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  1. A quick google or youtube search will reveal Jay Z and his wife involvement with the Illuminati. Interesting note, the couple decided to name the first born child Blue Ivy. Backward masking has long been promoted by the Illuminati and the subject is well documented. Backward mask the name Blue Ivy ~ Eulb Yvi That's Latin, google yourself for a translation.
  2. Neo, I ask myself what is the finality ? You , myself, and others have alluded to this several times. I watched a video about Chemtrails with extreme skepticism expecting the typical jaded feeling. Rather, I found myself somewhat alarmed. Seems we have been introduced through air, diet, and water to a new prototype of red blood cell. Yeah, I know what your thinking but ...... more questions than answers.
  3. The Zions needed "international" airspace into Iran. Also, the Zions wanted the 300 Billion + of bullion in the WTC vaults. If you still need proof of the Bush involvement, I suggest you pick up a March 2001 copy of Elevator World magazine. Follow the clues.
  4. Our framers intended revolution supposed from the ballot rather than the rifle. Jefferson understood the tyranny of Central Banks and spent his political career resisting them. I agree with you both in a sense but I doubt the ballot can undue the corruption we all endure.
  5. Personal income tax on wages is not only unconstitutional, there is no law that can bind you to pay them. No such law can exist according to the US Constitution. Coorporate Tax and Capital Gain Tax are mandated in the Constitution. You pay due to compulsory compliance and fear. The United States Supreme Court has ruled on the issue and can be quoted "the 16th Amendment failed to gain sufficient State Ratification." The IRS is the single biggest scam in the course of human history. I beg you to read The Creature From Jekell Island. A great starter into the subject. You will be angry, con
  6. They enforce the Law that never was, that is unconstitutional. I reject voluntary compliance. They have charged me penalty after penalty and have now sought to revoke my wife's medical license. I can't believe what the average American tolerates.
  7. Yes, thank you. I couldn't remember that name for the life of me. I find it interesting they claim he fled to China and the Pacific Basin. Seems easy to believe given prior location. Are they setting up treason charges with the China conncection? He will be made out to have sold NSA intelligence to the Chinese?
  8. Charlie said it best, do you not understand that "aliens" are a tool of the NWO and the Satanists? They are promoting the idea to encouarge "New Age" thinking and to encourage you to depart the slightest ecclesiastical beliefs you may have. You are a God, just like the "enlightened" alines.
  9. Sewage is better than Chemical Weapons. This is why the entire Eastern world despises the US Government. Why do the Zions get tens of billions a year in Aid from the broke US citizens? What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. To really gain perspective I can't stress enough my personal belief in the themes suggested in the following video's and in a book every American should read. The Creature From Jekell Island is the single most important read for every American.
  11. About 25 minutes in they begin the discussion. The entire debate is four and half hours long and parts are very dry. 33 minutes in they are discussing the military industrial complex
  12. I have a difficult time deciding which theory to subscribe to. For years, the west assumed the 80/20 rule. Where, the west controlled 80% of the worlds GDP while the rest of the world shared the 20%. It is not unreasonable to believe the controlling banks value the industrialized east as a far greater investment. The infrastructure is more modern, the issue of labor is a fraction of what it is in the west and the value of the middle class would be 400% greater then that of the west. Pretty much a safe assumption that a major shift in the 80/20 has already taken place and is now perpetua
  13. IMHO it's absolutely imperative that Wiki does everything possible to help Snowden. Dangerous precedent if not. I was watching an Anon video and seen something about drone technology hunting a rouge LA cop, Anon claims the drone is armed and has authority to murder him once found. Anybody familiar with that story?
  14. I could go on for hours on this subject. For those of you that still trust your government or dismiss conspiracy as insanity you really need to watch this: