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  1. The crystal glass is a conductor the water is meant to be the element of exorcising any bad spirit that could use the users of the board manifest.
  2. Nexus is an easy publisher! as for writing a book.. i am pretty sure even a 5 yr old can tell the difference between Read and write. I cant see your attempt at exposing anything. I hope your lonely keyboard strikes are keeping you busy while I go about my day and you spend yours thinking up an sharp comment.
  3. I do have to thank you for taking time to read and feel the need to quote my little comment. I suppose being keyboard warriors flaccid and surrounded by kleenex it gives you time to pretend you could be another Weev. You are not even close. While I ride my tank kiss women you could never even pluck up the courage to make eye contact with and read my books and find your attempts of trolling hilarious. Again thank you again for finding my ITness enough of an issue for you you spend time writing about me!
  4. The Polish are not used to immigrants in their country.. well not those on foot ,tanks yes, there have already been clashes of violence and the economy is far from Stable there as it is. The Government there isn't coping well and the corruption has already begun. The EU minister for Poland didn't even speak to the Government and signed an agreement for 25000 to enter the country with no places for them to live and no thought behind the consequences of the very Catholic country trying to integrate with a Muslim community. Unlike the British who have had a steady influx of immigrants for many years and slowly become br9w beaten in some areas to accept Shia law the Polish will not tolerate it. There could be many instances of violent clashes yet to come.
  5. Lol. No I do not like to sit near these idiots that cannot form a sentence other than fam ,bruh and innit. I find the lazy text talk ugly. But now they will have a computer generated voice they can make cuss it will be even worse!
  6. A friend in Germany has told me that BMW are now under investigation for their headlights that are connected through the computer system on board. They have failed on numerous occasions.
  7. I have not used a Ouija board but from the hedge witches that have the advice is to have a bowl of water and always use a cut crystal tumbler. If something does come through that is unpleasant you need to put the glass into the water. Then using white sage cleanse the area ☺
  8. tankgirlkaz


    Seems like a pack mentality so they can hide their deficiency.
  9. It's obvious you never get tired of seeing your own words in EVERY theory. Although your gender identity issues for me seem to be an glaring reflection on your inability to judge people soundly I have no such preconceptions or gender confusion.
  10. Raymondo you and your over inflated ego make me chuckle. Your comedic value almost cancels out your obviously inherent lack of cooperation with others. Maybe this is your way of expressing yourself from an over baring mummy that doesn't let you speak. As children should be seen and not heard. So you keep venting your pompous nature.
  11. I have conversed with only a few true men of faith and have been surprised that they are for the counselling of others rather than judgement and you seem to be one of the few that holds his own principles close and uses the teachings you have learned for the betterment not embittered.
  12. I am not out to impress. It seems however you feel the need to have the center of the stage. It is a shame that you must be so disingenuous to others when the comments are simply not to your liking. The corbettrepo an integrity based journalist which surprises me you have connected with him. There are similar channels and I have not ignored these either. Looking forward however the exceptional self importance that you display is not impressive either. The ridicule that you need to bestow on other shines a ight in your own inadequacy
  13. I tried to read this poorly written waste of paper. The author should be bound and gagged and I love freedom of speech but there is no excuse for poor publishing just because it is a taboo subject. Equality even if not through a religious belief is still an issue at large. With men earning on average 10% more than their counterparts. I had never heard this. It is apparently incredibly painful and can turn into a mutilation. These practices are barbaric.