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  1. Moly. Chris Pirsig was the son in the classic "Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" first published in 1974 - At about 8:00 P.M. on Saturday, November 17, 1979, in San Francisco, he left the Zen Center, where he was a student, to visit a friend's house a block away on Haight Street. According to witnesses, a car stopped on the street beside him and two men, black, jumped out. One came from behind him so that Chris couldn't escape, and grabbed his arms. The one in front of him emptied his pockets and found nothing and became angry. He threatened Chris with a large kit
  2. Haunting mystery of brutal rape and murder of schoolgirl boxing fan which has been unsolved for seven decades, almost 70 years ago Britain’s Randy Turpin became a national hero by beating Sugar Ray Robinson, his famous victory will forever be linked to an appalling crime. Robinson set up training camp at the Star and Garter hotel in Windsor, a seven yo girl named Christine Butcher who lived near the hotel decided it was the ideal opportunity to go and say hello. She had a black porcelain doll she wanted to show the champ and at around 3pm on Sunday 8 July 1
  3. Hundreds were killed when a nuclear weapon detonated in the tourist district of Kuta in Bali, Indonesia October 2002, check the poster advertising an "Explosion Party" that appeared prior to the event. Testimony says a fire bomb exploded in the Sari Club where after a short time later while spectators were gathered, a nuclear device located in a storm water drain beneath the street detonated. Three Balinese citizens Imam Samudra, Amrozi Nurhasyim and Huda bin Abdul executed for the offense in Nov. 2008 were innocent. The convicted men admitted det
  4. Facebook Blocks Ron Paul.. Ron Paul on Twitter. I have been one of Ron Paul's most strident critics for a long time.. Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his wretched offspring US Senator Rand Paul deliberately entered the 911 conspiracy on the side of the Zionist perpetrators, which has well and truly rendered them liable to prosecution thence execution as capital traitors against the United States. The Pauls have wagered their lives that the Jews who perped 911 who carry out similar terrorist attacks world wide. And the massive cover up that exists at every level of th
  5. Apart from the arrogance at Twitter and at Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Discord and Shopify which have all applied restrictions to Donald Trump's input, .. the most sickening thing about the Trump debasement is the degree of disloyalty and non reaction from all other sections of the US political community. In the face of the abortive impeachment of 2018, no less than the elevation of Biden and the stolen election .. sure it resembles the way President Kennedy was shot down in the middle of the day, and the way Jews steered airplanes into the WTC in NY i
  6. Denis Nilsen. DAN was a former London "Bobby" who gave the impression escaping his clutches would be difficult, the fellow he was with was found dead inside his flat days later. I met Dennis Andrew Nilsen in Brisbane Australia in 1973 .. after walking home from work at the Evans Deaken Shipyard at Kangaroo Point, I got to the Brunswick Hotel in the Brisbane suburb of New Farm at around 4:20 that afternoon, the pub was fairly crowded, there were some ppl I knew including an Englishman from London who had done a bit of time. He was in company with DAN who he introed as a form
  7. Now Former Residents of the First Circle of Hell All of Whom Have Been Relocated Into the Main Body - As well as human figures there were "stick figure" aliens, other aliens are going in as well. In Hell one is able to view 3D tableaux of the past however this time only the first eight ranks can be visualized .. they were arranged in four ranks of about eighty bodies each, they are not in perfect alignment hence the spacers except in file 6, the Maharaja, Mao, Yellow Hair and Boney. In 1959 there were three hundred and twenty nine here, following the break in 2010 when I negotiated S
  8. That's Hell .. the second judgment in the outer darkness is much the same, the girls progress right thru Hell till they come to a body builder who has a horn trumpet attached to a thong around each wrist. When their time comes the succubus that emerged at the first judgment, has drained all the goodness out of the woman's body which has gone up the umbilical cord and has nurtured him, the umbilical cord snaps and the newly hatched faun emerges. Thus woman's guardian angels are indeed proto fauns whereas male persons are accompanied by a different class of angel, when the angel fauns decli
  9. We pass and he looks at the ceiling of his dungeon as if beholding Allah his face expressing concern that his friend should abandon him, then from this angle his face is a mass of wrinkles and creases betraying his great age. The path proceeds to the outer most branches of the Zaqqum Tree, described in the Koran and the home for the recidivists of Hell. A recent arrival a young male person is sobbing uncontrollably, he would have been a nice looking young man in his day ironically not unlike a small version of Satan himself who is doing his time as described just a couple of meters away.
