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  1. Gnostic Christianity’s hidden in plain sight secret. We must do evil. Given evolution and evil, is the Gnostic Christian myth more intelligent than the Christian myth? The Gnostic Christian myth explains evil quite nicely as compared to what Christianity has produced. Doing evil must have conscious volition. In law, they call that idea, mens rea. It is the cornerstone of secular and religious law and shows guilt and the knowledge that one is doing evil to another. When present, that is the only time sin can be applied to mankind. Gnostic Christians posit an evil God, Yahweh, because of his creation of the evolutionary system in place. This system forces us to do evil to others when we win competitions. We must compete to survive and thrive. We must do evil and that is why we see Yahweh as evil. In a more modern sense, not so much evil as a necessary evil. In the Gnostic Christian view, this allows hope that there is another God above Yahweh that might have a better system that excludes that evil. Yahweh then is just our idea of a system we do not like for it’s evils, and we actually hope to be wrong in our evaluation of reality. Do you recognize that you must do evil to survive and that the Gnostic Christian myth is a better way to explain evil than the Christian myth does? Regards DL
  2. Is God competent or incompetent?

    True, but he is acting on his belief and ideology. You cannot separate the perpetrator from the foolish belief in his head that is making him act in a criminal way. If you do good, you are motivated by your beliefs. If you do evil, you are motivated by your beliefs. Regards DL
  3. If read literally, yes, but that is a fools way of reading it. I do not think the scriptures were meant to be read in any other way than allegory and or from an esoteric POV. IE. Jesus calming the waters, waters being people, is Jesus offering an intelligent solution to unify the people. The walking on water is the people allowing Jesus' ideas to rule above them. So to speak. This link speaks of the esoteric use of the elements in a way that I like. I hope you have the time to view it. Regards DL
  4. Religious lies. Why do we knowingly accept them?

    No argument against this. Many have been showing this for many years but have not been able to awaken the sleeping minds. Do you have a suggestion that would act as an alarm clock to shatter what I call a Noble Lie? Regards DL
  5. Republicans. Do you really want a leader who is a creationist?

    A good evaluation. If they did so, --- and they do not out of fear, --- the truth would destroy them, as it should. Regards DL
  6. Religious lies. Why do we knowingly accept them? People, I hope, are not foolish or gullible enough to really believe in the talking serpent and donkey of the bible nor the 72 virgins ot the Qur’an. I also hope their gullibility is not broad enough to have them swallow all the other supernatural ideas floated by religions. The ancients intelligently knew that nothing could be known of the supernatural. Modern priests, preachers and imams ignore the unknowability of the supernatural constantly while lying to us about the Gods. I do not want to believe that we are as gullible as some people seem to be. Why then do you think we knowingly pay and suport priests, preachers and imams, perpetual liars in my view, to lie to us? Regards DL
  7. How do you compassionately tell a supernatural believing person that they are borderline stupid? As you can see by my title, I do not know how. Scriptures say that to correct is a sign of love. Proverbs 3:12 For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. Most do not see it that way when on the receiving end of that love. I see correction as love just as the scriptures do. How do you see it and how would you tell a supernatural believing person that they are borderline stupid? Regards DL
  8. Republicans. Do you really want a leader who is a creationist? J. W. Bush said God told him to go to war in Iraq. I now see most Republicans as extremist on the far right of the political spectrum. Do you? Do you want or trust your extremist Republican leaders to have control of that nuclear button? Regards DL
  9. Is God competent or incompetent?

    I agree with most of what you put but not your first sentence. Many Christians and Muslims, for instance, believe that being gay is evil and that women are less than men. That thinking has produced many victims of homophobia and misogyny. If you believe that what is believed has no consequences for others, you are quite wrong. Ask any gays or women in your family if they have your view and you will get the victims POV. Regards DL
  10. Is God competent or incompetent?

    All descriptions of God are speculative nonsense. Only those with the faith of fools will think otherwise. Regards DL If you wish to speak of reality and not your imaginary idiocies, I am here for you. Regards DL
  11. Is it moral to force men or women to wear veils or any particular garment?

    I agree and thanks for this. Strange that Muslims say they respect Jesus yet ignore his teachings. Regards DL
  12. How and why can people ignore their God’s immoral ways?

    I said not word one on circumcision and if you do not know what literal reading means, I can understand better why you say what you say. Under those circumstances, and you not knowing the basics of the various ways of reading, I doubt that we can chat much. Regards DL
  13. How and why can people ignore their God’s immoral ways?

    You have been listening to the talking serpent and donkey if you are reading your myth in a literal way. I hope you are not that foolish. Regards DL
  14. How and why can people ignore their God’s immoral ways?

    Joseph was from a royal house, so the myth goes, and would not need cash as he had enough to rent lodging but there was none to rent. There is also no Roman records of the murder of all those babies and they were meticulous record keepers. The Bible is myth. Not history. So says my favorite biblical historian. Regards DL
  15. Is God competent or incompetent?

    Is God competent or incompetent? We are told in scriptures that evil begets evil and good begets good. God, as our creator, according to scriptures, creates us all as sinners, which many see as evil. God can thus be seen and judged as being the original sinner since the fruits of his labor (us) went bad or are born bad. A tree is known by its fruits. What else could come from a sinner tree but sin? I give God a fail on competence for the following reasons. God created heaven that produced Satan. Fail. God created Eden which produced Original Sin. Fail. God had to reboot creation with Noah’s flood. Fail. God sent his son to forgive mankind instead of stepping up himself. Fail, for moral reasons. God also had to create hell for his rejects which scriptures say will be the vast majority of us. Fail. Jesus said we would know his people by their works and deeds and if we believe that, then the Christian God would obviously be rejected by Jesus and agree with my fail judgement. Do you agree? Regards DL