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  1. Australia Seizes 360M From Dormant Bank Accounts And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This Too Do you have a bank account that you don't actively use or a safe deposit box that you have not checked on for a while? If so, you might want to see if the government has grabbed your money. This sounds absolutely crazy, but it is true. All over the world, governments are shortening the time periods required before they can seize "dormant bank accounts" and "unclaimed property". For example, as you will read about below, just last year the government of Australia seized a whopping 360 million dollars from dormant bank accounts. And this kind of thing is going on all over America as well. In fact, all 50 states actually pay private contractors to locate bank accounts and unclaimed property that can be seized. In some states, no effort will be made to contact you when your property is confiscated. And in most states, the seized property permanently become the property of the state government after a certain waiting period has elapsed. So please don't put money or property into a bank somewhere and just let it sit there. If you do, the government may come along and grab it right out from under your nose. In this day and age, broke governments all over the globe are searching for "creative ways" to raise revenues. In Australia for example, the time period required before the federal government could seize a dormant bank account was reduced from seven to three years, and this resulted in an unprecedented windfall for the Australian government over the past 12 months... Do you have a bank account that you don't actively use or a safe deposit box that you have not checked on for a while? If so, you might want to see if the government has grabbed your money. This sounds absolutely crazy, but it is true. All over the world, governments are shortening the time periods required before they can seize "dormant bank accounts" and "unclaimed property". UK -
  2. I guess this a good idea then. I am switching to Linux myself. New OS here: Never forget ISAAC & CARET
  3. Documentary on Kursk: Sunk by US sub? I was watching an extremely disturbing and convincing documentary on the Sundance Channel, "Kursk: A Submarine in Troubled Waters," that makes an almost iron-clad case that the Russian submarine Kursk was sunk by an American submarine, and that the US and Russia came within seconds of a nuclear exchange. Sorry this post is not very coherent because for the first time in my life a documentary actually has my hands shaking and my knees weak. You may recall that the Kursk was a nuclear submarine that sunk on August 12, 2000 during massive Russian naval exercises in the Barents Sea with a loss of all submariners and leading to a political crisis for President Putin early in his administration. Almost all American news media reports take the position that the Kursk sunk as a result of an explosion of one of its own torpedos, which used an unstable propellent that was considered obsolete in western navies. When I first tuned into the doc, I immediately recognized the voice of the film's narrator as that of Peter Coyote, who is very liberal and would not be expected to be narrating what I took at first to be a History Channel type film fetishizing military hardware. But about two thirds of the way through the film it swerves into explaining why the Kursk sunk. Contrary to the meme propogated by our own media, that the Kursk was typical Russian hardware, aging, unsafe and obsolete by American standards, the Kursk was one of the most powerful and advanced submarines in the world. Most important, the Kursk had a new kind of torpedo capable of travelling at 300 miles per hour, ten times faster than any American torpedo, which achieves its speed by being powered by a rocket engine and reducing friction by enveloping the torpedo in a gas bubble. The Kursk was known for this reason as an "aircraft carrier killer," capable of sinking a giant ship with just one torpedo. The naval exercises, observed by Russian invitation by many countries' military officers, was designed to show off this torpedo. One country represented was China. The US Navy, to show its displeasure at the participation of the Chinese, sent two submarines, the Memphis and the Toledo, to shadow the Kursk. According to the doc, during this very difficult and risky shadowing maneuver, the Toledo collided with the Kursk. In fact, according to the doc, there are at least a half dozen US and Russian submarines littering the ocean floor, with nuclear reactors and warheads, that have resulted from collisions that occurred during these risky and provacative maneuvers. But the collision is not what sunk the Kursk. The Kursk crew, aware that the sub had been rammed, opened its torpedo hatch and prepared to fire upon the Toledo. The USS Memphis's electronic sensors recognized the Kursk's arming, and fired a Mark 48 torpedo at the Kursk in order to save the Toledo, and hit its mark sending the Kursk to the bottom of the Barents Sea. The Russian commander of the exercises and the Chinese naval officer were immediately whisked off their observation ship to safety as the possibility of naval war was imminent. Only the quick diplomacy of both Putin and then US President Clinton saved the day. Putin declined to travel to his Moscow command center in order to give a signal to the Americans that the Russians were not planning on war, and Putin and Clinton quickly made