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  1. The Khazar Plan by David Holden - Contributed by John Churchilly. Acknowledgment: To the authors and researchers on the internet who do all the hard work. Source: – All There is to Know About Zionism, Powered by Joomla! Generated: 6 September, 2007, 16:34.
  2. Jewish Ritual Murder. Prince Albert Victor Was Jack The Ripper. Casebook: Jack the Ripper - Prince Albert Victor. Prince Albert Victor Was Jack The Ripper. Letters suggest Prince Albert Victor was Jack the Ripper. Jack the Ripper Most Certainly Was Prince Albert Edward Victor.
  3. The Nazis were Jews.. Hitler Was a Rothschild. Eisenhower's Death Camps. Adolf Hitler, the Mass Murdering Jew. Pink Police Gazette, Hitler Was a Jew. Hitler and All of the Top Nazis were Jews. Adolf Hitler, Frankist Jew & Founder of Israel. 11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII. Chancellor Angela Merkel is the Daughter of Adolf Hitler. Ppl should get it well understood the Holocaust was an inside job, that the non Jewish Nazis Ernst Röhm and the SA hierarchy were slaughtered in the Night of the Long Knives Massacres of June 1934, after H was sworn in as German Chancellor Jan. 31, 1933. In the video Danger Zone for Trucks in Czech Republic, driver Harry Stam takes us thru deserted towns and villages we say the former inhabitants of which were the Sudetenland Germans, whose ancestors had been sent there by usurper Catherine the Great in the 18th Century. Who were with the Volga Germans, other pockets of relocated Germans in Poland and the Gypsy ppl the principle victims of the H'caust. Jews infiltrated German politics then perped the Holocaust in the name of the German ppl, like they infiltrated US politics perped 911 PDF then established the bogus War on Terror, like they infiltrated Turkish politics then perpetrated the Armenian Genocide. Hitler arbitrarily declared war on the United States Dec. 11, 1941, following President Roosevelt's Declaration of War on Japan three days earlier in response to the False Flag Pearl Harbor attacks. After having declared war on France and England June 10, 1940 Benito Mussolini declared war on America on behalf of Italy on the same day as Hitler, thus between the two of them they provided the impetus for massive US and British bombing, thence ground warfare which guaranteed Germany and Italy would be the losers in WW2. Jews perpetrated genocide upon the German ppl not the other way around. This model does not deny Jews were gassed, it relies on the testimony of former WW2 RAAF Bomber Pilot Moshe Dyan Kaplan who claims to be a Pharisee, who says his Amsterdam family emerged unscathed and that the Jews who were gassed were called "Cheesies," as well he gave to understand that as far as he was concerned they were neither missed nor mourned.
  4. You've got it all wrong mate .. the Vietnam War was as choreographed as the First and Second World Wars, the American Civil War, the activities of Napoleon Bonaparte & Oliver Cromwell and the ongoing War on Terror. Jews did 911. History records Zionists started those conflicts to serve their own ends, Zionist atrocity perped against the Palestinian, Egyptian and Lebanese people at the height of the VN war in 1967 & 1968 went unreported while VN war news hogged the headlines. Ho Chi Minh was a willing player in the near elimination of VC infrastructure in the Southern provinces of Annam and Cochin in the 1968 Tet Offensive, while the Northerners from Tonkin hereinafter the NVA or North Vietnamese Army, refused to deploy the forces they had at their disposal.. Who later claimed to have won the war .. only used their main combat tank and infantry units at the end against the ARVN, the Army of the Republic of Vietnam conscripts who were left holding the kitty after the Yankees had gone home. If the NVA had deployed their forces when the Australian battalions were being changed over.. And HMAS Sydney was anchored in Vung Tau Harbor like it was up to three times per year for seven yrs, they would have sunk the ship and inflicted thousands of casualties which would have spelled the end of Australia's commitment to the war .. they never lifted a finger or fired a shot. The Australian base at Nui Dat was over looked by a jungle covered hill with a number of summits and saddles called Nui Dinh, It would have been small beer to locate mortar tubes and artillery to give the Australians the full Dien Ben Phu treatment, the year I was there from November 1969 not one enemy round came over the wire! NVA units failed to intercept Australian platoons that sallied forth from Nui Dat from 1965 until 1972, while the kill ratio of approximately 1,000 "enemy" per battalion per year meant the three infantry battalions in situ accounted for a total of around 24,000 Vietnamese dead. Australia's Defense Minister had in 1967 spurned the advice of a Sandhurst trained Colonel with the Australian Engineers, and allowed some twenty thousand M16 Jumping Jack Land Mines to be laid across an eleven kilometer swathe of some of the best farming and grazing land in Phuoc Tuy province. The mines were laid in daylight by the Australians allegedly there after to be located and removed by the Viet Cong after nightfall, who allegedly relaid them to cause 57% of Australia's 508 fatalities in Vietnam. The Colonel was removed from his post in Vietnam who there after took his case directly to the Australian Parliament, and was left standing alone in the rain outside of Parliament House in Canberra. Edit: The story the mines were being dug up and replanted by VC units is bullsh*t .. an Australian private from the Engineers who was sent home from Vietnam under arrest in 1969, asserted his unit was continuing to lay mines. Even after the Government had ordered the cessation of mine laying activities, and those very same mines that had been surreptitiously laid by Australians were blowing other Australians to pieces! MT in Vietnam.
  5. They Skin Children Alive & Drink Their Blood. Jewish Ritual Murder The strange parallels can be traced back to the social pathologies of ancient Babylonian Baal worship and permutations found in the pagan practice of cannibalism. Secret occult societies have followed the lead of satanic instructions found in the Jewish Kabbalah.
  6. Voat - Remember The Pontian Genocide, May 19th. Remember The Pontian Genocide, May 19th.
  7. Africa Forum to Convene a Symposium to Address the Worsening Crisis in Cameroon. Conférence de Foumban 57 Ans Après, en Juillet 1961. The Guardian - Chad Suffers Devastating Boko Haram Attack.
  8. Matza in Damascus - The Middle East’s Blood Libel.
  9. Operation Gomorrah - WW2 Could Have Ended Two Years Earlier, But it Didn't - Here's Why TheGreatAustralian 13 May 2020
  10. Robert Hichens Quartermaster aboard Titanic. James Cameron Titanic Animation.
  11. Earhart's Takeoff From Lae, New Guinea. The Luke Field Crash Report.
  12. Witness describe pandemonium on the boat decks as shots were fired allegedly killing around twelve steerage passengers who were attempting to access the lifeboats. VintageNews. Shooting & Suicide Witnesses. Bodies of 3rd Class Passengers Tossed Into the Sea.
  13. Titanic's Collision With the Iceberg Created Six Holes in the Ship's Hull Causing Rivets to Pop and the Brittle High Sulfur Steel Plates to Rupture!" Titanic Anniversary, by Charles Apple. RMS Titanic Departing Southampton April 10, 1912. Wiki. Jaco Grobbelaar. Titanic Universe. Jaco Grobbelaar. William Neff. Large File. Charles Apple. VantageNews. DailyMail. Fandom.
  14. Astrological Chart CV-19 Lockdown, April 28, 2020 Washington DC This appears to be a bioweapon that they can deploy. First nursing homes to incite public fear, then a navy carrier, then food production. They will certainly target schools if given the opportunity. Astrodienst.
  15. Hitler Was a Rothschild. Eisenhower's Death Camps. 11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII. Chancellor Angela Merkel is the Daughter of Adolf Hitler.