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  1. Michelle


    I try to just tell and show people what is happening periodically, and leave it there. I do not like to get into arguments. I use to get frustrated when people did not listen, and did not want to hear what is really happening in regards to the new world order. I began to realize though, that it did not make any sense to get in an argument, one cannot force people to accept the truth. It is best to just speak the truth, and hope that the person or persons will one day wake up and see what is happening. If they do not wake up at all, at least you know you tried. I think that one day though even skeptics will begin to realize that something is wrong.
  2. Michelle

    Free Speech

    I believe in freedom of speech. Persons should be able to discuss anything freely. Totalitarian governments hate freedom of speech. They will arrest persons for saying things they do not agree with it. President Morsi of Egypt for example, punish persons who criticize him. In countries other than Egypt such as the U.K, Canada, and the U.S, persons are also arrested for their speech. This is where hate crime laws have been put in place, to stop persons from speaking freely and openly. If persons do research about Stalin, Hitler, and other totalitarian leaders, they will see that these leaders controlled people's ability to speak freely, in order to gain power and control. As the new world order, world government progresses (the United Nations is a world government), freedom of speech is being taken away from persons who do not support the world government agenda. It should be also clear that the main proponents of world government also supports murder, genocide, and other such things. So on one hand they are giving the impression that they are 'good' persons who cares about others, but the reality is they do not care about persons, and they are not good. Persons are not supposed to be arrested for their speech, persons should be arrested for destructive actions such as murder, stealing, and other acts that are harmful.
  3. It is very interesting to see the family relations between U.S Presidents. I find it also interesting that U.S Presidents are related to other politicians, celebrities, and others within that same circle. For example Hillary Duff is said to be the closest U.S relative of the Queen of England. Brad Pitt, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, George Bush, Dick Cheney are said to be related to Barack Obama. Angelina Jolie, Celine Dion, Alanis Morissette and Madonna are said to be related to Hillary Clinton. John McCain is also related to Laura Bush. It is no coincidence in my opinion, that persons within the same circle are related. It has to do with the importance that the elite has placed on bloodlines. That persons with certain bloodlines are seen as more suitable, to occupy the upper levels of society. So if someone has a certain bloodline, they will given access in ways, that others without those bloodlines won't, if they support the Illuminati agenda. Persons who are skeptical about this, have to ask themself the question, how is it possible, that the elite which represents a very small fraction of a given population, are related to each other in one way or another Barack Obama and Brad Pitt Are Cousins, Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie Are Also Cousins, Study Says Barack Obama related to Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and George W. Bush, ancestory website claims Hilary Duff is America's closest celeb relative of queen
  4. Michelle


    I do believe celebrities are killed by the elite, if they are deemed to have no more value, if they have become more of a liability than an asset. Chaka Khan well known singer and songwriter has stated for instance, that a manager once told her that she is "worth more dead than alive", which is scary to say the least. When celebrities are apart of that world, by personal choice, or by force, the elite can essentially do whatever they want with that celebrity, because that celebrity is apart of their agenda. One is deliberately chosen to become a celebrity, not all persons are seen as suitable candidates to become a celebrity. Oftentimes celebrities are indeed murdered by the elite, according to occult numerology, according to occult days, and times. Every now and then celebrities give clues as to what is really happening, oftentimes persons on the outside dismiss what is said, but persons within their circle, and others who are aware of the existence of that circle understands the significance about what is said.
  5. Michelle


    A long time ago I heard about nanotechnology, which refers to very small machines that has been created, which are the size of molecules. One of the potential uses of nanotechnology, is that it could be injected in the human body, and specifically programmed to target and kill cancer cells and other diseases. To some persons this may seem like a good idea, a quick solution to serious problems, but I do not think it is. If nanotechology is capable of targeting specific diseases within the body, it could also be created to destroy good cells within the body. Would you use or recommend nanotechnology for health reasons, if the medical community suggested that it would be safe to use it? Personally I would not. There are also very bad persons who would use it to harm people, and to keep tabs on them. I also remember hearing about nanotechology being used in foods, so it is a possibility that we have been consuming foods that has small machines in it without being aware of it.
  6. In the year 2010, a man's body was discovered on Plum Island, New York, which has a facility where scientists conduct experiments with many types of diseases. Creatures odd in appearance, have washed up several times on beaches nearby, which provides proof that unusual experiments are being done on the island. What is disturbing in addition to the man's body being found on the island, is that he was discovered to have abnormally long fingers. I can only assume that this is evidence, that persons are used in experiments on Plum Island. The experiments on Plum Island do not seem to be confined to just diseases, but involves a whole lot more than what is being said. What are your thoughts about this incident? Body with 'very long fingers' found on Plum Island, near disease lab
  7. Michelle


    I think that the rumours are true, based on the fact that there have been cases where governments, have purposely released chemicals and other hazardous material, in order to do test them on the population. To see the symptoms that persons exhibited, to see how quickly people would die, to test how quickly the hazardous material would spread. I think that governments have decided in order to test haradous materials on people, they would have to do it under what would seem like a legitimate operation, in order to not arouse suspicion for the most part. There are many things in life I believe are happening hidden in plain sight. I do not doubt though that some spraying is legitimate such as farmers spraying their crops. I have wondered if at times government put chemicals that are hazardous to persons within these sprays, so that when farmers used them it would make people sick, through air and through food.
  8. Michelle

    Hugo Chavez - was he poisoned??

