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  1. Martin Timothy

    Vietnam War Diary - Me and Johnny Vann

  2. Martin Timothy

    Vietnam War Diary - Me and Johnny Vann

    John Paul Vann & Staff at Pleiku SVN. Courtney.
  3. Cannibalism Has Raised its Ugly Head - British Ultra High Society "Love Factory" Babe Natalie Belenoff-Windsor Her Mother, Sister, Cousin and High-Ups From "The World Governing Council" are Mentioned! Natalie Belenoff-Windsor. - Cannibal Cravings at the Hollydale. Natalie Belenoff-Windsor & The World Governing Council.
  4. Update.. QAnon Posts Link Clintons & CIA to JFK Jr Plane Crash.
  5. Mars Pipe Flange Update, there is another one in the same frame. NASA Link.
  6. Update .. The Coffee Cup, Curiosity MastCam Sol 388.
  7. Martin Timothy

    1890 Japan Giant Debunked

    The Last Giant on Earth.
  8. Here's a few more Stone Axe, Curiosity Sol 329. Three Axes, Curiosity Sol 594. Cleaver, Curiosity Sol 601. Stone Ax Neck Pendant, C 601. Spearpoint, Curiosity Sol 601. Spearhead & Fish? Curiosity Sol 601. Spearpoint Curiosity Sol 606. Two More Axes, C 606. Two More, Curiosity Sol 620. Axe & Steps C 1148. Axe, Curiosity Sol 1134. Two Stone Axes, Curiosity Sol 1144. Stone Axe, C Sol 1146.
  9. Stone Ax C Sol 1502. Stone Axe, Curiosity Sol 2218. Two More Martian Stone Axes, From Opportunity Sol 5000.
  10. Update .. NASA Link. Edit: Coulda made a mistake actually they are different hills, they look the same but they are different.
  11. Update .. Rail Bogies & Skulls, Curiosity 729. Human Figures & Skull, Op Sol 3826. Bodies & Bones, Curiosity 1112 - Edvard Munch, The Scream.