  10. The "warning" was over an image post that shows an ancient proto human skull on Mars, that had four extra frames all showing human remains. Message From the s/space mod, "Posting fake shit after being warned!" 1# PIA 16440 - Ancient Proto Human Skull on Planet Mars. Curiosity Mastcam Sol 315 Another Very Old Humanid Martian Skull. Spirit Sol 1354 - Faces on Mars Triangular Eye Sockets. Queen Nefertiti - Enlarged Craniums in Egypt & on Mars. 2# PIA 16440 2 Million Yrs Old Paranthropus Robustus Skulls Resemble the Mars Skull. S
  11. Incredibly one large boulder is inching upward balancing it seemed upon the shoulders of what first appeared to be another stone, the proportion that of a tennis ball and a basketball the smaller bearing the larger, this is Sisyphus whose torment described by Homer was to convey a large stone to the top of a similar incline, whereas even as he gets the stone so near to the top does the burden become too much even for this mighty man, in physical form a Tom Thumb yet we know from legend and rhyme that TT was a particularly nice guy, Sisyphus never came to this end by being nice. The stone
  12. Hell When I got home from school one day in 1959 at 8 yo my father started choking flogging and bashing me I began to black out and knew he was killing me, I landed a left to his face and felt a squishing sensation as I landed a right to his gob area and kicked him .. no use blackout, coming around I could not move or shake off the blackness and blacked out again. Like walking thru a stage curtain I stepped onto a path of white decomposed granite edged with gray blue stone, the path was undulating between hills of cotton wool texture .. along came a man leading a horse I asked if he
  13. There is a mushroom cloud visible in the end pic .. Australian Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia 2004. Again in Beirut, Aug. 4, 2020 And in Tianjin, China August 2016.
  14. DailyMail. Video: Nashville Explosion Caught on Tape, Fourth Angle.
  15. FoxNews. The Macbeth Gambit is blaming an innocent dead party for murder as has happened in the Benazir Bhutto, Lee Harvey Oswald and Osama bin Laden cases - He was a nobleman in King Duncan’s Scottish Court who slew the King then two of his loyal retainers in dead of night, then when morning came told all the retainers had done the deed and that he had killed them in just retaliation. Macbeth was thereafter crowned King himself .. he did not get away with it and eventually met his own death as he had lived by the sword wielded by Duncan’s more loyal kinsmen, who told MacB just where
  16. ColchesterCollection. Latvia: Year of Horror is a collection of documents and photos covering the communist rule in Latvia from June 17, 1940 to July 1, 1941. This book shows communism as it was in reality -- cloaked in deception and lies, filled with inhuman cruelties, reveling in torture and blood, sadistic in its delight in the lamentations of sufferers, and infinite in revenge and destruction. An unfathomable darkness, a madness, a mockery of honor and a rejection of all virtue sought to annihilate nothing less than the soul of the Latvian nation, a people for more than 4,000 years. C
  17. The push to whitewash AH's memory is from Zion, he was a 4x2 himself. Ppl should get it well understood the Holocaust was an inside job and that Adolf Hitler and all of the top Nazis were Jews, the non Jewish Nazis Ernst Röhm and the SA leadership were liquidated in the Night of the Long Knives Massacres of June 1934, after H was sworn in as German Chancellor Jan 31, 1933. Eisenhower's Death Camps. 11 Million Germans Were Murdered After WWII. Other Losses - The Genocide of 7m Germans, by James Bacque. Jews perpetrated genocide upon the German ppl the other way a
  18. Brother Nathanael Video. The IA empowers the President to deploy the military on the mainland to suppress civil disorder in violation of Posse Comitatus. Ok we know Bill Clinton knocked Posse Comitatus on the head, else tanks would not have been used in April 1993 to wipe out the Mt Carmel chapter of the Branch Davidians led by David Koresh, be that as it may I am not so sure Brother N is a "good Jew." In common with David Icke, Alex Jones, PJ Watson, Paul Craig Roberts and Robert David Steele.. Large File. The Good Brother will not countenance JFK assassina
  19. A special Big thanx to Isaac Newton who figured out how to compute planetary orbits Live Stream - The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Newton & Planetary Motion - Planetary Orbits - NAAP.
  20. Mike Dash. The 1964 joint South African / Royal Navy expedition to Bouvet Island arrived to fearsome weather, yet still managed to drop a survey team led by Lieutenant Commander Allan Crawford from the antarctic ice vessel HMS Protector onto Nyrøysa by helicopter. It was during this excursion they would find something rather anomalous indeed. As they picked through the rocky landscape the team came across a shallow lagoon in the center of which sat a half sunken abandoned boat described as a “whaler or ship’s lifeboat,” yet there was no sign of any crew other than some scattered equi
  21. PIA 16440. Yeah thanks for the reply .. what bugs me is this stuff should have gone viral years ago, I have been posting Mars anomalies since an ancient skull turned up in a PIA file from Mars about ten years ago, I thought it would have created a sensation all I got was yawns and abuse, "you have pareidolia." C 308. Soon after a stone ax popped up in an image returned by the Curiosity Rover on Sol 308, when I posted that world wide I thought my fame was assured the story was the same. Op 985. When the Martian Fox of Opportunity Sol 985 got the same treatment I knew