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  1. People of color in general don't just kill indiscriminately. White people on the other hand, New Town, Aurora, Columbine. Even that Korean kid who shot up Virginia Tech had a motive. He was being teased, bullied, and ridiculed because of his speech impediment, and the fact that he was not one of those rich kids. But rather his parents came from a working class background. I think the only mass shooting I can remember a person of color doing for no reason, was an old Vietnamese man in upstate New York a few years back. Who killed some people at a learning center where they teach English to immi
  2. I'm pretty sure in the case of New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas being so close to the border and their obsession with bearing arms, is the reason for their high crime. Drugs, rednecks, and all. Also with the exception of Atlanta, Boston, Vegas, Miami, and Chicago. Those aren't very popular places to live on that list. Hence the anger.
  3. I hope Hillary runs in 2016. I will vote for her. I like Christie but again, do not respect the Republican party as a whole. So I couldn't vote for Christie. Just like I couldn't be friends with someone who's nice when their friends are all a-holes or jerks. It's the same scenario here.
  4. The states in the U.S. that want or are fearing an armed revolution are broke states though. Most of these states are in the deep south, Mississippi, Alabama, etc. These states could defy the federal government. But what would happen after they did? You think anybody is gonna try and pull back a military decimation of South Carolina? Most people view the south as leeches anyways. All of the sports, entertainment, business, tourism, and hollywood film money is tied up in the big cities. Like Seattle, NY, L.A., etc. If the government says we'll attack West Virginia, because they defied a governm
  5. The problem is the conspiracy theorists are very under-educated. So their theories and rantings come off as fodder for Jon Stewart and other mockers. It really doesn't matter if you're a conspiracy theorist or not. If you present your argument frothing at the mouth, wild-eyed, and making crazy accusations with a funny accent, people are gonna roll their eyes and walk away.
  6. Well, Latinos have identity issues themselves. The ones that look more white/Spanish, usually separate themselves from the browner colored ones. It's that way in every Latin American country almost. Except a few. However, in reference to your question Mexicans, some would side with whites because some Mexicans consider themselves white. Other Mexicans though are all about the Aztlan movement. They are angry at whites for taking the Southwest U.S. from them. They'd side with the minorities if anything, to reclaim the part of America that belongs to them, or at least they see it that way. That T
  7. There are pros and amateurs in every terrorist or criminal organization. As for New Orleans racial makeup, its black population is also the reason for it being such a popular city to visit before Katrina. Without the black population, half of the stuff that existed there and brought in tourists and tourism, like Mardi Gras, Jazz, etc wouldn't be there. The criminals exist simply because there's money to be made in the drug trade. And more people these days more than ever are getting high on something. You legalize drugs, and all of this crime goes away. Guns don't make a livi
  8. On a side note, I wish Obama would do something about his salt and pepper hair. I'd be dying that stuff all day long. I won't let father time catch me until I am fully bald!
  9. You guys know anything about New Orleans? It's a very high crime city. Has been ever since. It was before Katrina, but after Katrina has gotten worse. Mostly because many of the gangs in New Orleans became broken up or disorganized after Katrina. New players then moved into town to seize the opportunity, and of course, the old players aren't just gonna surrender the trade to them. New Orleans also has a rule where if you see someone commit a crime, you can turn them in. However if charges are not furthered within 30 days, that person is released back onto the streets. And who'll be their first
  10. Okay. But the majority of conservatives live in the deep south. Places that are like No Mans Land. Slasher Movie style. And then the loudest Republicans are also from there. And when they spout their crazy ideas, everyone hears and reads it. Not saying there aren't conservatives who live on the coasts. Just saying the abnormal southern born ones seem to be the biggest mouthpieces. Perhaps they need to demote them for awhile and give the platform to Christie and Conservatives like him. They just make more sense when they talk.
  11. Your thesis is an interesting one. Most southerners will tell you they're the ones being played for fools by the big city politicians. That's why everytime some old white southern guy runs for office, he tries to stir up his voters again minorities, Washington, the coasts, urban, and big city residing people.
  12. I agree with this. My mother is a devout churchgoer. When I check in on her on weekends to see how things are going, sometimes I might swing by or call her on the phone. She gives me a list of people at her local church who she went to visit or is thinking about visiting because they're sick, dying, or have been in a horrible accident. Then there are the people at her church who're suffering. Including one woman who's best friend was shot dead a week ago while he was standing in front of a memorial for a friend. Granted, it was in a shady neighborhood where lots of dope is dealt and teenagers
  13. Not sure about this being true or not but if I were to decide to worship any planet outside of Earth it would be Mars. Has a cool name, lots of Hollywood movies about it, and it seems to turn up new discoveries every time we visit its surface.
  14. Satanism is really all about appeasing and giving energy to gods, demons, or dieties of the selfish nature. It's all about enhancing yourself, and the worst of human nature. Gluttony, greed, etc. It's really about embracing the negative aspects of human kind. Or so-called negative aspects. It's also about taking vengeance and matters into ones own hands. Instead of doing like christians do, and waiting for God to act. Most Satanists don't worship the devil, but more worship what his side represents. The opposites, the anti, or the other creedos, if you will.
  15. I don't care much about what tack it takes. I prefer left news as it makes more sense. Not that I am all about the welfare state and giving people stuff for free. But I just don't culturally like or respect American conservatives too much. I'm a New Yorker first and foremost. Their party is all about country music, redneck'ism, and such. I cannot associate myself with a foreign culture just for some political goals. Dems are coastal, I'm coastal, so that's where I stick. If there were more Repubs like Christie, no southern twang and no psychotic moral impulses...I might vote red once in awhile