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    Scotland Does Not Exist

    That's very interesting. So only Northern Ireland is controlled, but the South is separate from you guys? Not being from Europe, but knowing some of the past between England, Ireland, and Scotland like some you mentioned.... it seems strange that England still has control over them. I wouldn't consider Texans wanting their independence backwards... If Texas ever did secede from the union again I'd move there to become a Texas citizen, that's for sure lol. I wish North Carolina would secede. The way our govt is right now, I think ALL States should secede from the Union, we should do a complete restart on the nation. Our govt has gone insane in every way, they don't have as much social control over us in the U.S. yet like they do in England, but they're bringing us there... and what's worse is that our Govt is signing our sovereignty away while at the same time picking fights with every other country on the planet... starting illegal wars... Obama basically declared war against Syria the other day and no one is even talking about... last time he was about to do that Russia was threatening to go to war with us, but now it's actually happening and we aren't hearing anything about it.... If we had a Red Dawn scenario in the U.S. tomorrow I honestly would probably be on the Russians side as far as taking down our Govt is once the Govt was dismantled that would be a different story, then it would be time for them to leave and allow us to restore the U.S. to what it once was, and if they didn't......well then there'd be a mess lol. Wow! I just read over my own comment................... It's mind boggling to think about what I just said.... I hate my tyrannical govt so much, that I would actually welcome an invading army that did away with my current govt.... That's what we originally saw in Iraq when the U.S. invaded them, they were tearing down Saddam statues and celebrating that an invading army just dismantled their govt...... Now flash forward a couple months without any order restored and foreign troops still occupying their soil and all of a sudden the whole country is a warzone mess with different insurgent factions fight each other and the foreign troops at the same time.... My God...... Just look at how far the United States has fallen for that type of a scenario to be playing out in my head as an actual possibility here. We've become a third world dictatorship under our own Hussein.......
  2. MasterFlint

    Offensive questions

    Unless something like an Argentinasarus could gallop like a horse, im pretty sure you wouldn't have anything to fear from one unless it just happened to step on you while you were sleeping, or knock your house on top of you while you were sleeping. Now a smaller sauropod that could move relatively fast like an elephant would be dangerous, even if it didn't eat meat, it more then likely would still be territorial, get angry, and get scared easy, not to mention protective over it's young....... If you have ever heard the Mokele Mmbee legends of the Congo, they talk about a sauropod dinosaur still living today and they claim it's very territorial and dangerous, that it kills any elephants or hippos that wander into it's territory and that it attacks people if they get too close as well. So there you go, that's better then anything you will get on yahoo answers. And as far as wanting to deport people because they offend you, that's pretty stupid....
  3. MasterFlint

    Scotland Does Not Exist

    So how does that work over there exactly... are England, Scotland, and Ireland all separate independent countries? Or does England still have some control over them? And if they're all independent what was with that Irish Terrorist group that hates England or something?
  4. MasterFlint

    the International Space Station is waterproof!

    LMFAO! No way the ISS is real. These people would have skin rashes and lesions all over their bodies. It's an absolute joke that anyone would want to go up there and do absolutely nothing for months and live like a rat.
  5. His stuff is funny lmao! Maybe he works for a tabloid magazine and likes to post stuff here for fun to see if people get a kick out of it or not...
  6. Hahaha, they do have a resemblance don't they?
  7. MasterFlint

    Hooo Pooo I can smell the stink of a Jew - Censorship at VOAT

    Lmao at this garbage.
  8. MasterFlint

    Were The Moon Landings Faked?

    None of them have been disproved that I know of, except for maybe a plausible reason as to why the flag was waving in the wind. If they actually went to the moon, why do they act like it's impossible to go back, and impossible to go to mars? The ancient equivalent would be if people from Europe crossed the Atlantic and came back talking about the new land they had discovered, but then after a few round trips decided to never go back..... 50 years later when we have submarines and detroyers the Europeans would say why don't we go back to America, and the authorities would say it's too hard to go back... would that make any sense? I mean I don't know, if the lunar lander could make it there somehow, you'd think the shuttle or any piece of junk of today could get there with ease...
  9. MasterFlint

    Windows 10 is the NSAs wet dream come true

    Wow! Scary! I don't plan to update... But im sure they have this on all their OS. And I already have a spy-box in my house, just no kinnect for it. Privacy is dead if you have any tech at all.
  10. MasterFlint

    Do you think that torturing a baby is ever justified?

