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  1. I've heard theories that the real ones, crop circles for want of a better description, are perhaps a message for us and we're still too dumb to figure it out. So many of these events have happened literally overnight or in the span of a few hours yet are incredibly complex symbols. http://www.minkbaby.co.uk/index.php/2011/07/04/10-awesome-crop-circles/ http://sentinelleader.blogspot.ca/2009/06/mystery-of-crop-circles-1970-2009.html http://science.howstuffworks.com/science-vs-myth/unexplained-phenomena/crop-circle2.htm Remember, you have to be high in the air to actually see these sy
  2. Oh I'm positive there were pictures. Admiral Byrd was very meticulous in documenting his explorations. The government obviously buried them just like they did him and his story and his illustrious career.
  3. You do realize that not only wikileaks but some foreign governments have begun declassifying old files, many of which concern aliens.
  4. Not sure where this belongs, possibly government section, but not sure so I'll leave it to the moderators I want to talk about the American media (and on a lesser scale world media). Until I moved abroad, I really hadn't realized just how much the media is censored in the states. I've seen some really big news hit Canadian media and BBC among others that gets totally buried in America. It's crazy just how deep this crap goes and very few see it. Even simple things you think people would want to know, like the true Iraq or Afghanistan death count is kept hushed. In Canada, dead soldiers br
  5. I'm betting it happens at some point and they wont be asking parental consent. We already can be tracked by our cell phones, probably our chipped bank cards, and who knows what else. Why not chip us all like I do with my cats so we can always be found.
  6. I still remember it vividly. My 1st husband and I and our 2 children has just moved to Oklahoma (Owasso, near Tulsa) a week before this happened. At the time it really affected us because we were staying with my grandparents, and my grandma worked for the government (veterans department). When the bombing occurred, all the payroll records were lost and no government employee got paid that April or the following May before they got things put back together. I didn't actually see the site until a few years later when we took some kids there on a field trip (I was a college tutor at the time
  7. As far as I know, the Latter Day Saints (Mormoms) are the only Christian religion that believes in other life 'out there'. All the research I've done over the last several years indicates that every other large Christian denomination denounces alien life and believes we are alone in the universe.
  8. I've heard plenty of stories that Intelligence agencies monitor these sorts of places in the interest of national security. I mean if we manage to discover too much evidence we become a liability to their coverups and must be discredited somehow.
  9. I just keep reminding myself that if the ancients saw us today, with handheld lighters, ball point pens, remote control toys of any sort, they would think we were magic, maybe even Gods. It's just not that much of a stretch to believe that our ancestors did indeed encounter something alien, or at least very very advanced, and considered them Gods. Many of the accounts from ancient civilizations say that the Gods actually walked among the people, were seen up close, and interacted with. That tells me that either 1. I must believe in some form of alien or advanced culture descending on our a
  10. Admiral Byrd supposedly reported having entered a hole in the pole and discovered aliens there who gave him a message. The message was something to the effect of 'we don't like how you're killing the earth and you need to stop" sort of thing. After being one of the most highly decorated explorers of his time, his report of finding alien life ended up being belittled, covered up, and he himself was quietly booted out of the military. The man had zero reason to lie, and given the nature of other such accounts of meetings, it really shouldn't come as a surprise. As for hollow earth theory, wi
  11. Oh yes, I've been there It's a huge tourist attraction (or it was in the late 80's when I was there anyway)
  12. I think aliens will be much like we are. Some of us are a$$holes and some of us are nice and some of us just don't care either way. If you look at the thousands of alien abductions over the last even 50 years, you have to realize that the level of experimentation some of these people were made to endure borders on torture. That said, if you look at ancient visitations to like the Egyptians and ancient North and South American Indians etc. You see some kindness, education, a willingness to teach us new technologies and guide us forward. In the end I think we'll find that some will be hostil
  13. I have watched the entire series and find it fascinating. Hell you don't even have to go that far back to find evidence that it's probably true. Look at the near overnight advances in technology made after the roswell crash. We go from thousands of years of very gradual technology and science knowledge to suddenly learning hundreds of years worth in 20 years. Computers, came out of nowhere. Cloning, same thing. Advancements in nearly every area of science. All out of nowhere. They can only hide so much...
  14. There is tons of physical evidence. Look at nearly all ancient cultures, their artifacts, structures, etc. where they depict their 'Gods'. There is no way so many different peoples, thousands of miles apart, never having met or communicated, could have made up the exact same visitors (all the drawings and statues look the same), the exact same stories etc. The proof is all around, you just have to view it with an open mind. Look at SACSAYHUAMÁN. To this day, we are unable to build anything even remotely like this. We just can't reach the temps needed to melt the rock so it wedges toget
  15. I believe the actual video you are referring to was found to be a hoax, however the roswell story of an alien crash is absolutely true. Citizens saw things, soldiers saw things, hell even the army admitted the truth the first night before recanting the following days and making up excuses that only the most uneducated, idiotic people would believe. I'm sorry, but when dozens or even hundreds of people see the exact same thing, you can't convince me they are lying.