phone contact. The Russian navy issued statements that the Kursk had been sunk by an American submarine, an assertion that was treated as paranoid finger pointing by the US media. The Americans immediately concluded for public consumption that the Kursk had sunk because of its own faulty torpedos. Putin, weighing his options and the international and domestic political options, decided to endorse the American conclusion, knowing that it was false, and the entire western world media came to the consensus posited by the Americans. But the documentary shows new evidence. For example, the doc shows that when the Kursk was raised, there was clearly an impact hole that a British Defense Ministry expert on torpedos concluded was the impact hole of a Mark 48 torpedo. Moreover, the doc shows satellite photos of the damaged Toledo in dry dock in Norway. Also the doc translated Russian investigate journalism that concluded that the Kursk had been sunk by torpedo. Most chilling of all was that when the bodies of the Russian submariners were recovered in drydock from the Kursk after it had been raised, the body of one Kursk officer had the keys to a safe containing the launch codes for the Kursk's nuclear missiles. Putin, according to the doc now had tremendous leverage over the Americans. CIA Director, George Tenet was in Moscow in three days, the first time a sitting CIA director has ever visited the Russia. A gigantic Russian internation debt was immediately forgiven and an additional $10 billion loan immediately granted to Russia. In fact, according to the doc, this shrewd move by Putin helped him consolidate his almost Tsar like power in the new Russia and cement its alliance with the US. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of the doc was also its most hopeful -- and that is the tremendously instaneous and saavy diplomatic maneuvering of President Clinton and President Putin. The most terrifying aspect of the film is to imagine what would have happened if this had occurred on Bush's watch. What is also chilling, if true, is the ability of international elites to create a completely false reality in the media to hide even the most egregious accidents and attacks. MORE:
  4. Here is a list of the news I can find on this subject. I thought this outlined the issue fairly well.
  5. This is no surprise to me. I wonder if the NSA records all those white house phone calls? It would be quite the release to hear the crap that comes out of that place. One can imagine conversations regarding things that would make your skin scrawl.
  6. I am surprised no one mentioned the American sweatshops that many congressmen actually have investments in! Made in the U.S.A.? -- Hard Labor on a Pacific Island/A special report.; Saipan Sweatshops Are No American Dream By PHILIP SHENON, Published: July 18, 1993 On this tiny, tropical outpost of the United States, many people describe what happens to foreign workers here as something close to servitude. Every year, thousands of laborers from China, the Philippines and elsewhere in Asia are flown here. The workers are often bused straight from the airport to squalid barracks where they live -- sometimes for years -- as many as a dozen to a room. They are put to work almost immediately in nearby factories within view of Saipan's pristine beaches, many of them laboring six days a week at about half the Federal minimum wage, stitching together American brand-name clothes. Familiar Labels The labels would be familiar to anyone who has strolled through an American shopping mall. Over the last year, Arrow, Liz Claiborne, The Gap, Montgomery Ward, Geoffrey Beene, Eddie Bauer and Levi's have all made clothes on this palm-fringed island that is part of the American commonwealth in the Western Pacific, 5,000 miles from the continental United States. AND THIS! SOLVING WORKER ABUSE PROBLEMS IN THE NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS Karen M. Smith* Abstract: The garment industry has long been criticized for treating workers poorly. Despite the attention that this problem has received in recent years, abuse continues to occur, even in a territory of the United States (U.S.), the Northern Mariana Islands. This Note considers two legislative solutions that have been considered in the United States Congress, applying to the territory (1) U.S. minimum wages laws, and (2) U.S. immigration laws, and argues that better control over immigration to the Northern Marianas may reduce the problem significantly. Introduction In recent years, interest in combating unfair labor practices has increased in the United States. 1 For example, in response to its observations of labor in the People’s Republic of China, the Clinton Administration authored a set of Model Business Principles for U.S. companies to follow when dealing with overseas manufacturers .2 Similarly, the Apparel Industry Partnership was created by U.S. labor, consumer, industry, and human rights representatives for the purpose of fighting sweatshop conditions in overseas workplaces “related to the U.S. apparel and footwear industries.” 3 Finally, U.S. multi-national companies such as Levi-Strauss, the Gap, Wal-Mart, and Nike have established internal codes of conduct that define standards for working conditions to be met by their suppliers. It is one of those things that is so well hidden that you have to dig deep to find more on the story as reporters are arrested and cameras taken away. You cannot just visit these sweatshops either as you need to have a permit to visit.
