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  1. Opportunity: Front Hazcam: Sol 1291. Opportunity: Navigation Camera: Sol 891. Human Skulls on Planet Venus 1, Human Skulls on Planet Venus 2,
  2. Opportunity: Navigation Camera: Sol 4338. Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1299. Spirit :: Navigation Camera :: Sol 1356. Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1353. Spirit :: Navigation Camera :: Sol 1380. Opportunity: Navigation Camera: Sol 3112. Curiosity Sol 121 Mastcam. Head, Opportunity: Navigation Camera: Sol 707. Spirit :: Navigation Camera :: Sol 1298. Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1349.
  3. Opportunity: Navigation Camera: Sol 3832. Opportunity: Navigation Camera: Sol 1291. Longhead Skull Op Sol 1291. Opportunity :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 891. Opportunity: Navigation Camera: Sol 891. Opportunity: Navigation Camera: Sol 3737. Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1359 - The Martian King of Spirit Pancam Sol 1359 is seen in the background. Head, Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1299. Skull, Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1526. Longhead Skull, Spirit :: Panoramic Camera :: Sol 1374. Spirit PanCam 1352.
  4. All of the images were sourced from the NASA Spirit & Opportunity Rovers and NASA Curiosity Mars Rover. PIA 16440, Ancient Hominid Skull, Image Returned by the NASA Spirit Mars Rover April 2006. Another very old elongated hominid Martian skull from Curiosity Mastcam Sol 315, returned June 2013. Mummified Head on Mars, Block and Stone Masonry - Curiosity Sol 969. Another Well Defined Human Skull - Curiosity 959. Mummified Skulls, Curiosity Mastcam Sol 959. Human Skull, Curiosity Mastcam Sol 2829 - The skull appears to have a contusion in the
  5. Railway Sleeper 2, Curiosity Sol 1281. Railway Sleeper 3, Curiosity Sol 1284 Navcam. Light Rail Tracks, Curiosity Sol 1286. Mystery Object With Drill Hole Curiosity Sol 378, could be a skull upper R quadrant in the insert. Pipe Flanges With Bolt Holes, Opportunity NavCam Sol 4689. Metal Ring, Opportunity PanCam Sol 3567. The Coin, Spirit PanCam Sol 1220. Stone Sheep's Head, PIA 16453. Stony Hexagonal Object, Opportunity Pancam Sol 4327. Flat Hexagonal Object, Spirit NavCa
  6. NASA Link - Curiosity Sol 1555: Mast Cam. Opportunity NavCam Sol 4338, the patterns on the inscription plate resemble Native American motifs. Roofing Iron, Curiosity Sol 1035. Coffee Cup, Curiosity Mastcam Sol 388. Square Section Steel Curiosity Sol 1073. Mystery Metal Object, Op PanCam Sol 1319. Mystery Rounded Object, Op Pancam 1935. Mystery Humps, Op PanCam 1074. The Railway Sleeper, Op NavCam Sol 115.
  7. Two Axes, C 606. Two More Axes C 606. Spearpoint Curiosity Sol 606. Stone Axes C 620. Ax C 1134. Axe & Steps C 1148. Stone Ax C Sol 1301.
  8. Martian Salamander, Curiosity Sol 1640. Mars Snake, Opportunity Sol 3063. Martian Crab, Opportunity Rover Landing Site Sol 344. Martian Fox, Opportunity Sol 985. Wombat on Mars, Curiosity 710. Martian Whale 1, Curiosity Sol 1276. Martian Whale 2 & Crocodile Skull, Curiosity Sol 1281. The Martian Bull, PIA 16918. Mars Monitor & Crocodile. Mars Monitor & Crocodile 2 - Spirit Front Hazcam, Sol 1350. Video Link. This is not the only evidence of arachnids on planet Mars.
  9. Hammered, Forge Welded Steel Spear Point, Opportunity Sol 3756. Stone Ax Curiosity Sol 1502. Stone Axe, Curiosity Sol 2218. Link. Link. Two More Martian Stone Axes, From Opportunity Sol 5000. Stone Axe, Curiosity Sol 329. Stone Axe, Curiosity Sol 594. Cleaver. Neck Pendant. Spearpoint. Stone Ax. Four More From Curiosity Sol 601.
  10. That's a tough one actually Ok .. you will have read of various aliens I have encountered in Hell not limited to the Nevada prospector types and the giants described above, the most alien of aliens were two that looked like masses of ball lightning then looking closer you were able to discern a human figure in the glare. They came from a high gravity and high atmospheric pressure world, that is dominated by sodium produced by the star their planet goes around which precipitates into the atmosphere and onto the ground, they went into Hell via the same route as the giants and stay
  11. Daily Mail. Paddy Moriarty disappeared in the NT Town of Larrimah in Dec. 2018. Video. The 70 yo and his red kelpie dog were last seen at the pub in Larrimah which is a highway town 500 kilometres south east of Darwin. at dusk on Saturday Dec. 16, 2017. The Guardian. Peter Falconio was abducted with his female traveling companion on the Stuart Highway near Barrow Creek in the NT on the evening of July 14, 2001, she escaped his body was never found .. Bradley John Murdoch was convicted of his murder and sentenced to life imprisonment December 13, 2005. Screens
  12. Montage: "Deep Fires" Hamper Rescue Efforts at the Tower Collapse in Miami - Brings to mind WTC 7 and "Deep Fires" that persisted for weeks under the collapsed WTC Towers seen as evidence of nuclear demolition, as well the Miami destruction resembles the Murrah Bldg in OKC which was nuked in 1995. The Official Oklahoma City Bombing Story is a Lie. Multiple Bombs in Murrah Building Prove Inside Job. Oklahoma Bombing Inside Job, Timothy McVeigh a CIA Patsy. The Same [Nuclear] Bombs Used on 9/11 & at Oklahoma City. Micro Nuclear Devices Placed by FBI & ATF Us
  13. The Google response to "go to yr Downloads history and select an item by long pressing it, a blue heading will appear with a bin icon, hit it and you will have successfully deleted yr download history" .. except when you take that path if the download was an image file it is permanently erased from yr computer. The item I am using is an OPPO model CPH1831 the fellow at their helpline was no help at all, he said download the stuff I want to keep onto a third computer then do a full factory reset on the Iphone, which would necessarily delete the DL history .. which was no solution at a
  14. Israeli Ground Troops Attack Gaza. The impetus for the assault on Gaza was alleged Palestinian rocket attacks, while previous alleged rockets were empty pipes fired just meters from Israeli watchtowers by alleged Hamas ops one of whom had a Star of David tattoo. * Hamas Created by Mossad. * How Israel Created Hamas. Guided Missile at the WTC. Cruise Missile at the Pentagon on 911. Whoever owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty