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  1. Google watches your actions to give you better search results to help you find what you're looking for by comparing your interests. They're not spying on you though, so I think that's a bit extreme to assume that. They have no reason to "spy" on users that use their search engine.
  2. Yes the government is secretly watching your every move, they have a strip of metal on the dollar bill to find you whenever you do anything illegal. That's how they catch everyone that's locked up. lol We're not tracked at all, the only thing the government cares about is making money off the citizens.
  3. Nobody controls me. I do what I want, even if it's against the law. However, I do agree that there are evil minds that try to control people, and some of those people are the government. Everyone knows the government is corrupt, because all they care about is money and resources.
  4. I believe there is life on another planet, because planets like Mars can have people living on it. I don't know if I believe in "aliens", but I do believe there is some sort of life on another planet like a plant or something like that. What about you? Do you believe there's life on another planet?