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  1. Apparently the Vatican helped 100's of thousands of Nazi's escape during WWII to countries in South America, if this is true, it's disturbing in so many ways. Has anyone else heard about this(try googleing it)? And do you think it's true?
  2. This man is such a fool, a complete actor. Why is he still around anyway I thought he was voted out, bloody just like Bush he doesn't when we vote you out, that means be gone, leave us, we do not want to see your face anymore.
  3. Whoa that looks like predator lol, creepy. It doesn't necessarily mean it is alien though, but it's a weird finding because some tribes around the world still elongate their skulls from birth to this very day, so they can emulate 'the Gods'.
  4. I don't really buy into all this fear mongering about the next Pope,I've heard it too. I don't think the dissolution of the catholic church would be the event to commence the new world order, it's already happening as we speak my friends, you're experiencing it right now. It's just not crystal clear to everyone yet but I can see it's here already.
  5. I saw a show about this device on BBC 4 called 'The Two Thousand Year Old Computer', the title alone caught my attention. The actual show was pretty good, it's a fascinating little device.
  6. Some of them look less convincing, but some of them do look quite legit. If there's been so many sightings of UFO's then why hasn't anybody ran into a 'driver'? My guess would be, they're hiding somewhere.
  7. I personally don't believe such creatures exist, but that's because I've never seen one, I also don't know anyone who's seen one. There are some strange things out there though so you never know, they may just exist.
  8. It's pretty weird just how much symbolism is on dollar bills, why doesn't any of this get discussed on tv? It's right there in plain sight.
  9. I don't think that's accurate, how can they predict what sort of person the kid will end up being when he/she grows up? Besides, just because someone has the potential to be a criminal, doesn't mean they will be. I'm more of the belief that criminals are made, by circumstance.
  10. I haven't watched the whole film, but I will watch it. I've read the interview transcript though, so HIV can be cured just by strengthening the immune system? that's something I've never heard of, it's always drugs we refer to in this society. If you believe in some of the conspiracies out there though, it's likely you're not surprised by this.
  11. You're right it's best to avoid such foods, for general health. I think home cooking, cooking with fresh ingredients, is the best way to go, because you know exactly what's in your food then and will not be in for any nasty surprise(for example in the UK they've found horse DNA in beef burgers, and school dinners).
  12. If you've read up on your conspiracy theories you'll know that there's a plan to have just one global currency eventually. We already have a world bank, and a world currency so I'm just waiting to see how they fool us into accepting this one world currency.
  13. It's difficult for people to believe that human beings who lived less than 100 years ago could be so cruel to their fellow human. A lot is made about their faith, but they were humans first and Jewish second. I still find it hard to believe that such cruel events can possibly be allowed to happen. I find it hard to believe that one ordinary man can convince so many people to hate a whole race of fellow humans. We'll never really know the full story I feel.
  14. I think the idea of hell was created by man, to ensure control of people by threatening them all kinds of unimaginable, unpleasant things will happen to them if they don't behave compliantly during their time on earth. What do you think?
  15. I think the New World Order might already be here, I could be wrong though... Does democracy exist? Thanks to the European Union, The African Union, The G8 and the North American Union, democracy is dead. Are we surveilled constantly? Check and check, CCTV camera's at every turn. Do we have a well informed, free thinking public? Nope, we're encouraged to group think and basically put our whole lives online(facebook, twitter). Do we only have 2 classes? Last time I checked there was. The 99% and the 1%. The poor versus the rich. No middle class. Just like it always was. This is just