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  1. Ucranium hurts then Crymeariver! That was just a simple wordplay action on Crimea and Ukraine. What you are about to read is what the larger media outlets won’t tell you. Why does the US actually care about a country of little to no significance to us? Maybe because people like Zbigniew Brzezinski ( from Warsaw Poland no less would love to see the remnants of the old Soviet Empire fall one by one (Progressively) to the European Union. Or the greater IMF the US is desperate to keep USD hegemony in place. Not for the same reasons that I
  2. Not going to be a war. The whole thing is the IMF conquering the world state by state. We are not going to war there. Logistically cant supply it. Check the supply routes. Europe would have to assist and they aren't desperate enough for war yet. The shipping of supplies would not work, Russia would win unless we went all out. Going to talk more about it this week on as well as some alien stuff. Remember this, Generals fight Logistics and Politicians fight public opinion.
  3. Always looking for new ideas from like minded people. I run the [link to] and have started a podcast. I know the greatest challenge is content. So feel free to give input. Preferably on my page/podcast link at top. Anyway I listened to the Karen Hudes audio where she talked about another species in the Vatican so next week we are doing a segment on News and then Conspiracy. Has anyone heard the species rumor before as in in the Vatican?