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  1. OSIRIS-REx Sets Low-Orbit Record, Enters New Orbital B Mission Phase. Regolith on Asteroid Lutetia. Lava in the Crater of Kilauea Volcano. Lava on Mt Augustine Alaska.
  2. 18 Years Later, The House Finally Repeals The President's 9/11 War Authority. JCN: Jews Did 9/11. Wikispooks: Israel Did 911. 9/11 Was an Israeli Job. SteamCommunity: The Jews did 9/11. Israel Did 9/11, Not Moslems. LostScribeMedia: 9/11, Israel’s Masterpiece. 800 Pound Gorilla: Israel Did 9/11, All The Proof You Need. Victor Thorn, Israel’s Central Role in the Sept. 11 Attacks. Israel did 9/11, Islam Was Framed by Zionist Jews. ChristopherBollyn: The 911 Attacks Were by the CIA & Mossad PDF. GoonSquad: 9/11 Was by Israel & Traitors in the WH, Pentagon, CIA, FBI & NSA. Congress gave the president the authority to use “all necessary and appropriate force” to go after the “nations, organizations or persons” who were involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. HuffPo TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the Celebrating Jews of 911 and the Mossad cell that spawned them have enjoyed safe passage in Brisbane, Australia since the day of the outrage, they are the Jews who jumped for joy filming while Americans died choking & gasping behind locked fire doors in the upper levels of both WTC Towers, and NYPD helicopters circled overhead in New York City, September 11, 2001. Who were taken into custody on the day then released without charge seventy one days later, and repatriated to Israel on the orders of Zionist arch conspirator Michael Chertoff, then head of the Department of Homeland Security now FEMA Chief. 9/11: Israel’s Masterpiece. The resolution also gave the president the authority to go after anyone who “harbored” those people, “in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States.” HuffPo. Ground Zero Photographs, September - October 2001.
  3. NewsFlicks. IranAir Flight 655. The Airbus A300B2 operated by Iran Air as IR655 was en route from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Dubai when it was destroyed by the US Navy's guided missile cruiser USS Vincennes killing all 290 passengers and crew aboard making it the seventh deadliest airliner crash ever. The incident had the highest death toll of any aviation incident in the Indian Ocean and the highest death toll of any incident involving an Airbus A300 anywhere in the world, Vincennes was inside Iranian territorial waters in the Straits of Hormuz at the time of the attack, IR655 was within Iranian airspace. The "Forgotten" US Shootdown of Iranian Airliner Flight 655*.
  4. Deja vu .. PressTV - May 14, 2019 UAE Oil Tanker Attacks a False Flag op. Zionist May 14, 2019 UAE False Flag .. Trump's Trade War a Dud! Alleged May 14, 2019 Ship Sabotage, a False Flag Pretext For War with Iran. Iran Calls May 14, 2019 Tanker Sabotage a False Flag & Says it Was "Expected". John Bolton, March 2015 "Bomb Iran Now". John Bolton Wants to Bomb Iran, Jan 15, 2019. John Bolton May 7, 2008, We Must Bomb Iran Now. June 2007 - John McCain sings Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran. Donald Trump Says May 14, 2019, "Iran Risks Devastating War". An oil tanker is seen after it was attacked at the Gulf of Oman, June 13, 2019. NewYorkTimes - Tankers Are Attacked in Mideast, US Says Video Shows Iran Was Involved.
  5. NASA File - Opportunity Front Hazcam, Sol 3063. Terry Stokely, White Snake on Mars.
  6. Virginia Beach Shooting Hoax. MAG - Virginia Beach Shooting Hoax. Virginia Beach Shooting, Fake Blood Pic. 11 Dead in Virginia Beach Shooting Hoax. Virginia Beach False Flag Mass Shooting. VA Beach Shooting Staged by Government. The Virginia Beach Shooting Hoax Exposed. Virginia Beach Shooting a False Flag Operatione. Virginia Beach Shooting Hoax 11 Dead 6 Wounded. Fake News, Virginia Beach False Flag Mass Shooting. Virginia Beach Shooting Hoax, the NWO Has Arrived. Virginia Beach Shooting - Why is This Witness Laughing. Virginia Beach Shooting News Uploaded Days Before it Happened. Virginia Beach Shooting Crisis Actor Megan Banton, YT Deleted This Video. Gladio Terror, VA False Flag Mass Shooting Ordered by Deep State. How to Spot a False Flag! Virginia Beach Massacre!!
  7. I pulled 'em outta my arse. Picture by Lee Thompson Sept. 17, 2007. Connecting Dots: Globalism, Johnny Gosch, Jeff Gannon, PizzaGate. Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch.
  8. Jews in Germany Warned of Risks of Wearing Kippah in Public. AntiSemitism my arse .. Winnipeg Jews Stage "Brazen" AntiSemitic Hate Crime. Jew Arrested After Posting Swastikas. Jew Caught Spray Painting Swastikas. Israeli Indicted for Hate Crimes Against Jews. Jew Spray Paints Swastikas on his Own Home. Jews Arrested Over Swastika Graffiti on Synagogues. Jews Commit AntiSemitic Hate Crimes on Themselves. Jews Arrested for Painting Swastikas on Israel Consulate. Bogus Hate Crimes & Politically Charged Fictitious Horrors. Jew Painted Swastikas on Her Own Door then Cried AntiSemitism. Israeli Teenager Who Threatened Jewish Community Centers Indicted. Whoever owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere is guilty of treason and shall suffer death." 18 USC Ch. 115, §2381.
  10. NASA Link: Curiosity Navcam Sol 2414, Returned May 22, 2019.
  11. Martin Timothy

