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  1. But I think you can take certain events and if you look into it hard enough you can almost force there to be links and ties between things. Kind of reminds me of how optical illusions work.
  2. Just goes to show ya, don't judge a book by it's cover. And in this case don't just someones beliefs because it "sounds scary".
  3. i'm curious if the right for doctors to ask patients if they own guns has anything to do with prescribing them psychological medications. A lot of medications can have serious side effects and maybe they would think twice before giving them certain drugs if they are gun owners.
  4. If even at least ONE teacher in that school had a gun on them or in the building that shooting would not have escalated to the point that it did. Violence will NEVER end. If we make all of our decisions based off of fear we will never get anywhere.
  5. A little off topic of specifically h1n1.. But I think vaccines are an important development in preventative health but I don't think they are for everyone. I know I had never gotten the flu shot and I had never gotten the flu but the one year I decided to get the flu shot I was actually hospitalized with the flu. But that's just me. Also, my mother decided not to get most of the vaccine shots required for kids to go to school for my youngest sister and it was the biggest issue ever. She ended up having to go to the doctor and having to sign all these documents and waivers and it was just
  6. It's not a religion, it's a philosophy. The point is that labels aren't important. They aren't looking to be liked or to get people to follow them. It's just a set of their own beliefs. The reason why it isn't Dionysus and they chose Satanism is because what they believe goes against what Catholicism teaches. It's also much more than just indulgence. It's going with your human nature, doing what you think is right or appropriate because it's what you actually believe and not what you were taught to believe was right. If you're still confused by this concept I'd suggest doing a little resea
  7. Like I had already said, the thing about Satanism is they don't worship anything. They don't worship god nor satan. It is a branch of Atheism. If anything they view Satan as a symbol, not something they literally think exists. And the symbol isn't for hatred, or war, it's more so about giving in and indulging in the things in life you want to indulge in. Their version of a "cardinal sin" is stupidity, and I think there is something very important to that. Especially when compared to the cardinal sin of christians which is "thou shalt not worship other gods besides me". And as far as "peace
  8. I still find it hard to believe it is all related. If it was all planned by the government and the movie makers why would they leave clues in the movie? The government SHOULD be smarter than that.
  9. My thoughts exactly. If you do acts of good only out of fear than are you actually a good person? and unfortunately, you are right. A fair portion of our society actually does fear the sky pixies and we are doomed.
  10. Well, I have no money. I have negative money. So he is more than welcome to keep that if he wants.
  11. I was on another forum recently where someone asked the question as to whether or not there can be good without a "god"? If a person doesn't believe in god can they still be good and if so what is their motive?
  12. Facebook only knows as much as you LET it know. You don't have to tell it where you are, what you're doing and what you like. Personally, even if they were spying on me I don't think it would even really care about me. I've got nothing to hide.
  13. Well, that's an unfair question to ask because there is no actual scientific evidence that proves that any one religion is true, let alone more true than any other ones. To even begin to answer this question you'd be answering from your own personal beliefs and opinions on things and that shouldn't be mistaken for universal truths. Personally, I believe that there is no one true religion that can "save" you. I don't believe there is nothing to be saved from.
  14. Yeah, that isn't even a religion. That is just pure hatred.
  15. It's one thing to wake up and see the truth in something, it's another to purposely find and force connections between things.