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  1. Howdy fellow Connoisseurs of Corporate Greed, :D I thought I’d run over a few things that MacDonald’s has been doing to you, their much appreciated customer, or so they’d like you to think, with their advertising schemes that market Mothers to bring their children into MacDonald’s to have a “Break Today” but today, the Break you get is in your pocketbook, not like the original advertisement was meaning but it’s all being facilitated by their POS System structure being setup so the Owners can set Individual Entrée Prices for Menu Entrée items, instead of an Itemized Factorization structure, where each piece is given a monetary value and the computer puts the pieces-parts together to establish the Final Price, that way the BUSINESS is charging the same amount for the same PARTS, instead of selling a Cheeseburger for $1.29 and a Big Mac for $3.99; which the Equation of a Big Mac, Relative to a Cheeseburger, is: 2X + 10% = Big Mac (where X = Cheeseburger Price). 1.29 x 2 = 2.58 + .26 = 2.84 and that could be rounded to $2.85 and that would be otay but when a Cheeseburger is $1.29 and it is comprised of the same ingredients as a Big Mac, not including the Bun and Lettuce, the Price you pay for the Big Mac MUST be in-line with the Price of the Cheeseburger or they are GUILTY of Bait-and-Switch Price-Gouging, which is what my store is guilty of but since MacDonald’s has TOLD their Store Owners that they can charge WHATEVER they want, with ZERO LIMITATIONS to that OFFICIAL POLICY, then MacDonald’s Corporation is GUILTY of the CRIME, especially since they are the ones that designed the POS System to begin with, to set it up so the Owners could Price-Gouge their customers. It’s known as Parens Patriae Liability, or, in layman’s terms, the Parent is to Blame, especially when the Parent setup the Child to begin with. Then there are the Chicken McNuggets and here are the Prices at my store: 4 Piece: $3.49 (Mini Meal - comes with Small Fries or Apple Slices, and a Small Soft Drink or Bottled Water) 4 Piece: $4.59 (Happy Meal - comes with Kids Fries, and Go-GURT or Apple Slices or Cuties, and White or Chocolate Milk or Apple Juice) 6 Piece: $4.99 (Mighty Meal - comes with Small Fries, and Go-GURT or Apple Slices or Cuties, and White or Chocolate Milk or Apple Juice) 6 Piece: $3.49 (ala carte) 10 Piece: $4.39 (ala carte) 20 Piece: $5.00 (ala carte) 40 Piece: $8.00 (ala carte) 50 Piece: $10.00 (ala carte) My store holds the 4 Piece MacNuggets ransom for the Happy Meal or Mini Meal, they REFUSE to sell the 4 Pieces ala carte. That is not how it works! They CANNOT hold the 4 Pieces ransom for their Kids Meals ONLY. If the 4 Piece is available in the Kids Meals, it MUST be available ala carte too. That’s a Bait-and-Switch Scheme that’s ABSOLUTELY ILLEGAL. Plus, my store does not put the 20 Piece on the Main Menu below the 10 Piece on the Main Menu, so the Sign Department is playing to the Owners Price Gouging by helping them to hide it by not putting the two differently priced items together too close so peeps don’t catch the outrageous price of the 10 Piece versus the 20 Piece and it’s amazing how many peeps buy the 10 Pieces without knowing the 20 Piece is ONLY 61 cents MORE, and many will order multiple 10 Piece Meals instead of getting one 20 Piece for two 10 Piece deals. I feel sorry for DUMB AMERICA! But then, MacDonald’s has come-out with a new Menu Design that is cluttered and a fucking joke but one thing they did is they established that for the Meal Deal Price, it was UNIFORM for all Meals and you could get Medium Fries or a Side Salad and a Medium Soft Drink for ONE Price, no matter what the Entrée item but my store likes to charge various Prices for the Meal Deal, to include a couple of times charging $4.00 for Medium Fries and a Dollar Soft Drink and the Medium Fries were $2.39 ala carte, so they were Price Gouging by 73 cents, which is 71 cents and an additional 2 cents added to make it a “deal”. So since my store likes to charge various different prices for the “Meal Deal” addon, they have taped-over the place on the Menu where they are supposed to be advertising the 1 Price Meal Deal addon price, so they are no longer advertising their Meal Deal Prices for ANYTHING, which is a Sign Law Violation and a Bait-and-Switch too. But the Price they are charging for the Base Happy Meal is