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  1. Artistry, What is quite amazing is that you think I support the GOP. What makes you say that? Anyone who is critical of Obummer must automatically be a supporter of the GOP? In any case, standing down on sending help to Benghazi was unforgivable. Obama lied out-right when he said he called it terrorism in the Rose Garden on 9/12 and someone in his administration refused to send help when TSHTF. That is all I need to know about his character and his parties goals. On top of that stand down order there is the direct targeting of opposition groups by the IRS. The Democratic leaders were calli
  2. I don't believe in any over-arching conspiracy theory. But, I will reply to your question to atheists. I do think religion is not a good thing, overall. The reason is, it isn't founded in reality but is based on faith which is a deliberate setting aside of reason. That is why it is not a force for good in the world. As far as control goes: there are and have always been people who are power-mongers. Usually it is like a gang, like the Sopranos or any other thugocracy that ends up in power because of democratic rule. IE: the majority if given the chance, will always band together to enslave t
  3. While it is true that the NYT's may try to manipulate definitions to confuse people or push their meaning onto events, the truth is, there are plenty of first hand sources available where one can go to find the real story. For instance, if a story is about an event in government, there are likely transcripts or video available of the actual event or legislation. We don't need to depend on a newspaper to spin our news for us. I also think most people grasp the common definitions for words early in life and do not rely on news sources to define words for them. People are smart and savvy users of
  4. Just because the GOP isn't offering anything much better does not mean the Dems are doing a good job. Anyone who lives in the U.S. and believes the economy is improving is deluded. I'm not sure how many scandals it takes to make a leftist question the tactics of Obama but I do see a few beginning to fear for the country. See ultra-leftist Piers Morgan finally beginning to see the light:
  5. I don't think the government had anything to do with John Lennon's death. It was just another crazy guy who wanted fame, in my opinion. John's affiliation with peace groups was waning at best at that time in his life, as far as I can tell. He was focused on making a career comeback and settling down and was not a rabble-rouser at that stage.
  6. I wasn't able to read that article because the link provided had a pop up that insisted I download an application that I did not want. It froze my system completely. Safari users beware! RE: Syria and Benghazi, I think it is possible that weapons of some sort were being run to support the so-called rebels in Syria. I would like to see some concrete evidence, though. I hope it is forthcoming and the Benghazi scandal is investigated further.
  7. I like facebook and do not think their is a conspiracy. And, they aren't the first site to use "targeted" ads. I would rather see ads for things I am interested in, rather than junk. Facebook provides a great service by helping connect people and I have no problem with their ad campaigns.
  8. I have a question. What does "distorting the oil price" mean? In the US it is the government that is largely responsible for the rate we pay for gas, due to high taxation (at state, local and federal levels!) and strict regulation of the industry. Is it the same in the UK?
  9. The Rothschild conspiracy theories leave me very cold. I couldn't care less about Arnold's heritage or what rich families do with their money or connections. I don't get all the hoopla. People should busy themselves with trying to become richer themselves and stop focusing on others, in my opinion.
  10. When we discuss crime statistics it is important to list what type of crime you are talking about. New Orleans has always had high levels of violent crime. It's not because of race, per se, but because of the welfare state and the dependence/resentment that it breeds. I'm not surprised by this shooting and I don't think it was staged to further gun control efforts. As for blacks in the U.S. - you would find it hard to identify a predominately black community that does not have a high rate of violent crime. Again, it's not race but the desperation of those dependent on social programs and larg
  11. I don't worry about other's much. I look at the evidence and come to my own conclusions. I think some of the more far-fetched conspiracy theories do turn people off, generally speaking. That's okay. People don't have to pay attention if they don't want to, so I don't let it bother me.
  12. Socialism is a collectivist system in which the individual is subverted to the will of the group. I am against all forms of collectivism. Further, socialism is the cause of the central banking problems, it advocates for central government planning of all sectors, although it encourages private ownership of corporations, it promotes stiff regulations and government control of business. It is an evil political system, to my mind. We are individuals and should not be slaves to the group.
  13. I don't think plants have feelings. I divide plants all the time and there are usually no issues. If you are not gentle with the delicate root systems they can be damaged and die from the ordeal. But, there is no brain, no nervous system and therefore, no pain. It is painful to lose a plant, for a human, though! We can become quite attached to them and we DO have feelings.
  14. I agree with BTC that it's our culture that is corrupted and not just the government. However, I disagree that any industry has been "deregulated." There are more and more regulations every year, including regulations for the banking industry. The real problem is too much regulation causing a crony-capitalist relationship with the government picking the winners and losers by interfering with the industries to benefit government and it's friends. It happens in any administration and isn't a Left vs. Right thing. They all do it. They shut down competitors and prop up friends with their regulator
  15. I think we should assume all foods are GMO unless labeled as something else. It's most of the food produced. I don't see it as unnatural to develop hardier and healthier and tastier foods. We have been doing that for centuries. I like to grow veggies myself from seeds because it is fun. They could be GMO seeds but I'm okay with that. Of course, we all have to live with the consequences of our choices, including the choice to pay more for expensive foods with the "organic" label. Funny, I love popcorn but have never liked the taste of microwave popcorn. I pop mine on top of the stove, and add s