    It is a possibility that Hugo Chavez was given cancer. I do find it odd that so many South American leaders have gotten cancer, within a certain time period. Governments with the aid of scientists have tampered with diseases, viruses, and other biological material, much of it is top secret so one can only imagine how far things have advanced. There have been instances where persons have been pricked on purpose, and given harmful chemicals which have caused death. There have also been instances where persons are purposely given sicknesses and diseases, in order to track the progression of those sicknesses and diseases. So it is not too far fetched to question the death of Hugo Chavez.
  9. Implanting people with microchips seems to be going on in many countries. A portion of Robert's article above states : "...Since the 1950s, doctors in both east and west have ignored the sacred oaths of their profession and helped in governments-sponsored research into methods of medical torture and mind control." One can only imagine then, that sixty three years later this implanting of microchips is more widespread, and the capabilities of the microchip is far more advanced than it has been in the past. I am not sure where Robert is now, but he seems to be still living in Sweden. On YouTube a video was uploaded showing an interview that Robert was apart of, that talks about mind control. The video is below:
  10. Michelle

    Ban on sugary foods

    The government should not be regulating the amount of soda that persons are drinking. Persons should be able to drink the amount of soda they want. The purpose for the government doing this, is not to keep persons healthier in my opinion, but to maintain control over the lives of persons, dictating to them what they can or cannot drink, and what they can and cannot eat. Where persons are no longer in control, and cannot make descisions for themself, and as a result feel out of control. This is just the beginning, it starts off first with the government saying they are doing this for the good of people, when in reality they are not, it is just a cover to make people feel comfortable with the idea, and as time goes on more drinks and more foods become restricted, then other items become restricted. Then people become so dependent on the government, that they literally cannot survive without them. When one looks on repressive governments, they often control the amount of foods that their citizens can eat, as well as what their citizens can think. For example in Cuba, one can only buy a certain amount of food at a time. So in Cuba, the ability to even store food is extremely limited, one has to continually depend on the government. Rationing in Cuba
  11. Michelle

    Organ transplants for the rich

    I do not know if it's true or not, but it does not seem improbable to me. Many persons including the rich need organs to survive, and persons have been known to go to the extremes in order to survive. As far as I have heard, there are times when persons may harvest organs illegally in order to make money, or to use these organs in research after a person dies. When someone dies, we can only hope that they were not killed so that their organs could be harvested, the thing about is this, after someone dies there is no guarantee that one or two organs will not be harvested.
  12. Michelle

    Europe and the US and guns

    It is not good for citizens in a country not to have guns, I hate guns because of the destructive nature of them, but I think it is important for citizens to have guns. If you examine history you will see that what has contributed to genocides occuring, is that some individuals had guns and other weapons, while other persons did not have it, or they did not have weapons strong enough to defend themself. Hence one group had the ability to exercize power over a vulnerable group. Throughout history one common thread is governments turning rogue and abusing it's citizens, where because members of governments feel power, feel in control over the masses they abuse them. Another common thread in history is countries waging wars against other countries for superiority. At times people become complacent because everything seems to be fine on the surface, but history reminds us that it is unwise to allow ourselves, and our nations to be lulled into complacency.
  13. There are scientists that believe they are able to spot criminality in the brain, and that a criminal's brain is different from a non criminal's brain. Some researchers also believe, that they can detect violent tendacies in children from the age of 3 by observing the brain. This is a cause for concern, because there is a strong possibility that children and adults will be singled out, treated differently, observed intently, for the way their brains are shaped, where they are under the suspicion of criminality without even commiting a crime. Do you believe that these scientists are right, that criminal behaviour can be determined by the appearance of the brain? Or do you believe that this is scientific fraud, perpetrated in collusion with governments, to single out individuals as potentially a threat? Criminal Minds Are Different From Yours, Brain Scans Reveal Child brain scans to pick out future criminals
  14. What are your thoughts about the above news item? I have heard that phantom pregnancies can occur, but I also know that there are times babies are kidnapped from hospitals. Normally when babies are kidnapped from hospitals, the perpretator is said to be a stranger. If the baby was indeed kidnapped, it could have been with the collusion of doctors and nurses, or the doctors and nurses may be unable to find the baby and as a result are trying to protect themself from a lawsuit, or the baby may have died as Layane suggests, possibly because of negligence. The mere fact that there are ultra sound results proves that a baby was in her womb, a psychological pregnancy cannot produce a physical form of a baby in the womb. I have wondered myself, if sometimes doctors and nurses take people's baby, and then say that the baby has died.
  15. Michelle

    CCTV in the UK.

    I do not know of any country that has as much CCTV'S as the U.K. A long time ago I heard that the average U.K citizen was captured by 300 cameras each day, this number may have increased or decreased. It seems as if America is headed in a similar direction to that of the U.K. I read in an article that was written in 2002 that in the U.K, these cameras did not reduce the crime rate sometimes, in the way the proponents would have liked, and in fact in some cases the crime rate had increased. The cameras were also said to be out of focus at times, and the image of poor quality, which had caused problems. This however was not always the case, there had been some successes with the cameras. Now cameras in the U.K at this present time, has the ability to identify and store a particular face, match the face to a database of other faces, as well as to follow the individual. What is important to point out as well, is that the U.K surveillance commissioner has said, that these particular cameras are being used without public input, and he was concerned of the ability to keep these cameras in check, and he was concerned about the state over stretching their boundaries. The real purpose of these cameras were not to prevent crime in my opinion, but to keep track of people wherever they go. CCTV: Does it work? Powerful CCTV cameras which can track faces from more than half a mile away 'could breach human rights laws'