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  1. Hello, This is my first post here. I feel the need to do this now. I am a very serious conspiracy researcher from the Netherlands and have been playing with the idea recently that I am being followed via the internet. I know my father works at the justice department of my country, and I know for a fact our phones are being tapped regularly. I know because people with experience with phone taps have mentioned to me that they can hear our line is tapped. But it took me a while to believe that I was personally being tracked. Strange things have started to happen with my computer, some of whom almost make me question reality, even though I know for sure I am experiencing them. I've been blocked access to certain sites, and I tested if the site was down, which it wasn't, so I figured I had to have been blocked manually. I've had "this video is not allowed in your country" or any similar message, while my friends in my country didn't get that same message. Since we switched internet providers, whenever I decide to stream a long conspiracy documentary, via youtube, in HD, my internet connection sometimes slows down to a crawl, and last time I had to resort to 240p, since even 360p was seemingly too hard to stream... In the middle of the night mind you, which is certainly not part of "peak hours" lol... While normally when I watch HD material during peak hours, I never even notice any connection problems, except for a freak moment. To something completely awkward. My mouse was crap. A friend of mine told me "Hey, I got a mouse you can use!". I took his offer, and we tried it out, but it seemed to sometimes move my cursor to a random position on the screen, also during gaming. I thought the mouse was broken for a bit, but it was better than my old mouse so I accepted it, and am still using it. Now the fun thing is... The mouse works fine... No problems... But then, during some periods of a few hours, my mouse seems to annoy me on purpose. It always happens right before I have to make a "dangerous" or "miss-click sensitive" click. I've become so conditioned to it, that I don't miss-click anymore, but it still makes me think. I am totally not paranoid, and if you'd know me, you'd know I always step into the fire, just to see what's behind it. That brings me to one of three conclusions about my mouse: 1. It really is a little broken, and it is purely coïncidental. 2. Some guy is sitting at a computer, getting payed to watch what I'm doing, and to annoy me while I'm doing stuff. 3. My mouse is possessed by an entity that tries annoy me. 2. and 3. make for really funny assumptions and mind pictures! BUT, these are not the reasons for my post, they are meaningful additions as will become obviously clear from here on. Today I wanted to do some research, and I decided to check out Godlike Productions again. GP is funny, strange, and sometimes useful. But I noticed I had been "banned" again. About a half a year ago I started following GP frequently. For 3 months all went well, until I got banned. While I hadn't even made a single post! I only roamed. I requested unban... And was granted. In the second period, I made ONE anonymous post, which wasn't even conspiracy-ish, and was only a sentence long (Can't remember by hard, banned, remember?). A couple of days later... Banned. Request Unban... Request denied. I thought "Ah well, FUCK GP then..!" and went on with my life. But I regularly checked GP in the following months. I was banned for periods of one week to a month, and then I could enter again. About 10 times!? Most of the times I was banned, but sometimes, for periods of a few days, I could access GP, and then was banned again! This made GP very suspicious for me... (Jason Lucas Trinity Tavistock? ) Very suspicious... So today I checked GP, was banned again and got angry... I requested another unban with this message: Fuck you! You must know who I am personally, and what kind of research I am involved in. I have been consistently banned from your forum for periods of about two weeks to a month, for no reason, or just because I refuse to sign up with Godlike Productions! This is incredibly suspicious... I have only posted once or twice, and have NEVER posted any obscenities, aggressive or racist remarks, or anything other that could be considered legal reason to ban me, except for the header of this message to you. I almost know for sure you are blocking me from viewing this website because you know who I am, what I do, what I propagate. I feel my rights are violated by being blocked from this site, and feel like I am being censored on purpose. I would ask of you one last time to unblock me, otherwise I will ask the "Divine source of all my love" to intervene in this atrocity. I know love is my source, but I really hope The One will curse those who try to censor my information flow with a karmic curse that forces them do stop this madness. If it was a real mistake, I want to sincerely ask of you to NEVER BAN ME AGAIN, UNLESS A CAUSALITY CAN BE DEFINED IN WHICH I HAVE EXPLICITLY VIOLATED YOUR RULES AND OR CODES OF CONDUCT. If this message is not fully read by a member of the Godlike Productions team (maybe, because of the header), or taken seriously thereafter, I will define GP as a site of untruth, censorship, and satanic secret snake society sponsorship to everyone who will ever mention this site in the rest of my coming life. I will also trust that "The source of my true love" will do the same. I am an up and coming musician, and I already reach at least 500 people directly, so the power of my word is growing, and I would suggest taking my intentions seriously. So I hope to stand corrected in the future, otherwise I feel forced to take more severe steps in recovering my violated rights. Sincerely, --- Nicky van Rijn --- Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I also emailed it to with 2 different email addresses, and sent the message to "Godlike Productions" via my FB account. Well... I wonder what will happen next, they probably won't even consider taking this seriously, but if they do I will let you all know. And if they don't... I hope that karmic curse really does fall upon them. Thought it nice to share my story, wanted to also post it to ATS, but it seems they refuse to accept new posts by members that don't have enough WATS points or something... Or at least, when I click the "New Post" button in a forum there, I get a blank screen... Am I being monitored? Am I being censored? I think so... Still unsure? Check out the content of my facebook page, you might find out why... Go with the light! Greetings, --- Nicky van Rijn --- P.S. Feel free to copy this message to ATS or any other conspiracy site, I would really like to see it on ATS also. But please provide a link to its location, I would love to read the comments to my own post naturally.
  2. You guys might find this interesting... I researched Area 51 a lot about 5 years ago, and once read a supposedly leaked interview with a lead-researcher working at AT&T/Bell Labs. He said in the interview that he was approached by phone by the CIA, and they told him they had found alien technology on a crashed craft. He didn't believe them, but agreed to an appointment. In the story he took his best researchers with him, and the were baffled by the strange technological devices. They supposedly had 2-3 months to work something out, but they didn't really discover the purpose of all the artifacts. One thing they did discover/reverse-engineer though: That if tungsten is used in a certain proportion in a transistor, transistors could be made much stronger, at a much smaller size. Fun thing is, I check all of my information, so went to wikipedia and went to Roswell: June or July 1947... And now, let's take a look at the Transistor page: "From November 17, 1947 to December 23, 1947, John Bardeen and Walter Brattain at AT&T's Bell Labs in the United States, performed experiments and observed that when two gold point contacts were applied to a crystal of germanium, a signal was produced with the output power greater than the input." I now see, my memory failed me with the tungsten... But the 'recipe' is completely explained above... [] Could this be blatant evidence of reverse-engineering??? I tried to find the interview again about a year ago, but wasn't successful then, so didn't bother now. I know for sure it was posted on ATS back then, when I still trusted ATS, and they still had an "important files" database. If anyone has a knack for finding hard to find articles, this could be a missing piece of the puzzle for many people. But take a good look... June - July ---> November - December 1947... This correlates almost exactly with the 3 months mentioned in the article I read, even Wikipedia tells the truth sometimes i guess ;P Google: 'AT&T Transistor Alien' if you want more info on this, and see a lot of pages mentioning info related to what I just said. This story didn't fall from the sky, and might be one of the most important hidden truths. Hope you enjoyed my little bit of research! With Love, from the Netherlands