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  1. Just out of interest, there are those who believe that forums such as these are set up by government agencies to make sure that conspiracy theorists all gather in the same place to discuss their issues. Has this forum ever received threats or emails from people outside the conspiracy realm?
  2. What is the weirdest ingredient that you have found in shop bought processed foods? I will not buy processed food, or try and avoid it as much as I can. Making food from scratch helps you control what you eat and will really lower your salt intake, amongst other things. I make my own bean burgers and freeze them, buy locally grown or organic veg and cook ahead to have my own ready meals at my disposal. It can be cheap and easy, but convenience food is full of weird stuff and cheap.
  3. There is a really good documentary online about the are, I found it on a Google search and it is an existing area with (supposedly) storage room for planes etc. There appear to be quite a few people who worked there. So yes, it exists.
  4. The demolition was never mentioned in the report on 9/11. The CIA and other government agencies had their offices there and all documents housed in the building have gone up in smoke or down in rubble. Why would that have been done?
  5. In Europe people cannot and do not own guns the way people do in the US. People kill, not guns, but owning a gun makes accidents and killings by gun shot more regular. I live in a country where nobody carries a gun or feels the need to carry one. Could you imagine living in a country similar to mine?
  6. I don't believe that mermaids exist, I do believe that being deprived of good food and spending a lot of time at sea can maybe do weird things to your perception and vision.
  7. IMO any religion is open to (mis)interpretation. I don't subscribe to any organized religion as I believe that leading a good life and being kind is any human being's responsibility. I don't need the image of a god or goddess to teach me that.
  8. The particles released by the fires and demolition in the 9/11 process were supposed to be ' safe' to breathe. It is said that aid workers were in some cases not allowed to wear face masks to avoid scaring the public. Metals, asbestos and human ashes were part of the dust clouds. How safe was the air?
  9. What is your personal view on the demolition of building 7? I think it's safe to say that the majority of us would agree that we are talking about a controlled demolition. Most would also argue that the main reason for this was the fact that the building housed all the plans for 9/11. What is your personal theory?
  10. Do you know if there is a single USA president who did not, at any point in time, get connected with any conspiracies? Bush seems to be the president with a huge list of conspiracies to his name, but then again, some would argue that he is just the puppet controlled by a shadow gouvernment?