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  1. I'm sure Earth was visited by aliens at some point in its history. The question is, will they come back, when and for what purpose ?
  2. Listen people ! We are too many on this planet already. They have to get rid of us and reduce the population, so their mission is simple. Invent reasons to go to war, infest some part of the population with a strange unknown virus and so forth. Isn't it obvious ?
  3. I don't want to sound like a religious fanatic, but Facebook, like the whole Internet was in fact built with the sole purpose of manipulating masses. Facebook uses people's pride and ego in their advantage. I bet some Facebook users are better known by Facebook than their own mothers .
  4. Somehow I feel sorry for Lance Armstrong... He survived his prostate cancer then came back and used illegal stuff the win all those titles. I think this is sorta payback time or revenge of the destiny. He had 15 % chances of survival, but when he escaped the illness, instead of being happy he is still alive he pushed the boundaries and wanted more.
  5. Picture number 2 is definitely the best, but I think you should decrease the number of skulls. Other than that, it's just perfect.
  6. There is a probability of 99,99 in my opinion that there is life out there on other planets. I don't think we will discover an extraterrestrial life form in our lifetime, but future generation will certainly do.
  7. There's a lot to talk about regarding this subject. Of course, we could associate things from the bible with aliens, but I'd prefer rather to wait for facts and not believing in theories.
  8. I'm an Christian orthodox. I believe in Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. I couldn't say I'm following it with passion. I'm actually a bit disappointed in how the church is getting into making business nowadays. I thought money are the tool of the Devil, but looks like the priests and other church related persons like them a lot.
  9. I like to think that we are just the children of the humanoids that once lived on Mars. I know it sounds like SF movie script, but I actually think it is very plausible theory. Also the theory can be validated by solid arguments.