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  1. Everyone has a price and as you look up the ladder the price escalates. Let's turn this up a notch and get lobby money in here. There is a lot of information on the net in documents that can be revealed to our small mass. Awareness grow quickly from visitors passing on information gained.
  2. A fear based on truth. The people are tired of the lies. Look at what they want to put in the oval office. Finally Trump brought forward presidential slave models used by Clinton. I will not vote for a slaver. I looked into Trump's business practices and worry about the type of trade proposals he would deploy internationally. Bottom line is they are both backed by 1% interests and we are expected to believe that we picked one of them. They have a special data base of people that cannot be swayed or (immune to) by propaganda. We know all the tricks. Example: BLM - this Black Lives Matters
  3. Your top picture. I down sized it because I have a limit of 500KB probably because I am new here. Airbrushers have come forward, some of them friendly to the viewing audience. They picture water, people, and even beach scenes. here it's people climbing.
  4. The holographic universe theory is what I think a misinterpretation. Spooky action of atoms is probably the cause of this. The frequency of the action of a atom appearing in one place and another moving back and forth in a mini vortex it creates. The atom moves instantly and the universe winks in and out. Sort of a vertical blank routine is set up and steady enough to be construed as a coherent laser interaction looking like a hologram. New: The galaxy spins. There used to be listed a generator on Keely Net, the armature and magnetic field spun together at the same speed. It produced
  5. I do think parallel universes exist. I think the things you talk about all happen in this one on the 3 dimensional level. We need to talk about something they don't want your mind to entertain. Consider alternate time lines. Imagine the area of our solar system or possibly the end of this whole spiral arm or the galaxy having time split. Our sun and orbit would be exactly the same so the new solar system would travel with the original. Now, it splits again, the 4 travel together separated by time. It is more likely that a shadow person comes from such a source. Government time traveler wh
  6. I was skeptical of rods completely. The claim you can only see them with a camera seems to be wrong. I was going to pick my wife up from work and there was one crossing the road plain to the naked eye lit by my headlights. I saw something I do believe in too. I saw something launch from the moon a couple of years ago. If you have ever seen a spark pop off a weld it was like that. Full speed from the get go and very fast. It traveled 4 or 5 times the width of the moon in less than a second. I had a camera strap around my neck. By the time I reached the pouch the tiny red spark was n
  7. That is a very nice list, might add infiltration into everything, school curriculum, and food tampering. (virus added to sandwich meat for starters.)
  8. Every last one of them is fake, all satellite, google earth, and space agency pictures are. I have a couple you must see. I'm new here, what is the best way to display example pictures. It is art and nothing but subliminal content and I want to show you. I just reloaded ( to much win10 crap or something) and have to get them out, plus I have picked up a picture of Earth from a site with the news that NASA has grown tired of conspiracy nuts and released 10,000 picture from the Apollo missions. I will show you how the artwork works. Media sites where in on the ground floor on this and they
  9. They have said Cannabis has no value as a drug. This is an outright lie, the description of how cannabis kills cancer cells is on the net. The video showing cannabis killing cancer cells and leaving healthy cells alone is on youtube. Cannabis treats seizures and PTSD and nerve damage. It works well on intestinal track problems. In fact users, 80 percent of them, stop taking prescription drugs altogether. This drug is more effective than everything big Pharma has put on the market. We need to start treating the government very harsh because that is the lowest of the low, killing people for prof
  10. All this is doing is pissing the public off. The people are ready. Jade Helm is going to last about 15 minutes. They will never get out of their armored vehicles. They will not get fuel, food, or, water. They will die of dehydration in them.
  11. They censored the video off the net so, it is the truth. Because we can't watch it can you make us a transcript? or maybe at least a blow by blow description?
  12. They already stopped working for most people. Now people are skeptical of every trick they pull. That did not take long because the bag of tricks is small. We are waiting for a false flag nuclear attack, remember when they tried to nuke Charleston? How about the Facebook add for crisis actors. We still have to completely expose 9-11. That was the biggest illegal stock market trade and bank job in history. And it was also used as an excuse to attack the Mideast, all of it, except Israel.
  13. I certainly do, most of the people on those lists have no reason for being there except for job security for some government agent. There are 4 year old children on the lists as well as dead people. If you have not been paying attention if you wear blue jeans or own a motorcycle you are a terrorist according to the idiots that run the program. Matter of fact if you are actually a terrorist you will probably have no problem flying or buying a gun. How many times have we heard that a person on the list is given special access to a plane by a government agent?
  14. Well the secret diary is at least mixed with a lot of fiction and I do not think Adm. Byrd was the major author. Number one we did not have a plane capable of a 8000 mile Plus journey. Therefore I conclude the ADM. did not fly through the Earth. A deep subterranean habitat is possible. I think the idiots that be might not like the direction I am thinking.