  7. He also killed his first wife! A man whose pregnant wife was stoned to death by angry relatives in Pakistan earlier this week has admitted that he killed his first wife so he could remarry. It's a disturbing twist to the already disturbing story that we reported on Tuesday of 25-year-old Farzana Parveen, who was after she eloped with Mohammed Iqbal instead of marrying a cousin as her family demanded. The "honor killing" occurred outside a courtroom in Lahore as Parveen was preparing to testify in defense of Iqbal, whom her father had accused of kidnapping the young woman. Punjab's Deputy Inspector General for Police Zulfiqar Hameed tells The Associated Press that Iqbal was arrested in 2009 for killing his first wife, Ayesha Bibi, but that the case was later withdrawn after a family member forgave the culprit. As the AP notes: "Under Pakistani law, those charged with a slaying can see their criminal case dropped if family members of the deceased forgive them or accept so-called 'blood money' offerings over the crime." In , Iqbal freely acknowledged the murder of Bibi. "I wanted to send a proposal to Farzana, so I killed my wife," he said. According to CNN: "Parveen, 25, and Iqbal eloped and were married January 7 in a court ceremony. He said she liked the color white and that she was a 'beautiful and good wife.' " 'We were happy,' he said, though they were constantly worried about their safety. ... "The marriage enraged her family, Iqbal said, and they demanded he pay them 100,000 rupees (about $1,000) to let the couple stay alive." Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday condemned Farzana Parveen's slaying in a statement Thursday, describing it as a "brutal killing" and calling it "totally unacceptable." He called on authorities in Punjab province to find the culprits. Navi Pillay, the United Nations high commissioner for human rights, said of the killing: "There is not the faintest vestige of honor in killing a woman in this way." "The fact that she was killed on her way to court shows a serious failure by the state to provide security for someone who — given how common such killings are in Pakistan — was obviously at risk," on Wednesday. The , a private group, says the country has one of the highest rates in the world of violence against women. In a report last month, it said 869 women had been the victims of honor killings in 2013
  8. I wonder if this material is just something being "found" to discredit current 9/11 theories and news stories. It just seems very unusual when you read how they people just moved away quickly and suddenly they find 27 boxes of documents making links to more people? It could be planted to use as a way to propel the global war on terror even further with more people to be killed or captured in the name of 9/11.
  9. Published on May 29, 2014 Argentina has reached an agreement with the Paris Club group of international creditor governments to repay its overdue debts over a five-year period. The deal covers Argentine arrears of some $9.7bn (£5.8bn). The government of President Cristina Kirchner said in 2008 that it wanted to pay back the debt inherited from the country's 2001-02 default crisis. During the last weeks of 2001 the Argentine government defaulted on public debt totalling $132bn. In a statement, the Paris Club said a first instalment of at least $1.15bn was due by May 2015. The next payment will then be due by May 2016.Argentina has travelled a long and tortuous road to reach this landmark agreement with its main outstanding creditors. President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner initially pledged to pay the country's debt to the Paris Club in one go back in 2008, but scarce foreign exchange reserves forced her to put that promise on ice. Negotiations on repayment resumed in November 2010. But the root of the problem goes further back, to Argentina's 2001-02 economic meltdown, which saddled the country with a $102bn debt default. Since then, it has been unable to borrow on the international markets. This latest deal, which clears its slate with 19 of the world's largest economies, could pave the way for the government to raise new loans. More news on this story here
  10. I just watched a report of this on the Corbett Report. This is awful and I am so glad I am not in school any more.
  11. I watched the video when it first came out and reminded me a lot of the Zeitgeist and Kymatica movies. Thank you for this!
  12. This is profound not just for holistic healing and art but for understanding creation and other hidden science. I saw a presentation in school a few years ago where they discussed that light is a wave. Sound is also a wave and that there could be something to creation coming about due to specific waves being generated in the universe. Did you know planets have sounds? They have recordings of them online you can listen to and the presentation speaker said that if you can put those sounds into software and play them together you get different frequencies and cymatic effects. He also said that those sounds could have something to do with particle physics and the assembly of matter. Here is a video from a professor who discusses this on similar lines. It also covers fractals which are natures programming language.