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  1. AnnaU93

    Other interests

    It's nice to see that Buddhism is something that really interests you both. It really shows the strengths of the religion, very inspiring! Thanks for sharing.
  2. AnnaU93


    That's so strange. I have never heard that people commited suicide because of tamiflu. Just Wow. As for pandemics don't we buy products such as tamiflu to defeat the purpose of them.Haha. Or is that yet again another sad conspiracy.
  3. AnnaU93

    What's that smell?

    Haha. Oh God. Who wouldn't want this removed. What a shame. Made me smile too though!Hahaha.
  4. AnnaU93

    Men in black

    I have never taken men in black into serious consideration. All it was, was a entertaining movie to me where I could unwind and sit back and watch. I never looked into it since it is all fiction in my opinion.
  5. I do believe there is other life on other planets because if we really sit down and think about it the universe is too huge to even fathom. It would be a shame and a foolish thought to even think that we are all alone occupying this galaxy. If we were created in the right place at the right time what makes us think that we were the only ones. I believe there are other creatires similar to us and similar intelligance if not significally higher since we only use such a small percentage of our brain.
  6. AnnaU93


    I truly hope it is as you and that we will be headed upwards and away from this negative projection. Hopefully all this promise of a "change" actually occurs.
  7. AnnaU93


    H5N1 was an avian disease that hit many and was fatal on some unfortunately as we've been told.Tamifllu tablets were on the markets for some months as it was the only cure for it, then taken back saying that it was a bad ineffiscient one.Was the whole thing a setup and a conspiracy as the opportunity of strong flu was available but not as described, so some seized the opportunity? or the medicament was a way to be tested and it was no other way?
  8. Yes, this is a rhetorical question right off the bat. Every president was tied to at least something in my opinion no matter how "innocent" we think he was. There is also the freemasons secret and traditions that we will never be fuly aware of.
  9. AnnaU93


    It seems like we are always borrowing and spending more than we can handle. The last quarter of our economy has been in a negative apparently so it seem slike we might be in a recession again if the next three are negative as well. This really makes me upset because we never have a clear cut plan that leads to a solution.
  10. AnnaU93

    Is Google spying on you?

    I don't think that google is spying on us due to the fact that there is not much that the government doesn't already know. There is just no point in my opinion because it would make much more sense to spy through facebook but not google. I am sure they are just gathering information but not doing much analyzing it.
  11. what is your true opinion on watergate? Was it all about the bravery of a journalist or was it a party conspiracy against president Nixon and let him go down? How did you first react to this when you first read about it?
  12. AnnaU93

    Negative people

    I am usually like this as well. I have had several encounters like this and at this point I can't make people do whats considered universally right which is being RESPECTFUL. I assume many many people have grown uo in horrible conditions with a cold heart due to some of the responses I have had in the past. I hope one day we can all learn to live in peace although humanity has proven again and again how that is impossible.
  13. AnnaU93


    I still feel at heart it's a myth, over time we know how these stories work and most of the time they work like a broken telephone in which a story was altered and changed around while it circulated thousands and thousands of people through centuries. This is my usual thought process on "myths".
  14. AnnaU93

    Other interests

    If you could have two religions, which other one would you choose and for what reason? How did you come to that conclusion when you were deciding which one, was it by values or by pure curiosity?
  15. AnnaU93

    Negative people

    How do you or would you deal with someone who is talking about your religion in a negative light? Would you confront them or ignore them?