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  1. I'd like to explain a little more about this gangstalking, particularly my own experiences. When my gangstalking first started about 10 or 12 years ago or so, an armed man impersonating a cop tried to arrest me at work. After that, the gangstalkers would repeatedly break into my car, steal my registration and insurance paperwork, and leave trash or items that I had already thrown away back in my car. They were continually fiddling with my turn signals and brake lights, too, so they never worked reliably: bulbs would be burned out most of the time and the electrical connections would go bad. (Even my brake hose was slashed part way through one time---it burst open---looked like it had been cut with a knife---when I was almost all the way home one time, and for a long time I drove my car with a jury-rigged brake line held on by baling wire.) They would enter my home and move or take and later replace various items (which is a form of gaslighting). They would hack into my computer and infect it with stupidware. Whether it's in the bank or cash on hand, some of my money would often disappear and then surprisingly reappear---that was particularly disconcerting when my bank balance would change without a corresponding transaction, so it wouldn't add up. These things have been really devastating to me and led to several mental breakdowns. It really is a form of torture designed to make the targeted individual live in a constant state of terror. Some of the websites have claimed that gangstalking is an extrajudicial punishment system like the Stasi of East Germany had, which they called Zersetzung. I have to think that this is true, even though it is appalling to think that our government would be so corrupt. And given that this is happening all over the world, I think it's part of the New World Order. I don't for a minute believe that gangstalking is a delusion. But a lot of what you read online about it is disinformation. Also, the Russian FSB is reported to be using Zersetzung techniques against foreign journalists and diplomats: Russian spy agency targeting western diplomats (The Guardian) KGB applies Zersetzung method to a French journalist as they previously [sic] to a British one (kavkazcenter.com)
  2. justin347

    Is it foolish to call God, “Father”?

    What about Abraham, who offered his son Isaac?
  3. There is quite an online community of "targeted individuals" who say they have been gangstalked and/or harassed via high-tech electronic means. I know gangstalking is real, (it has happened to me,) but I am somewhat skeptical of some of the far-out claims that are made of the capabilities of chip implants, mind control, satellite surveillance, and so forth. I think there are plenty of ways within the realm of established technology to accomplish some of this surveillance and harassment that is reported. I list here several TI/GS/EH websites, but I prefer to reserve judgment as to each particular website: http://fightgangstalking.com/https://www.freedomfchs.com/ http://www.targeted-individuals.com/ http://www.usenet-replayer.com/faq/alt.abuse.recovery.html http://electronicharassment.weebly.com/ http://peacepink.ning.com/ http://osinformers.lefora.com/ http://gangstalking.wordpress.com/ http://www.targetedinamerica.com/index.html http://redecomposition.wordpress.com/ http://gangstalking-australia.blogspot.com/ http://jbhfile.com/harm_gang.html http://areyoutargeted.com/ I know as far as electronic harassment goes, the Russians used to beam high-powered microwave radiation into the U.S. embassy in Moscow, so it is entirely plausible to me that similar things are done to individuals targeted for different reasons. Also, some of these sites accuse others of being fronts for disinformation, and that may be true, because there is certainly a lot of disinformation floating around on this topic. It makes me a little suspicious the way the TI/GS/EH thing has become such a "meme" on the internet. This might have a tendency to over-unify people's disparate experiences of being stalked and harassed. But it seems to happen all over the world, so I do think there is a conspiracy here. What are your thoughts on this? EDIT: This has been reported in the news media lately. ‘Gang-Stalking’ And Electronic Mind Control Community Spreads OnlineFlyers threatening “gang stalking” scaring people in Guilford * pdf 1 * pdf 2
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    What Is This Face On Mars?

