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  1. If ATS is owned by the freemasons that would explain a lot of things for me. I had family that use to be into masonic stuff when they were alive. I have gotten jobs before because I had family into that stuff. So I know those guys network. My family tried to get me into the masonic organizations but I was no into that stuff. But those guys throw some pretty good parties. I have been to a few when I was younger. At least I now know the people deleting my threads are Masons. Thanks. The people that deleted my thread at ATS have been following me all over the internet deleting my threads whe
  2. I made a post the other day at The moved the thread the hoax section because the thread was linked to a citizen journalism site called before it was news. It was explained to me that only controlled news sources are allowed in post at above top secret and that sources of news reported from uncontrolled news sources are not allowed at above top secret. One of the people said sometimes third phase of the moon is a good source so I said I would contact third phase of the moon and show them the thread at above top secret. They then deleted the thread. So, is the governme
  3. My website is it explains a little bit. My forum is down due to the conspiracy against time travel using their hired hackers to take it down. In time that may be back up but I might use a different domain. The conspiracy against time travel have a problem with me using THE and dot com with their old domain name. But, my biz domain name is perfectly legal. They can not complain about that because they did not register it and It does not in no way resemble their domain. What they fail to see and realize is I am a for real to god honest time travel researcher. Their
  4. I had received a email from someone wanting to download my programs. It may have been from the conspiracy against time travel. I have some minor code at sourceforge but my major code is not for download. I have had a major hacking problem from the conspiracy against time travel attempting to get my code but so far they have only gotten minor bits and pieces nothing more. They have also launched a campaign of harassment and revenge against me but I largely ignore them as a minor problem. I am working on several books and have published one already. I will not post that here because I do not wan
  5. I am Reactor1967 and 7 years ago I started posting on the internet about my method of time travel. Since then I have been fighting a conspiracy to keep me from talking about my method of time travel on the internet. I call it "The Conspiracy against Time Travel". The only place I have been really able to talk about this is on my blog at To make a really long story short I use a program that can recreate a file by feeding it a check sum and length of the file to be recreated. I use my own algorithms for the check sum. Using this program with more methods and alg