    The Assassination of John F Kennedy

    Update .. [*]Watergate Conspirator G Gordon Liddy Murdered Dallas Cop JD Tippit, Nearly Every Member of the DPD Was In On It. [*]President Richard Nixon's Former COS & Watergate Conspirator HR "Bob" Haldeman Also Shot Officer Tippit. The Murder of Dallas Officer JD Tippit. Update 2. YouTube: Evidence of Revision Part 4.. Murder on the Tracks.
  12. CNN Stages Fake Moslem Protest. "Controlled Spontaneity," How Western Governments Plan For the Aftermath of Terrorist Attacks.
  13. Martin Timothy

    Above Top Secret forum site has been infiltrated

    Above Top is a CIA PsyOps Agency. is Run by Agents of the CIA. ATS Has Ties to Scientology the CIA & Theosophy. Above Top Secret Website = Zionisn, NWO & COINTEL. ATS Claims to be a Conspiracy Site Yet it is Run by the CIA. Above Top Secret, Part of a CIA Counter Intelligence Program. Conspiracy Website is Controlled Opposition. a Confirmed CIA Cointelpro Information Gathering & Disinformation Op.
  14. UAE Reports Rare "Acts of Sabotage" Against 4 Boats Off its Coast. I call bullsh*t .. PressTV-UAE Oil Tanker Attacks a False Flag op. Zionist UAE False Flag .. Trump's Trade War a Dud! Alleged Ship Sabotage, a False Flag Pretext For War with Iran. Iran Calls Tanker Sabotage a False Flag & Says it Was "Expected". American war mongers have been making warlike noises against Iran on behalf of Zion since forever.. John Bolton, March 2015 "Bomb Iran Now"YouTube. John Bolton Wants to Bomb Iran, Jan 15, 2019. John Bolton May 7, 2008, We Must Bomb Iran NowYouTube. June 2007 - John McCain sings Bomb Bomb Bomb IranYouTube. Donald Trump Says May 14, 2019, "Iran Risks Devastating War".
  15. Voat: Snapping Turtle Coming Out of Hibernation. Permian–Triassic Extinction Event.
  16. Whale Bones on Mars - Curiosity Sol 1276, March 9, 2016. YT - Benjamin Burger, The Permian / Triassic Boundary in the Rocks of Utah.
  17. Blowback: How Israel Went From Helping Create Hamas to Bombing It Video by Mehdi Hasan, Dina Sayedahmed
  18. Palestinian Rocket Terror Against Israel, High Time For Israel to Deal a Decisive Blow, by Joseph Klein. The ongoing massive bombardment against Gaza is allegedly in response to Hamas rocket fire, yet we know Hamas is an organ of Mossad, and that previous alleged rockets were empty pipes fired just meters from Israeli watchtowers, by alleged Hamas ops one of whom had a Star of David tattoo. Guided Missile at the WTC. Cruise Missile at the Pentagon on 911. Jews rocketed the United States September 11, 2001 .. the way forward is to reply in kind, and to bring the remainder of the Zionist lobby that perpetrated the attacks to arrest, trial and execution all in accordance with US Law.
  19. Aftermath DEW Fires California. Aerial Footage Revels Aftermath of Wildfire in Russian Far East.
  20. YT - DEW Strikes in Russia. We are gonna blame the Jews.., Soviets Razed Churches & Spared Synagogues. Video: Destruction of the Christ the Savior Cathedral, Moscow 1931YouTube. European Churches Vandalized, Defecated Upon & Torched Every Day.
  21. YouTube - Drone Footage Shows Extent of Notre Dame Damage After Horrendous Fire.
  22. Directed Energy Weapon Used on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Directed Energy Weapon Used on the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. YouTube: Notre Dame, Predictive Programming & DEW.
  23. Siberia on Fire, Directed Energy Weapon Used 3 Days After Notre Dame!