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  1. It's not at all clear to me what you are accusing "movie creators etc." of. If your post is intended to be a movie review, it could perhaps be written more cogently, and you could probably say whatever you want about the movie, but to me it's a hard stretch to make this into an actual conspiracy theory that would be on topic here. Otherwise I'm quite certain that freedom of speech and freedom of the press both entail the freedom to create movies. By the way, (MODS), the .cz link looks like nothing more than plain old SPAM, and I really don't want to click on it.
  2. Just trying to refine my conspiracy theory here: perhaps that teratogenic drug is alcohol, that is, ethyl alcohol or ethanol, chemical formula CH3CH2OOH, as in beer, wine, and liquor, in which case Zika is really FAS, and the media, in a drunken blitz, is urging Congress to provide even more funds to further mislead the public, like old Väinämöinen who went to slay worms and lizards because the girls weren't drinking enough beer.
  3. I've been trying to read classic books in the library or buy them from the bookstore. 1.) I can no longer find an authentic King James Version of the Bible. Authentic books are taken out of circulation, and the grammar has been corrupted in books lent at libraries or sold at bookstores. Modern words have been incorrectly intermixed with "thee" and "thou" and the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and language have been corrupted in books sold as "Authorized" (or "1611" or other) King James Version of the Bible. 2.) Other classic works lack decent translations. In particular the trans
  4. Is Zika really a virus, or is it a coverup for some teratogenic drug that Big Pharma drug dealers came out with?
  5. Creepy creepy. I have this theory that men from the NSA patronize the businesses on this block. There is always construction going on in the city, and there are all these great big sewer pipes running into and out of the ground all over the place big enough for human beings to slide through. Human trafficking. Plus all that stuff Robert Baird talks about.
  6. Help! The board is being invaded by beautiful Venusian creatures AND THEIR CUSTOMERS.