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  1. That's true. A warring species honestly doesn't spend enough time on technological advancements to be able to travel through space.
  2. Atheist and christian aren't the only two options ya know.
  3. It's the ultimate punishment and one that has been used to control people out of fear for hundreds of years now. Why wouldn't it be man made? The idea is ridiculous and I'm not going to let fear govern my life just so I can feel a bit better about what might happen to me after I'm dead.
  4. We are already one of the most hostile species ever. I doubt most aliens would be able to out do us, nor do I think there are actually "war species" out there like Klingons, Sontarans etc that just love to go from planet to planet taking them over and being in constant war. That's just silly. I think one of the reasons we've never made proper contact with aliens is because of our inability to overcome our violent nature. If they are able to observe us, we probably terrify them.
  5. That would require me to believe in christianity, jesus and the devil, which is all horse poop in my opinion so no I don't think some anti-christ will show up at some point and I certainly don't think it is Barack Obama.
  6. I don't think there would need to be an entire agency dedicated to this kind of thing, so I doubt it exists. The CIA would likely handle everything alien related when it comes to covering stuff up.
  7. Grouping them all together as "criminals" detracts already from the validity of the argument. A burglar is obviously not acting under the same thought process as a serial killer, as one is probably psychotic and mentally deranged while the other is just desperate. Anyone can be a thief, but not everyone is capable of being a serial killer.
  8. Here's one of my favorite 9/11 conspiracy images.
  9. Except guns, a bunker, survival rations and other gear costs thousands of dollars. Condoms cost maybe a few bucks tops. People are free to do what they want with their money, but it's a shame that some lose so much of it to their own paranoia.
  10. I would honestly crap my pants and think the world was ending if I were seeing that in person while it was happening. That kind of thing terrifies me. Still, it's really cool. Thank god for our atmosphere.
  11. Yeah there's vague reasons why you could be skeptical about this whole thing, but I honestly don't believe my own government, as awful as it is, would stage shootings that murdered children just to scare people into being okay with having their guns taken away. None of the evidence this brand of "truthers" come up with has any real bearing, so I ignore it and move on.
  12. They're conditioned to. Just look at how any major religion crumbles under the weight of basic rational criticism, yet many people follow it because they're bullied into doing so.
  13. No. Just look at history. If anything we are entirely less stupid and ignorant about the world and how it works than we ever were before. However, there have always been stupid people. Our economy thrives on ignorance, so it is endorsed in the media. Many people will fall for that, but those people made a choice to not value intellectualism and likely would not do so even if there were nothing egging them into being brain dead idiots who do what they're told. And honestly, everyone has the capacity to be stupid. I seriously think humans become dumber as you pack more and more of them in a
  14. Maybe they existed at some point. Maybe they inhabited Atlantis when it still existed. It's far too ancient and speculatory to bother trying to debate because everything about it is up in the air and there is no evidence or reason to make a judgement either way. Also, who cares?