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    1. amin.....................
  1. So if I had family in the illuminati why is my parents not in it?
  2. I know that someone in my family is related to John D Rockefeller Does the illuminati currently control the world? I am closely related to John F. Kennedy so you think the illuminati had to do anything about that? Do you also think the illuminati is real? How do people even get into the illuminati? (I don't want to join) Are they born into it? Do they worship satan?
  3. I think some of my family might be in the illuminati my grandfather was a 32 level Freemason and was Italian. He was also very secret about what he did. I also did a search and found our family is related to some politicans and presidents both George Bush and John Kerry and Al Gore. Do you think some people in my family are members of illuminati or just random I am not even sure if I believe in the illuminati but I have heard stories and am wondering if it is true or not so I just want to know if it is real and do you think someone in my family is a upper ranking member? I am not a member and