    David and the mother's sin were the cause for the baby's death. And the baby wasn't tortured. God gave life and he has the right to take it away, he's the only one that does. And since his creation had corrupted itself it was his prerogative to end it and start over.
  11. Just look at how stupid the official story is, that's a "conspiracy theory" : So 19 Afghani, oh wait what? They weren't Afghani? Oh ok... 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers that were part of the Taliban, oh wait what? They weren't a part of the Taliban? They were a part of Al-Qaida... Ok.. So 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers that were a part of Al-Qaida and were being lead by Osama Bin Laden who was a Taliban member and Afghani, wait what?! He was Saudi Arabian too, and not a part of the Taliban? Ok.... So 19 Saudi Arabian hijackers, a part of Al-Qaida, lead by Osama Bin Laden, who was also a Saudi Arabian orchestraighted a terrorist attack from the deserts of Saudi Arabia, what? From a cave in Afghanistan??? Are you sure? Ok... well headquartered in.....Afghanistan... Where their leader was trained by Russian KGB to fight against the United States.............what now?!!!! So their leader wasn't trained by the KGB? He was trained by the CIA, to fight the Russians? Wow, well okay... So 19 Saudis, lead by a Saudi, part of a independent terror organization that was originally trained by the CIA and the United States government..........came up with the idea to hijack 4 planes with nothing but box cutters and very fashionable red bandanas (the flight recordings claiming they used CS or Tear Gas are to be forgotten) and then fly those planes willy nilly without proper training on how to do so for over an hour, never getting intercepted by any NORAD Interceptors........and then perform 3 impossible flight maneuvers to hit 3 of their targets perfectly...............causing 3 Steel Buildings to collapse due to fire, which is impossible and never happened before, and got so lucky that one of those 3 buildings that collapsed wasn't even hit by them............causing the greatest terrorist attack on American soil. And they just so happened to pull all of that off on the SAME DAY that NORAD was conducting drills on the EXACT SAME THING happening........ And that was done by a government who never had foreknowledge and could never envision such a thing ever occurring...... And then as one last struck of luck, while all U.S. Citizens were grounded, the Bin Laden relatives were flown out of the country on secure flights for their protection...... And when it was all said and done, did we attack Saudi Arabia? No, we attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan, and when we had Osama in our cross hairs our troops were told to stand down and let him go... And within a few years the guy who was on the FBI's most wanted list was someone our President was saying he didn't really care or think about anymore.... And within a few more years we were tying to put the Taliban back into power in Afghanistan, and we were openly supplying Al-Qaida with weapons and military support in places like Libya and Syria.... And then there was news that we had found Osama Bin Laden after a decade or more of searching! And, did we capture him and bring him back home to be made a public example of? Did we kill him on site and bring his head back, and stick it on a pike at Time Square as a warning to the world? No... we shot him through his wife, no wait his wife wasn't shot, wait he used his wife as a shield and we shot around her, no there was never any women there at all.......well we killed him, and we didn't take any pictures, but we did take his body, but when we brought it back to base we still didn't take any pictures, and although his Saudi family and country are our allies we didn't even return his body to them, no we simply kicked it off the side of the boat as is tradition in the Islamic Religion, and not a single person took a picture or recording of this event, but if you don't believe that that's what happened your a tin foil hat wearing lunatic that should be arrested under the patriot act, taken to another country and tortured to death.....
  12. MasterFlint


    The police didn't over react! They didn't react at all. The Mayor said it herself, she ordered the cops to stand down and give them space to destroy! And the Baltimore Mayor just so happens to be one of the people involved in Obama's Federalization of the Police in America, go figure... If the police would have tear gased and water cannoned those CHILDREN, because that's what they were..........CHILDREN... Then they would have ran home and that would have been the end of it. But instead they were given free rain to burn the city for a night, that way they could call the Nation Guard in and make it look like our civilian police force is incapable of handling these type of situations. That way in the future when they enact a martial law of some kind they can justify it and say it's just like Baltimore, the city officials cant handle it so the federal government had to step in....
  13. When know the top globalists involved and most aren't jews. And even if they had that heritage they're luciferians, not jews, they worship the devil. Get your facts and stories straight.
  14. MasterFlint

    Banned For Ignoring Warnings to "Stop Blaming Jews!"

    I don't agree with you that Jews are to blame. But you have the right to say whatever you want as often as you want as far as im concerned. This forum's banning people for no reason issue is what has brought me here.... Unexplained Mystery Discussion Forums banned me for no reason today. They probably own this site too and will ban me here as well as I guess. To break down what happened real fast this is what happened.... I had been on UMDF back when I was 18 until I was about 20 or 21... then I stopped using it, came back a year ago and had to create a new account... Well I was on a gaming site where no one ever talked about news or conspiracies, saw one guy posting about the earth being flat. I didn't buy into any of it at the time but watched his videos and talked to him. Saw him post another topic with no response so I told him to go to UMDF and post about it there since they talk about all sorts of stuff there. He listens to me and posts a thread, and it gets deleted before I even have time to check it out. Then his account gets closed and it says because he's a troll. So knowing he isn't a troll and being angry due to all the skeptic real trolls that post on the UMDF non stop and are probably also all the moderators...... I posted an internet censorship thread and asked what people were afraid of and why they would delete a thread and close an account of someone for no reason, because he also began posting on the 9/11 thread as well so he wasn't a one trick pony spamming flat earth stuff... Well that thread was deleted as soon as it went up... and by the next morning/today my account was closed and said it was due to antagonistic and disruptive behavior..... As if the govt taking complete control over the internet wasn't bad enough........ we have people in charge of sites that censor and ban people just because they don't like what they're talking about... it's complete nonsense...