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  1. No. It doesn't work that way. The minute you call the police, you just turned yourself in for criminal trespass: you were at the club and the Bouncer didn't want you there. That's all it takes to get a criminal record. There is no court order or notification required. You are there; he doesn't want you there; you are instantly guilty of criminal trespass. It isn't right, but that's the way it is.
  2. I totally agree with that. I was shopping at Ross, which is famous for its "Loss Prevention," and I learned that their security had called a locksmith to break into a car parked in their parking lot where somebody had supposedly, allegedly, locked up some merchandise they had not paid for. Ross "recovered" it all without calling the police or getting a warrant to break into the car. Not to mention there are always some men of a certain class hanging around Ross trying to pick up the female shoppers, no doubt with at least occasional success. Cheap clothes, home items, etc. But I am very awa
  3. This is actually old news. There is nothing odd about misspeaking, but it does seem odd to me that he did not realize his mistake and correct himself immediately on the spot.
  4. And I'm sure being in that business she has big beefy male bodyguards.
  5. Never heard of her before. I don't follow sports much. According to Wikipedia, That's kind of a whorish thing to do. I don't want to be judgmental, but call it what it is. You're making millions off your body. Those professional "fights" are mostly staged (or rigged) anyways. Suckers gamble on it, but the outcome is prearranged. It's all showbiz.
  6. My neighbors have ghillie suits, night vision, M-16's, and black helicopters. They're up to some freaky paramilitary shit and I have no freaking clue what it is because none of those cross-burning hooded white supremacist skinheads can afford that stuff. I can talk trash about how I'm from Portland, Oregon, too, (and I have when I've received death threats on other forums.) Different gangs control different businesses there, and you don't live or work anywhere in that metropolitan area if you're not in with with right gang, or if you're on the outs with the wrong gang. People are so scared
  7. When some asshole is barking off  "I come from New York City"....   they're not talking about how successful they are as a real estate broker for Sotheby International Real Estate.. the Ritz Carlton... or some multi million dollar penthouse LOL...

    They're talking about they come from a bunch of minimum wage retards, who live like retarded low lives.

  8. Not real clear from that description what the guy actually did or said to justify your violence to him, or if the blind person needed or wanted your "assistance."
  9. That sounds like my church. Over-21's and under-18's hanging out at local schools, parks, and grocery store parking lots, leaving trash. Over-21 men with under-18 girlfriends. The under-18 girls tend to drive a nice car and take it to a licensed mechanic. The under-18 boys drive some old beater or jalopy and work on it themselves. The boys are told that they should be well established in their careers and making a steady income before they date. Money for sex, sex for money. Raise an eyebrow, and you find your brake hose slashed, and your career cut short if you live. Link.
  10. Excuse me? My car is registered and insured, it passed emissions, and I have a valid driver's license. Mechanics aren't cops. They really don't care about that stuff. They just want to get paid for their work. Truck drivers really don't care either what you do with your own car. Why would you care? The over-21's that hang out with the under-18's? Yeah I'm sure there are men that want to bang some juvenile delinquent pink-haired prostitute with facial piercings and tattoos, and supply her with crack, too. Get a new email address and stop trying to sound like a trucker, and you'll find th
  11. You mean I could be ARRESTED if I, say, changed my own timing belt, crankcase seals, and water pump, or fixed my own A/C, or replaced that one brake hose some asshole slit partway through with a knife? I have no idea what country you live in, but those aren't the laws here. Where I'm from, if you want it done right, you do it yourself. All the parts, tools, and service manuals are easily available. And a locking gas cap, too, because I don't want that free coca cola in my gas tank. And if the engine doesn't run again, ever, or if it isn't worth fixing, you can buy another engine, or anothe
  12. I see a lot of #2, in a very bad way. #3, well, you either find an honest, affordable mechanic, or you learn to do it yourself. The rest of it, well that's the experience in all of America. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Sorry. There has to be a better plan than "leaving...for you own good." I know in my neighborhood I have enemies, but I also have friends, or I would not be alive today. My friends generally stay in the background, and they do not demand recognition for what they do. People who openly make friends with me make a lot of enemies. You warn me to leave for my own
  13. Doctors treat bacterial diseases, and if they can, viral illnesses. But fungal infections are taboo, and doctors do not acknowledge or treat them. Why? I had a nasty yeast infection in my bladder, and I went to many different hospitals and doctors to treat it, because I was in severe pain, but I got no help. Finally I obtained some Fluconazole on the black market, took a single dose, and my infection went away. Yeast (by which I mean for the most part Candida albicans) is a fungus, and doctors don't treat fungal infections. Not to mention those horrible diseases suffered by people who live