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  1. Sea Based X-Band Radar. I think the "voice to skull' must mean they have inserted voice and music into the SBX generated audio frequency hiss/ hum/ buzz in the ULF & ELF radio bands everyone hears 24/7, that few admit to. Cracking the Mystery of the Worldwide Hum.
  2. Things have changed in Hell there has been a reset, investigate the Biblical prophesy re 144,000 souls .. the souls in the main body of Hell are now arranged in one hundred and two lines of 144 bodies each .. new arrivals go in at about the thirtieth line and go thru to the front in about seven hrs where after their body simply dissolves .. the ones in the back seventy two rows stay there. This is a departure from previous estimates .. ok they go into that part of Hell at the rate of about one every six seconds makes ten per minute or 600 per hour .. at that rate there should be ranks of
  3. That statement is actually in error on two fronts .. according to the Bible Jesus' death occurred at the time of the Jewish Passover celebration which is traditionally held on the first Full Moon following the vernal equinox, thus there could not have been a solar eclipse which can only occur at the New Moon underway, so we must seek after another explanation for the reports of "darkened skies" that were made at the time.
  4. Video Link. This is not the only evidence of arachnids on planet Mars. NASA - Curiosity Mastcam Sol 2463 Nov. 7, 2019 @ 21:06:26 UTC. David Bowie - Spiders From Mars.
  5. The BS Goes On .. March 23, 2021 CS video - Mars in 4k: New Images from Mars by Perseverance Rover. 0:3 Sec in the video shows Curiosity not Perseverance as per the treads patterns on the Rover's wheels. Mar 24, 2021 CS video, Mars in 4k: New Images from Mars by Perseverance Rover. The image attributed to Perseverance at 0:43 seconds in the video showing a stone platform, was returned by the Curiosity Rover on Sol 529 in 2014. One Month on Mars | What Perseverance Has Found So Far? The image at 0:18 in the Gateway to Knowledge video, appears on Pinterest under
  6. Onward Christian Soldiers: An American Journalist's Dissident Look at World War II pdf. The exact same sequence of events happened in the Baltic states when the soviets invaded, as reported by locals and by American reporter Donald Day long term Baltic Correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, as described in his book, "Onward Christian Soldiers." Day says he witnessed mobs of Jews cheering the arrival of the Red Army at the train station in Latvia, that he had to leave immediately since the Reds planned to assassinate him for his unfavorable reporting on their famines and despotism - Many o
  7. Mars Surface Latest Video 8k - Perseverance Rover, NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Takes a Selfie.
  8. More atrocities committed by Jews against the Poles - ''Numerous testimonies attest to the prominent role played by Jews in the militias and revolutionary committees that sprung up both spontaneously and at Soviet urging. These entities often played a decisive part in getting the new regime and its machinery of repression off the ground. Their activities were buttressed by large numbers of individual collaborators acting on their own initiative in furtherance of the Soviet cause.'' ''Throughout Eastern Poland, militias and revolutionary committees were formed by local
  9. Sure Jesus was a well meaning individual who perceived the total degeneracy of the Jews and was brave enough to speak openly about it, for which as we know they had him nailed up hand and foot and left to die a friendless, homeless outcast .. then the bs started. Read between the lines, he had Asperger's Syndrome which is when the planets are in unfortunate signs and or houses at the time of birth, his mother had been seduced by a Roman Legionnaire at about age 15 he being the product of that liaison, thus conceived out of wedlock he was an outcast in his own home. For spiritual guid
  10. First I was unable to log onto the account I have been using since the last round of banning, so I made another that went to ground after these three posts .. the original text in the image. "They" are still flogging the bs that some sorta homegrown drug "Kingpins" are behind the cocaine epidemic, while everyone knows the CIA controls the drug trade. The whole John Dean file leads directly to CIA involvement with the John Kennedy assassination, thru E Howard Hunt who had an office in the Nixon WH.
  11. So in Hell the giants have kept pouring in .. a team of human workmen came along and made another much larger opening into the main body of Hell, that starts at ground level in the desert adjacent to the slide where the humans enter, since some of the bigger fifty footers could not fit thru. The ones had started along the wall in the OD who went into the FC after about a week and took up all of the room, could not fit thru into the desert in any way at all .. thus the stone wall at the back became opaque then disappeared completely. The one in the FC simply rolled over and stepped in
  12. Pablo Picasso, After - A Lithograph 1956. Curiosity Mastcam Sol 953.
  13. Thanks for the reply, I am not sure where the unions fit in just the same .. Ok I will just present a synopsis of what has happened in Hell since I first went there in 1959, I can still either see it all thru a window a la a compu screen or my astral self can actually enter, I start off in the Outer Darkness and check my location against the stone background and floor. To the left the warden and another faun receive the women who enter via the upper gate controlled by Chablis the Devil of the Darkness, two demons and another guard, this place is the easiest pitch in Hell and the wome