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  1. Well, Christianity has lots and lots of sub-categories like Mormons, Protestants, Presbyterians, etc. so maybe they still aren't aware of this deception, because I'm sure if the info went mainstream then a lot of these Christian religions would openly rebel against the Vatican, unless they're scared or they don't really care.
  2. Even if I'm a Roman Catholic, I'm not a fan of the Vatican at all, especially when I learned that the late Pope John Paul II and former pope Pope Benedict are masons. Try googling it and you'll see incriminating photos of the inverted cross and those popes making those Masonic hand symbols that the Illuminati and their puppets do. We are being fooled by these old men and the elite, they project that they are holy, conservative, and they serve the Lord, while behind closed doors they serve Satan. No wonder a lot of religious men are capable of committing appalling crimes like sexual abuse of bo
  3. Well yeah, I guess there really is no reason for him to lie, so maybe it is true. The only problem would be that there really are no actual pictures or videos of that place, I've seen only illustrations. The world that we live in is indeed full of weird mysteries.
  4. I don't think that aliens are demonic in nature at all, they're just another specie or creature created by God, just like dogs or cats. I have heard of someone that claims that she has been abducted by aliens on a paranormal radio show, and she seems to believe in the Lord.
  5. If you have seen those old photos of The Beatles posing with those Illuminati hand symbols then you would think that the government murdered him. It's actually against the agenda of the Illuminati to promote God, peace and any hint of positivity in your songs if you agreed to be under their control, so they murdered him. Who knows, maybe like JFK and Michael Jackson, he was planning to expose the elite too, that's why he was murdered.
  6. No doubt, there is something masonic and Satanic about the whole place. I haven't been there at all and I'm not even from the US, but the pictures from this website can't deny those masonic symbols like the compass symbols.
  7. Ah, so you mean the Illuminati aren't exactly 100% freemasons? Now it makes sense. I have always noticed that masons are always male. Even our national hero was rumored to be a mason. And masons don't really practice creepy Satanic rituals like blood sacrifices like the Illuminati. So I think that the Illuminati is a mix of freemasonry, paganism, Satanism, and witchcraft combined.
  8. All of the details that were mentioned above reeks of foul play to me, so maybe she was about to expose something or she's getting in the way of something, that's why they just decided to kill her. May her soul rest in peace.
  9. Well I'm suspicious of the fact that why does Facebook still retain our data even if we have already deactived our account? They don't even offer an option to delete our info, we can only deactivate it. Plus every change that we make to our accounts, they monitor it. I entered an old password, and it said that I used an old password. Then they even monitor our status updates. Facebook even came out with a report several years ago saying that most break ups happen just before Christmas. So obviously they monitor every bit of info that their members provide, which is fishy. What use is it to the
  10. The whole microchip thing is freaky and foreboding. Good thing I live in a 3rd world country where microchips aren't mainstream, the government has no budget for it yet! As for 7-11, 11 is a Masonic number, but I don't think that the company has Satan's blessings, so to speak. But I can vouch for Moneygram being a Satanic company after seeing a print ad of a popular actor in my country endorsing it with a salute gesture but also making the 666 symbol, so I googled and it is a Satanic company. As for 7-11, I haven't seen any other incriminating Illuminati signs and symbols in their ads.
  11. It's either he is intentionally letting the people know that it was all planned and there's nothing that we can do about it, or it was really an unintentional slip of the tongue. Because he could have easily put the blame on those supposed suspects, but why is he insinuating that a conspiracy happened? That's certainly something to think about, if you ask me.
  12. Of course Obama is going to defend the government from "hearsay", since he is part of the "government evil" himself. He's actually the one in power right now to implement any law that has insidious purposes, so he's plain lying when he made that statement. Of course Obama is going to defend the government from "hearsay", since he is part of the "government evil" himself. He's actually the one in power right now to implement any law that has insidious purposes, so he's plain lying when he made that statement.
