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  1. A clever video.. .. but I believe if the 'illuminati' were going to make a move, they wouldn;t warn us with subliminal messages. They would tell us straight, knowing there is nothing we could do about it. Or they wouldn't tell us anything at all.. Never underestimate the effort some losers will go to just to create unnecessary panic for fun, a hoax creating fear for their own amusement and of course for youtube views!
  2. A random thought.. .. What differentiates us from other species when it comes to preserving life? .. I think, our ability to completely destroy this world, if we chose to. Therefore while the true governing force on this planet, mother nature, is an unchangeable dictatorship if you will, we could defeat it, along with ourselves of course, but we could. Try to comprehend the true power we have as the one human race while I get to my point! .. What if we have overtaken nature, in the sense of evolution? We have the ability to take a naturally occurring chain of events, like evolution, and end it. So does this mean, we are responsible for our own evolution? I think so. And I think something like religion, along with money, governments, media etc have all been created to stop people from realizing this fact. Our evolutionary chain if you will, has been capped, and it seems there isn't many who are aware of this, or who don't even realize the human race has purposely been dumbed down and demoralized! Our power is our freedom, our divinity is our intelligence. .. Education, work and unconditional love will lead us to the next step in human evolution. Nothing else will suffice..
  3. I can't stand all these titles. Communist, activist, collectivist, utopianist.. yaadyaada bullshit.. It's titles like that that keep people divided and fighting over nonsense. Who do you think comes up with these titles?? Definitely not the little guys at the bottom who see themselves as equal human beings and not a number in a political category. But the guys at the top, who know that the little guys will fall in to these categories like children in a toy store, flocking to their favorite toy. Feeling proud and belonging. Mate, you need to realize that no human being is actually a part of any of these categories, for they are man made, and are worthless. The Zeitgeist Movement, supporting The Venus Project, is (in my opinion of course, as well as a growing number of people) humanities only hope for true freedom.. As Neo quite rightly said, this system can not be changed for the benefit of anyone. So the only option is to get rid of it completely! Otherwise, what are you doing? Accept the system, stop moaning about it and get on with it, fight for you piece of the pie, sorry, your crumb! Orrrr.. reject it, and spread the word of reason and logic.. I know my choice
  4. Whaaaat?! I have to look into this.. How were they slaughtered?! I'm shocked to my core. Reading that actually hurt! .. still, the technology and intellegence at our power now. You think if the majority of the world knew about this idea, and worked together it would somehow go bad again?! I am busy today, but the next research mission of mine will be to find out more about this massive slaughter. What a sick race we are.. Don't suppose you have any links for me to start me off? Change is coming people, either under force of the elite (most likely a nuclear fallout,) or the power of the majority finally growing up, coming together and and working as one, for our unborn childrens children.. Never let yourself say the words "it will never change" .. or it really won't!
  5. The whole global monetary system, as divided as it may seem, operates as one.. If one man stands against the idea of peace, so you kill him, peace no longer lives. War will never bring peace my friend. it's gunna take every single man, woman and child in this world to wake the fuck up and realize that as a race, like this, we are killing ourselves, and this planet. I have hope in men. We can do this.. Violence will only force us into a further state of oppression. If anyone reading this doesn't understand that then for lifes sake please DO NOT march! Listen.. To those people who think the world can't change. It never stops changing, whether you like it or not. And it is, now, as I speak, the only problem is, the changes we are making to our world are destroying this planet and as a human race we are getting worse and worse and worse. And this is happening because of something that doesn’t change. A system. A system that is nothing more than a concept that we, humans, have created. And this corrupt system, it cannot be changed. It has in fact been created not to. But that’s what life does. It changes, it adapts and it thrives and flourishes and there is no system any man can ever create that will ever stop that. You might not want change, you might not like change, you might be scared of change, you might be lost in a confusing illusion and think it can’t change. Well, change is one of life’s undeniable absolute certainties. And we all need to change with it, or really, what a stubborn failure of a species we are.. The work of Jacque Fresco and Peter Joseph is radical beyond anything anyone has ever put out there before, or at least, that people are actually listening to.. .. This sounds crazy, but it's brought me a new sense of hope for humanity. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, then please again, make yourself familiar with the work of Jacque Fresco, Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement, watch the Zeitgeist movies (definitely 2 & 3 anyway) and his free, ongoing, tv show 'Culture In Decline' (New Episode due yesterday, he's late!) .. Sorry to be an advertisement, but quite frankly, this matters! Be patient, keep hope, peace is possible..
  6. I had an interesting thought about Anonymous.. .. and think about this.. You think they couldn't have stopped production of these masks? They know where the masks have come from, and could have stopped it. In fact I bet if you looked in to it, a small group of people have been made very rich because of this.. What's worse is most of these purchases would have been made online, so not only do they know how many have been sold, but also who has bought them! .. they want you to gather and march, or maybe they don't want it but they are allowing it, why? Because they hope so much that it WILL get violent.. And what would that bring except retaliation. Make no mistake, if these marches get violent, it will be violence like never before seen from any kind of protest, ever. And that would in fact prove that we can't think for ourselves, we can't survive without this system and would no doubt have this explained to us by the government, as we repair the ruins of our towns and cities, which got destroyed during the average mans attempt to make this a better world. Irony will rule. .. All it takes it one fucking idiot thug in a guy Fawkes mask to spark a fire, and everything the other millions stands for, is erased! .. Be careful Anons, if this goes bad, it will go very bad, and very fast! ..Remember War will never bring peace..
