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  1. Satanists Unveil Baphomet Statue in Arkansas Capitol. Pacts Are Forever. Avon.
  2. Officeworks - Professional Ergonomic Extra Heavy Duty Mesh Chair Black.
  3. Nick Dyer, The Painted Wolves of Zimbabwe.
  4. All foretold by David Goldberg in his final video who talks guillotines, and says the evacuees will never be seen again. David Goldberg's Final Words. Cali Blackouts, PG&E's Direct Energy Weapons. California Blackouts DEW Weapons & Wildfires, Refutes the Official Narrative. California Power Outage - Destruction of Property, Mass Evacuations & DEW.
  5. Ronald Lee Haskell Sentenced to Death for Murder in Texas - Despite the demeanor of the chief prosecution witness, how was he able to hold five children and two adults at gunpoint and "tie them up?" Texas Teen Who Witnessed Murder of Her Family Speaks at Memorial. Houston Shooting Hoax Exposed. Murdock Review, Houston Shooting Hoax. Cassidy Stay Houston Shooting Hoax Exposed. The Cassidy Stay Houston Shooting Hoax Deception. Worst Zionist Setup Shooting in American History - Cassidy Stay. Solid Evidence the July 9, 2014 Houston Shooting Was a Hoax and a Setup.
  6. Brisbane, Abandoned Dry Dock.
  7. Yacht Fiona Challenges the Northwest Passage, August 2009. YouTube - Simpson Strait. An iceberg dwarfs Amundsen's ship Gjøa in the Northwest Passage. Amundsen and the Crew of the Gjøa. Map showing the route of Amundsen's voyage. Google Maps - Pack Ice at the Eastern End of Simpson Strait 2019. Simpson Strait Marine Chart. Link, Graphic Images. NorthWest Passage. Video.
  8. Martin Timothy

    George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg Proclaimed "Successor of Christ." Swedish Archbishop Says Greta is Like an Old Testament Prophet. Greta Thunberg Says She Can "See" Carbon Dioxide in the Air. St Greta of Thunberg, Her Gospel is Pure Propaganda; Her Cause is Evil.
  9. Martin Timothy

    US Outrage in Afghanistan, Dozens Dead - The Cause For War!

    Deja vu .. Photo: Noor Mohammad, AFP/Getty Images. Tojo Hideki Executed.
  10. Rome's First Triumvirate. The Battle of Carrhae, 53 BC.
  11. Temperature Fluctuations in Greenland and the Arctic. Large File. Thorvald Eiriksson - Þorvaldr Eiríksson. The Saga of Thorvald Eriksson. IEC Rasmussen - Sommernat under den Grønlandske Kyst circa Aar 1000.
  12. Nancy Pelosi Announces Official Impeachment Inquiry. Update..
  13. Martin Timothy

    George Soros is Behind Climate Activist Greta Thunberg

    Is There an Ulterior Motive Behind Teenager Greta Thunberg's Climate Activism -