  13. Yes, most sites now allow you to log in and comment using your Yahoo, Google, and Facebook account. But when I hovered my mouse on those Facebook banners, I saw on the lower left side of Google Chrome the link of the banner, and it has "googleadservices" at the start of the URL. So it seems like they're really advertising Facebook. Seems fishy to me.
  14. Well, like what I said earlier, maybe you're just distant relatives with those that are in the Illuminati, because if you were a close relative, your parents should be mandatory Freemasons by now.
  15. Definitely yes! They have it all under their control, the music and entertainment industry, the government, the Vatican, the food industry, everything! You should research on their signs and symbolism too, you'll see a lot of famous people in the government, Hollywood, and sports doings those gestures, not to mention commercials, tv shows and movies all bearing their "trademarks". To be an Illuminati you have to be born into it, it's determined by bloodline. And yes, they do worship Satan.
  16. America has certainly become more tolerant regarding the differences in race and gender if you compare it to the 50's or 60's era where black people were really discriminated. Just by looking at the warm reception that President Obama has gotten from the public, I'm sure that a female president will still get the same respect, just as long as she's fit and qualified for the job.
  17. I'm not surprised about this massive privacy infiltration that the 1st world countries are subjected to comply with. It's all connected to the NWO. As for me, since I live in a 3rd world country, such laws aren't heard of yet, at least in my country. At least I should be grateful that we are slow to catch up on these things.
  18. I have noticed that almost every site that I go to, there is a Facebook banner on top of the page that encourages you to join Facebook. I've seen it on Yahoo Answers and Youtube and on other sites that I go to, like new age websites. Now it got me thinking. Facebook has been popular since 2009, and is still popular until now, but how come it seems to me like they are massively promoting it like it is a new site that needs to have their first members? I find it strange, since I certainly did not see those ads back when Facebook was still new in the world wide web. I smell a conspiracy theory he
  19. I'm guessing that you have already googled "13 Satanic Bloodlines", am I right? If your surname happens to be one of those in the list, then you're probably related. These Illuminati clans inter-marry with other Illuminati clans too, so you might want to watch out for that as well in your family. But as long as your immediate family doesn't practice Freemasonry, then I think you have nothing to worry about. You're probably related, but it's a distant connection.
  20. No, aliens and "fallen angels" are 2 entirely different species. In my opinion, fallen angels are the ones that were cast out from heaven by God, so that group is lead by Lucifer, while aliens are strange looking creatures that live in another world, and they come visit Earth from time to time.
  21. Yes there was and there are lots of primitive men that exist in this world, just like what Victor Leigh said. In my country there are what you call the Igorot tribes, and they pretty much look like primitive men based on their lifestyle and clothing, like the men wear g-string like underpants and do all those sorts of weird dance rituals.
  22. The US government wants to hog all those important info and not share them with the rest of the world. I guess they are getting something out of withholding such info. Anyway, back to the original question, I was listening to a paranormal show and the guest was narrating her experience with aliens. She described them as being transparent and their bodies were green, if I remember correctly. I definitely see them as a superior race especially when it comes to technology.
  23. I really don't know the veracity of a hollow Earth, but I'm skeptical about it. The idea is just "so out there" to me. Maybe if it can be scientifically proven and the evidence that a hollow Earth can be released to the public, then that's the time that I will only be willing to believe that there is a hollow Earth. A sun that is located inside the Earth is what makes it seem impossible to me. If that was even true, then we would all have died of extreme heat.
  24. No I definitely don't believe that aliens were our ancestors. Our soul was created by God, but I do believe in reincarnation. Aliens I think, are an entirely different species, the same way that dogs and cats are entirely different species. And you said that your soul originates from a certain star system? Can you expound more on that? What kind of study or branch of teaching is that?
  25. Based from the Youtube videos that I have watched, the aliens that visit us here on Earth are the harmless ones, because if those aliens really intend to harm people, they would have done it a long time ago, considering their advanced technology which makes our technology seem "low tech". A former CIA employee swears that the most frequent alien visitor that visits Earth are those aliens that look like us, but if you're a psychic or an empath, you would notice that they are different because they emit a different kind of energy that the ones that humans emit.