd shaped head, or an alien?
  10. I'm not surprised the response from people lol. Most people do tend to think he is just in it for the money, but I think he is passionate about what he speaks about and, still despite the criticism I think he makes a lot of sense. I just think mostly it takes a very open mind to tolerate these ideas because most people simply aren't able to do so. I have thought myself that he could be a double agent sort of guy, like a sort "capstone to the truther movement" - so that people would only look so far and not see what's really going on. I don't know if that's too far but it still can not be ru
  11. I have heard of this theory for many years now, and believe it is still their plan to bring this about. I think there is a lot needed in an attempt to normalise this. The cover story will probably regarding the safety of the individual, but of course it's so people can be tracked, and possibly this information could get hacked also, which could lead to very bad circumstances.
  12. I don't think there is any way for man to ever know. I think only once you die will you know the source of what we call "God", but perhaps even then we will not know what birthed this source. There are simply too many theories that man could come up with, and none of them can be proven at all. My thoughts are that an even greater source of power created our God, the only problem with that is the question of, where does it end?
  13. What are your thoughts on the controversial spokesman and author David Icke? He has written many books and travelled across the world supposedly gathering information of government conspiracies, hidden agendas and Illuminati plots, including everything in between. I happen to think he speaks a lot of sense about the topics he mentions. I have seen quite a few of his lectures online including the latest event at Wembley arena. Everything that he talks about I have gone on to research more in depth myself, and I believe it all has a strong plausibility. The big problem I did have was the talk of
  14. It's just yet another tactic to try and instill fear within the population, that's how I see it. Rain water belongs to no one, and to try and place a label upon it is just barbaric. I say collect Rainwater en masse! If a law is pathetic and stupid, it is up to the people to simply not obey that law, otherwise we are allowing ourselves to be enslaved.