  7. Hehee, yea not to say I don't have faith in you man, but I kinda knew you didn't invent this,. ..Ha yea I wouldn't wanna swallow any of them! .. I guess they would work like a computer. on and off, on and off.. maybe with a core magnetic field(s) through it all. all working with and against each other in order to manipulate the human body. As technology advances they could mimic human movement so well they could walk amongst us and we could never tell the difference!
  8. This will require some research of your own, if you don't understand my point from what is provided on this post.. A scary conspiracy theory about chemtrails.. ..if you don't full understand what they are please watch this documentary.. ..If you already are well informed about them, great! So let me introduce you to this amazing thing, The Neocube, again if you aren't already familiar with it.. Now.. read this article.. or this one.. .. basically learn more about anodic aluminium oxide.. The scary conspiracy.. .. If the increasing quantities of anodic aluminium oxide if our systems don't kill us, what will it do? Well, it would make us very susceptible to EMP.. Think of anything else?? With a vivid imagination, I can.. If enough of this stuff was in your body, with enough magnetic force around you, that magnetic force would move your body.. And so, thinking how science evolves, could it be possible to manipulate a magnetic field in such a way that it could control billions of tiny magnetic particles in your body?! Or even billions of them neocubes! All them tiny little magnetic balls. Their magnetic fields at the control of someone though a program. It could be controlled from anywhere in the world via the internet.. An ultimate weapon.. Even if not one magnetic field through the neocubes, but each individual ball itself, in control of it's own little magnetic field. They could work together in harmony and with enough of them essentially do anything!!.. But back to chemtrails.. Where what my crazy theory is, is that we are inhaling millions of tiny little magnetic pieces of anodic aluminium oxide.. .. Think about it, complete control of the human body, at the push of a button.. For better or worse? .. Could this be the answer we are looking for in the search for the truth about chemtrails?? Thoughts and opinions please..
  9. There is no lies in my posts. And any propaganda would be that of me spreading awareness, facts based on research, of the realities in this worlds in hopes of bringing people to the level of understanding that I am at. The ultimate goal in order to help humanity pass this insane age we are going through.. .. I will watch you have recommended another time..
  10. A friend of mine linked me this.. .. I typed "NASA Future Strategic Issues" "Warfare Circa 2025" Dr Dennis M. Bushnell Chief Scientist NASA Langley" in the internet archive and got "The search engine encountered the following error: "Search engine returned invalid information or was unresponsive. We are working to resolve this issue. Thanks for your patience." .. More research led me to other sources. This appears to be that full document .. .. and a link to the actual pdf download .. It seems it's authenticity is under debate.. .. Another YouTube video briefly looking through the document here.. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!! MAKE IT KNOWN! .. One thing is certain, fake or not, it is deep shit! And if this isn't addressed by the government, that itself is proof of it's truth. How can it be ignored?! This needs explaining.. Until someone can prove this to be fake, how can it be ignored? If this is true, and we do nothing, then we are to blame for their success, and we'll suffer the consequence of our own ignorance.. .. I want it to be fake.. we all should..
  11. Religion will fade out with evolution and be looked back upon as pure insanity.. .. But if one needs that solace so much, then they should look at religion as it was explained in the Zeitgeist movie.. There is an unexplainable force in this universe, that is the very spark of life it self. Instead of making up stories, or following others, you should praise what we have discovered so far, worship it if you must, prey to it, ask for more maybe. But most importantly, be thankful. This world is amazing, and more and more amazing things are being discovered every day. Put your heart and soul in to that, and try to imagine what we could become as a human race if we just realized that we are one.. Yes.. if you have spent your life so far preying to any religion created by man. You have indeed been wasting a lot of time. But be thankful for whatever it was that has brought you to this beautiful point of realization. Don't get down about being wrong in your beliefs, being wrong is a natural part of our lives, and as long as we know where we went wrong, and are are corrected, it is a good thing! It makes us stronger! .. So STOP attacking those who are wrong, for they have been mislead, and are not standing at fault on purpose! Instead, try to help them. If this cannot be done, then all we can do is hope they will remember our words and one day reach that point Odili has at the start of this thread. And mate, if there is a 'secret religion' there is a very high chance it is as equally as untrue as all the others. Remember, anything that cannot be proven (and there is no possible way to even try to prove it,) isn't true. It really is as simple as that. It's time to start seeing this world for what it is, and what it could be..
  12. Yea Neo, but ey a lil hidden agenda to make our prick of a prime minister look weak is a little positive in there aay! Maybe it was for their own gain, and also, possibly, a bit of a realization of my original point with Russia and China.. I hope they don't drop the bombs, so much.. Cause really if they do, they will have had people there on the inside for long enough to know exactly where to drop those bombs ready for a quick invasion and overthrow.. .. but nah of course I don't think for a second my pathetic government had suddenly became all about love! I don't support any of them. .. I hear you Charlie.. Hey do you have a link or something to more information about this pipeline please?? .. Here's a video I found .. [ ] And as crazy as it sounds to say in times like these, try to stay positive.. Real is only as far as humans have discovered or created so far. The evil exists in the minds of the people.. The earth, our mother world, is incredible! The laws of nature are her only actions on our journey through the cosmos, not for good or evil. The malevolence exists in the souls of corrupted people, by a corrupted system.. It is ALL mans doing!.. But never forget the good that goes on in this world, or fail to seek it out, and contribute to it.. History will remain of course. It should be learned from, not copied or continued. Change is needed! Everything wrong with what we are today CAN be corrected.. But we must correct ourselves first.. However, I am a realist. And I know such a dream can't just snap and happen, and for now we must focus on today, what should be done, what can be done, and getting it done! The question is what?! While I try figure this out, lets focus on now and what this thread is all about! This girl needs to be made famous!!! Lets make it happen! Spread this!