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  1. Latest: Suspect number two , the younger brother was just caught and in custody now.
  2. That blast sure was a HUGE one. Saw the video and it almost seems like a small nuke or something man. Scary. Unlucky chain of events indeed.
  3. Personally I think its just like Bigfoot story. Lots and lots of stories about it but no actual compelling evidence that Werewolf exists. So personally don't think it exists.
  4. The explosion took place in a very crowded and congested area .... there were limbs flown everywhere. Had it been a C4 or anything much powerful ... I think the causalities would be much much higher and deadlier. A really tragic day. Sighzz .....
  5. So far according to many sources, two are dead at this point of time. And one of them is a 8 year old kid according to some sources. HEARTBREAKING .... Still too early to know the exact details yet. Sending condolences to those affected.
  6. Hope99


    They are angry perhaps due to the fact they have truly "awaken" to all the brainwashing methods some evil governments throws at people all the time. I'm even surprised people takes so long to get "angry".. Gandi says " be the change you want to see in the world" ...... but the problem is are politicians practicing this ? Are governments implementing this ? Are they making the world a better place to live in ? If so , then why are people still angry ? The elites have so much power in their hands, and they can bring about better change easier then most normal people but yet ........ “Re
  7. Though some of the videos are old, I do find them very authentic. (Some, not all) Just reply the videos from start to finish and you will know what I mean. Has anyone got more interesting or compelling videos to share ? Feel free to share if you can find one. Thank you.
  8. In my humble opinion or expression, Its a group of like minded people who have globalist agendas and are HELL BENT ON WORLD DOMINATION by any means possible. They all come together and conspire together to create a one world government or at least come up with a system to control the mass population. As Neo had pointed out, creating 2 classes in the process (Eilte and slaves). Creating a system so powerful that the slaves will ALWAYS REMAIN as slaves to serve the elites thus allowing the elites to always remain in power. Slaves cannot never get out of their own class, because the system req
  9. These type of events or message would be VERY EFFECTIVE in showing those in power that the common people isn't to be bullied into submission by all their policies but it will take massive numbers of people to unite together in order to work. Having said that its not impossible though but it will take massive amount of courage too. Anyway, are you sure 1 month of inaction is enough ? If you see all the poverty and suffering out there, I would have thought they deserve more. Plus any particular reasons to choose 1st April 2013 which is April fools day for this operation ?
  10. I get what you mean really. Its really a big problem now as to how the world is being run today ... especially in economic terms but it seems most of the people are just OKAY with the way the world is being run today ... and they just keep slaving away their lifes just like that. They don't question why, they don't like to be drawn in topics like this. They submit their minds and souls way too easily to whatever that is placed inside their minds and they don't ask a single question back. Its almost like they only have a " one way point of view" and they don't realize that ITS OKAY
  11. Saw the movie years back, was a really long movie but its well worth it. The creator of the film is Peter Joseph. It was a really eye opener video and it really can open your mind up if you choose to see the video with an open mind in the first place. I cannot remember all details of the film because I watched it so long ago but check out the part where he speaks about the monetary system and the federal reserve created "money" out of nowhere to create "debt" to enslave everyone in today's monetary system. It makes sense really. The plan was always to enslave everyone to debt thus
  12. If heaven is not real, lots of people will get mad. Really mad.
  13. Perhaps they already did ... and had already shared the secret knowledge with some super power world governments on building spacecrafts that can travel at fast speed ? Or maybe the Roswell incident where they didn't exactly landed ... they supposedly crashed ... and perhaps parts of the spacecraft was collected, studied and reverse engineered ? Thus allowing the government to gain some secret knowledge on building super fast spacecrafts ? Any thoughts ?
  14. The universe is just freaking big to even wrap our minds around it. I just wish world super powers would reveal to us the truth should they have any existing knowledge about it. We are all part of this universe, so if there's any sort of living beings out there in outer space, everyone should have a right to know about it. Apparently not everyone thinks the same. Knowledge is power. Perhaps the ones who knew the truth feels its an entitlement for them to keep it only to themselves ? What do you guys think ?