    Just my opinion, but it's absurd to think that was a monument built by human-like aliens---the atmosphere of Mars is way too thin and there is almost no oxygen. There is nothing to breathe and nothing to eat or drink on Mars. It's just a natural rock formation. I don't know why alien conspiracy theories are so popular.
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    check out my giant ball of string

    Yeah I see now. Those are cabinets in the background. I thought it was wainscoting. But if it's that big, I don't think you're wrong about the weight---you said "over forty pounds." It's huge.
  6. justin347

    check out my giant ball of string

    Seems like a ball of string 3' in diameter would weigh a lot more than 40 lb.
  7. The so-called Donation of Constantine was considered genuine as long as it served the purposes of the Church, and when it no longer did so, it was admitted to be a forgery. And then the history of one female Pope Joan was covered up by the Catholic Church after Wycliffe, Hus, and the Reformers used it to argue against the infallibility of the pope.
  8. I guess it's happening already in Chicago: Armed robber, identified by facial recognition technology, gets 22 years See how it's reported: nobody would object to using this new technology to catch an armed robber. RT reports in a little more detail: Chicago police start using facial-recognition software to arrest suspects It just gets worse and worse.
  9. justin347

    World Banking Conspiracy - Karen Hudes

    That's a good question, and I'd have to do some more research to really answer that one. Owning the world's reserve currency means we can import goods, and pay for them in dollars, and then when those dollars are held abroad as reserves, we simply devalue them, so that we as a nation never really have to make good on that payment. It's a sort of reverse mercantilism, and the BRICS are starting to get wise to it, so they are starting their own development bank. I think what our elites are hoping is that if the world is going to dump the dollar as reserves, it is ultimately going to have to buy goods and services from the U.S. with those dollars. I'm just not sure how it will all play out.
  10. We are getting closer to a totalitarian state where the government will know where we are and what we are doing at all times. They already have license plate recognition technology and a huge database of where and when our car was seen at any time by any one of a huge network of cameras. No doubt they'll do the same with facial recognition software and the surveillance cameras increasingly present at all public places and stores. It'll be used to fight crime and locate fugitives. But slowly we are entering a society where we will all be treated as criminals. And there is such a careful spin on media exposure of these things so that they don't seem too objectionable.
  11. justin347

    The rise of the serial killers

    There's a theory that connects the rise of serial killers with lead poisoning http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/astonishing-argument-why-violent-crime-rates-have-dropped.
  12. justin347

    World Banking Conspiracy - Karen Hudes

    The banking elites of the U.S., Japan, and Europe are currently engaged in an unprecedented money-printing spree. The problem is that these nations are so deeply indebted that they are actually insolvent. The solution proposed by the elites is to just print the money to pay off these debts. By all this money printing, they are hoping that the GDP of these nations will rise in nominal terms as prices increase throughout the economy, and that after a period of heavy inflation, the debt won't be so burdensome to pay off with the debauched currency. All this extra money that is printed, though, goes to the big banks, ultra-wealthy, and cronies of these elites. The poor and middle classes don't see a dime of it. They don't get the access that cronies of the elites have to financing at near-zero interest rates for the lucrative speculative deals of the super-rich. By all accounts their wages are not rising in the new economy, either. The cost of living just goes up. Looking at the cost of food, fuel, health care, education, and even housing, inflation is already nigh double-digit territory in the U.S. Yet you scarcely see any inflation in the official figures. Governments always want to say that the economy is "growing" even when it is actually shrinking when you really take into account the ongoing debauching of the currency. So the poor get poorer and the rich have to engage in speculative deals in the stock market, real estate, and so forth just to maintain the purchasing power of their wealth. And the poor never had much to begin with, so it is largely on the backs of the middle class (by making them poor, too) that these governments are paying off their debts.
  13. justin347

    BitCoin and The New World Order

    I don't know where the idea that Bitcoin transactions are untraceable comes from. Maybe governments spread this idea in the hopes that not-very-astute criminals will use Bitcoin to engage in illicit transactions and then they can be caught. https://bitcoin.org/en/protect-your-privacy
  14. justin347

    Are Apple Products Made To Break?

    Patented screws and batteries soldered in---of course this is planned obsolescence. Don't fix it; buy a new one. And what a racket. Cell phones are sold on credit under a contract and you have to pay a ridiculous premium if you don't take the contract. And you have to buy a new phone every so often under these contracts because you are paying for it anyways. Part of it is software bloat, too. Newer versions of software accumulate more and more cruft in the code and they inevitably need more processing speed and more storage space to perform the same function.