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  1. I think it might be possible, but I find it odd that the whole house doesn't burn down as a result too when this happens. What would stop the carpet or the floor or walls from catching fire as well? I never knew that linseed oil can spontaneously combust until I had some painting classes. This happened multiple times, where people would throw rags with linseed oil on them into the trash and they would catch fire. It has something to do with when it's in a concentrated form bunched up in a rag, that it heats up and starts to smolder. Makes me wonder if something similar is possible with the f
  2. I'm confused, both movies mentioned here credit two different people for discovering HIV. Starting to watch the first film listed now, and it is pretty interesting so far. Being gay myself, I'm around a lot of people doing fundraisers and raising awareness about testing and prevention out at the bars. I've also lost a handful of friends and acquaintances to it, as well as our neighbors son who passed away from it in the 80's. It's pretty frustrating to see some of the cultural roadblocks at play as well. Friends of mine work for the local AIDS task force, and try to distribute free condoms a
  3. If you're drinking bottled spring water, I would imagine that's not really any better. I could see filtering your own water, or investing in some sort of water filtration system for your tap if you're concerned with this, but buying bottled water is a whole other problem itself. Why would you let a company mark up the cost of water by several thousand percent like that and sell it back to you? Not to mention all of the pollution they are creating with all of those plastic bottles, and the excessive manufacturing they need to create the product as well as the additional pollution from transport
  4. Penn & Teller did an episode about Area 51 on their show "Bullshit!". It is on Google Maps as well. Actually, Google did an April Fools joke regarding Area 51 a few years ago. You can read more about it and see the prank they pulled here: http://www.jarnot.com/archives/2006/04/they-come-in-pe.php I don't necessarily think there are alien crafts there, but I could see why they prefer to keep the place closely guarded, especially if they are working on new technology for the safety of our country. Apparently some of the employees there have to be flown into work every day.
  5. I saw that Tesla rebuttal recently. I was really impressed how quickly and thoroughly they responded with all of their data to back it up. One thing that's easy to forget is that these reporters at sites such as The New York times are not experts on everything they are reporting on. I haven't read the actual NYT article yet, but I am under the impression that they didn't even interview anyone from Tesla when writing the article in the first place, which if that's the case, is irresponsible to begin with. How can they make these types of speculations without reaching out to experts on both side
  6. Take an unexpected vacation to Vegas and hope everything is OK when I get back, lol. Just kidding, the only reason I mentioned that is something similar did happen to me and some of my coworkers when we all took a week off of work and went to Vegas. There were only a couple people left in the office to run the business while we were gone, and on the last day of our trip there was a huge storm that hit the office and did a lot of damage to the computers all across our network. They remaining employees were basically freaking out and calling for us to get back ASAP. What a way to come back from
  7. I was really surprised by all of the dash cam footage of the meteorites that was so quickly shared. That's almost a story in and of itself. Apparently it's rather common for people over there to have dash board cams, to deal with insurance fraud and corrupt police officers. Some of the articles I've been reading on this are essentially saying that sharing these videos has become a sort of entertainment for the people living over there since their TV programming is so heavily controlled.
  8. There are sunlight simulators that you can purchase to use indoors. I'm currently using one right now actually, and I've been using it for the past year - even during summer months. Supposedly they help with seasonal depression and assist with your bodies production of vitamin D as well. I do certainly notice a positive change in my mood when I am using one of these any given day. I don't bother with sunscreen products generally, because I don't spend that much time in the sun during summer months. I absolutely hate hot weather, and try and stay in air conditioning as much as possible.
  9. Did you watch the video series in the link? They actually go into great detail explaining how the ancient structures were actually built - without any need for extra terrestrial assistance. The personifications of the sun and the moon that often get mistaken for alien craft are actually closely tied to depictions of scenes within the bible. They're certainly convincing as UFO craft if you are not aware of their historical context and symbolism, but once you hear from art historians what these actually are, it starts to make a lot more sense.
  10. There is an underwater mermaid show that is performed regularly. I can't recall where at though, maybe one of the casinos in Vegas perhaps? Anyhow, the live footage of the "mermaids" just looked like footage of those performers to me. The fins looked too stylized to me, and if anything, looked like fabric moving in the water - not like actual fish skin and scales. Those dead corpses looked painfully fake. All someone would have to do is slap a hand crafted skeleton of a human like figure on to a fish carcass.
  11. I was lucky enough to see something like this twice, both times while driving back home on a highway late at night. Initially I thought I was seeing some sort of UFO, but after observing the movement of it and the trail, it became obvious it was a shooting star. They are really beautiful. That one in the picture almost looks like it is going at an upward angle though, which seems kind of odd.
  12. My other concern with electric cars is the cost of maintaining the battery. I heard these need to be replaced every few years and they aren't cheap. The other thing to consider is how much pollution all of these old batteries will contribute to the environment as time goes on - that could be just as bad or worse than gasoline emissions. I've also heard that they are developing cars that can run on compressed air. But you run into the same issue more or less, what powers the air compressors in the first place?
  13. Did you mean to say Google AdWords? AdSense is a program for publishers to earn money. There was some uproar the other day about some changes they are making to the AdWords platform. Basically they are removing the option to target desktop/tablet/smartphones separately. This is going to force a bunch of advertisers who had been opting out of mobile to now run mobile ads as well, not to mention drive up the CPC's on mobile traffic - which historically had been lower than clicks on desktop systems. There's a petition to reverse this as well.
  14. I see it an an embarrassment to Americans that most of us can only speak English, where in many other countries throughout the world it is common for people to speak multiple languages. I don't necessarily have any real problem with Spanish billboards, if anything, I hope over time I become more fluent in it and other languages. I used to know Italiand and Latin from school, but seldom used them and have forgotten most of it. I'm surprised there is still "white flght" occurring these days, I thought that was more prevalent from the 60's-90's, at least in the US it seemed to be. I live near d
  15. I wonder if you could get a face shot of someone you want to mess with and print it out and just hold it in front of your face as you walk past one of these cameras to totally scew with their tracked whereabouts?