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  1. Remember that very glamourous and attractive television personality Tila Tequilla? Well after being a model for many years, and evolving her fame to produce television content for the masses the popular star almost completely vanised off the face of the earth, and internet. Tila Tequilla's first and only television show "A shot at love with Tila Tequilla" was the reality show of the century, and with the amazing 6.2 million viewers at the first season finale the show looked like it could never be taken off the air. Soon the show was ended with two season and a after show spinoff. The Model
  2. When was younger i would listen to my parents and recieve a flu shot from my mothers work program, because i thought it was beneficial. Now i am honestly scared of what else the government lies about, and manipulates to get money from us. Not sure how credible the author of that article is, but i could see this being one of the causes of mass illnesses like depression that is sweeping our country. This info could go hand in hand with population control for all i know.
  3. I really disagree with this decision, Lance even hinted at the fact that practically every person in the sport was doping. Doesn't that mean Lance was still the best cyclist? Even though virtually every top notch cyclist was doping as he conveys, Lance was still the guy who pulled off many victories. I think the NDA was just making an example of Lance as opposed to examining everything . I wonder if he was a person who won a mere 2 gold medals if he would have been stripped of his titles.