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  1. Royalty was educated first. For thousands of years the populace remained uneducated. Slowly the populace was drip-educated. All along the illuminati incorporated religion into schooling - this was the framework of confinment. Take it out of education, and we wake up. Hence today. They were always one step ahead. They have always manipulated us.
  2. The patterns are getting stronger people. Look at the adverts on TV - gambling, sexual, debt. All the ethical standards are falling. Why? Have a look at the Roman Empire, when it to was falling due to rejection of royal blood and their religious/ethical contradictions - One year , pagan leaders killing thousands of christians openly. Next year - christian state. The people lost trust so the pagan leadership encouraged vice - gambling, homosexuality, debt - familiar? The empire fell, just as they predicted it would. We cannot allow the same to happen. When Rome fe
  3. I do trust that royalty was not alone during the last cycle [ 10,000BC - 500AD ] Royalty was duped and trusted everything they were told by Ra [ external race ] Around the time of christ, Ra and his gang was removed, im sure and we see this with the 'removal' of paganism. 'Friends' of Ra have been helping royalty, but under the constant fear of the 'good ones' who are watching over us. The quicker we all wake up to the illuminati, the quicker the friends of Ra are taken care of and the quicker we remove the illuminati, with the help of the 'good ones', who will then show th
  4. Cycle after cycle, and each a new world order, requires that the memories of the adults are wiped out - ultimately death. During each cycle, alcohol has been used by royalty to stop brains searching for the truth. The royal founding father -pharaoh , first used alcohol on the citizens. By the time a cycle ends, alcohol works no more and the people learn the truth. Royalty predicts this going by previous cycles, so they begin causing chaos with the intention of wiping out many adults. Only a majority of children remain, in the hands of the royal devils whether priests or kings
  5. To live near a mountain would be ideal, tracing the water to it's source little streams and collecting water here. Much of this bottled water is just as suspicious as the illuminati mass water distribution method.
  6. Fantastic words Neo, just like when i was a 7 year old - the chuch was not 'attractive'. I feel we have a majority of bishops etc...who are complicit and when not in the church are in the masonic temple living rituals of the demons. They have failed themselves then, by not keeping a grip on the child abuse, corruption, true history etc.etc... I am sure as a 7 year old, we both knew, because of pervious lifetimes accumulating 'wisdom' in the face of their supression. Had we not been AFFECTED by these royal generations , our evolution would have advanced. Religion has been a
  7. Thanks Neo and i agree. Some people have defended royalty, by saying that royalty really believed they were the chosen ones and can not be punished due to this. I say , on the contrary they were exposed when the prophet arrived , so they know full well that paganism [ founding royal religion ] and its gods, pertained to evil and vice. So the kings converted to the new public religion and openly stated that their old royal gods [ Odin ] were fake. That they continued down the pagan route - under cover - shows us they are aware of its contempt for the truth. Just like
  8. We have the children of the devil ruling over us and this has always been encouraged and exploited by the 'bad ones' - an external race who landed in Egypt before the pharaoh's appeared. The pharaohs were a part of the plans of this external race. The pharaohs were instructed to spread their seeds and plant power around the world. I trust this 'bad' external race remains in contact with the illuminati. But the good ones know what is at stake - nucleur explosions destroying the earth and causing a domino reaction throughout the galaxy. So we have help who are not happy with
  9. It is their intention to bring chaos upon us. They [ illuminati ] will try all means available - bring living standards down, interfere with the weather, spray chemicals from the air and even destroy their own church. If we give in to their provokations, our children will be in the middle of it all. Do we want this? We should frustrate the scum and remain calm. A new world order is not on and it is time to hold people to account and make REAL demands. Let them explain to us,for instance, where they have their legitimacy from, to rule over us? If they say christ, we can a
  10. I agree. They are puttig laws in place, ready for their intended chaos. New world orders require chaos, for the worms to work in the background and implement their plans. The chaos is used also to take our minds off the real question - Legitimacy of the royal family / illuminati, to rule over us. How can descendants of pagan kings, maintain the right to rule over us, once they convert to christ ? If they rule over us using christ as the legitimacy, they would trace back to the family of christ, but they do not - instead they trace back only to pagan kings.
  11. Did you know the witches cauldron and many of the plants used by witches, originated in Egypt? Walking under the ladder also? The ladder up against a wall planted the pyramid in the minds of ancient Egyptians and this caused the superstition. All superstitions come from this land because all royal blood does also. And with the royal blood came the 'traditional family religion'. Pharaoh was the first pagan with the first witches and wizards and standing stones and magic circles. To conclude my research into the pagan religion, i can now see why people are schizophrenic
  12. We can tell they are all the same root bloodline , for a numder of reasons... Pharaoh would spread his seeds far and wide. This is recorded. Rome was an ad-hoc empire; the pharaoh while performing his ritual would look into the future and see the demise of his pagan religion. Rome was then a mere platform for the christ story. The jews took all their customs and administration and kingship, and circumcision, anointing - you name it. The jews are not as we think, but a branch of pharaoh - just like Rome and Khazars and ancient royal Brits/irish. Pharaoh was the first
  13. Academia has distorted the view of history - it was Egypt where the first recorded religion appears and this was the pagan religion. So if Egypt was the first, it clear all later kingdoms and empires would have taken their paganism from Egypt also - there is plenty of evidence to back this up Egypt was the Idol worship capital of the world and the pagan headquarters. All of pharaohs rituals are pagan and were adopted and adapted, by the northern kings who were descendants of pharaoh. They were adapted to the climate of the north etc... Paganism is a royal religion. Th
  14. From what i see - galaxies, stars, planets, atoms, charges, area - these a factual and require no god. What we see with our eyes and observe and experiment with, is science. God only ever complicated the laws of nature which are the final word. So first we should attempt to grasp the laws of nature, before any form of superstitious worship whatsoever.
  15. The culmination of all this will be the exposure of the church, by the church [ illuminati ]. By that time, they expect the populace to be angry as a result of all this weather manipulation, banking corruption etc.... Its clear to see the time is near - they are putting in place laws to stop us speaking up against them. They will have all the laws in place, to lock us away or 'remove' us, once they trigger our anger into a civil war or the like. The only way out is to stand together for the children's sake. Chaos is the last thing the children need. Let us frustrate them