ABSURD! Here are ALL of the non-McNugget Mini Meal and Happy Meal Prices: Hamburger ala carte: $1.09 Hamburger Happy Meal: $3.89 Cheeseburger ala carte: $1.39 Cheeseburger Happy Meal: $4.29 McDouble ala carte: $1.49 McDouble Might Kids Meal: $4.89 The Happy Meal Base Price for each is as follows: Hamburger: $2.80 (kids fries) Cheeseburger: $2.90 (kids fries) McDouble: $3.40 (small fries) Then, the Price for a Piece of Cheese being added to a Hamburger for a Happy Meal, is $0.40, whereas most everywhere else it is $0.30, which the $0.40 Price is an automatic ten-cent Price-Gouging and for every one sold at my store for the Inflated Price, the FTC can Fine MacDonald’s 10 cents for actual damage and 10 cents for punitive, for a total of 20 cents for each Cheeseburger Happy Meal that my store has sold for 10 cents more than they should have, and that Fine is just for the Cheese Scam, nothing more, whereas the Happy Meals at my store are WAY OVERPRICED, so they would be fined for that too but I don’t know how much, but a lot is Price-Gouged at my store, to include the Big Mac and ¼ Pounder and the Fish Filet, but since MacDonald’s setup the POS System so the Owners could set Individual Prices and then told them they can charge whatever they want, with ZERO LIMITATIONS tacked-onto that OFFICIAL POLICY, the Owners put in whatever Price they want and they don’t think anything about it, being as dumb as they are, all-the-while Price-Gouging the FUCK out of their customers and smiling while doing it and then thinking to themselves that we are lucky to have them. Then there was the McTriple Scam, which they were calling a Triple Cheeseburger but it only had 2 Pieces of Cheese, instead of the 3 Pieces required to call it a Triple Cheeseburger, based on SOURCE: Cheeseburger = 1 Patty of Meat and 1 Piece of Cheese McDouble = 2 Patties of Meat and 1 Piece of Cheese Double Cheeseburger = 2 Patties of Meat and 2 Pieces of Cheese McTriple = 3 Patties of Meat and 2 Pieces of Cheese Triple Cheeseburger = 3 Patties of Meat and 3 Pieces of Cheese Any “Mc” burger is always one piece of cheese less than the number of patties of meat, so the Triple Cheeseburger deal they had a little while ago, it was a McTriple instead and that’s what’s known as Deceitful Advertising and ILLEGAL AS FUCK. Then there is their Friday Filet-O Fish Special, which was actually a 1/2 Cheese Filet-O Fish Special, since they put a 1/2 Piece of Cheese on it instead of a Full Piece and since the Filet-O Fish sandwich is a COPYRIGHTED Sandwich and in the Copyright, it says it comes with a FULL PIECE OF CHEESE, so if the Copyrighted Product CHANGES, it CANNOT KEEP THE SAME IDENTICAL NAME. That’s Bait-and-Switch Price-Gouging and a Deceitful Advertising Scheme too. Then there’s ALL of the Product Placement on the Mchannel and MacDonald’s is about to be a Defendant on several Class-Action Lawsuits due to their Product Placement ads that are stuff MacDonald’s shouldn’t have endorsed and I’m not going to list everything nor mention anything specific, you’ll have to wait for each of those to manifest. ;) The POS System not being setup correctly and the Corporate Directives in place, have setup MacDonald’s for quite the hit, with Fines worldwide, from ALL governments, not just the FTC in the United States, but their counterparts worldwide too. So you can expect MacDonald’s to be hit with some serious fines shortly and I get 10%, via the Common Law 10% Snitch Fee that’s built into the Federal Whistleblowers Protection Act, which is the Federal Law Professional Snitches fall under and I’m a Professional Snitch; there’s LOTS of money in it. :D There’s more that MacDonald’s is doing and I’ll talk about it in a subsequent post but if you have a MacDonald’s store that’s doing the same as mine, please pipe-up, or if you’ve caught MacDonald’s doing something they shouldn’t, add it too! You might make a buck-or-two from it. ;) Ribbit
  2. You confuse Law with Justice and you think Law CONTROLS Justice. Ha! Ha! Ha! That's what the LAWYERS want you to think! You are obviously a government stoolie, thus, a Nazis Sympathizer! Ribbit
  3. I'm going to harp on just the last statement in the Declaration of Independence: In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. When you petition the LAWYERS of thr United States Supreme Court, you have almost a 1-in-2000 chance of getting heard. Almost 1-out-of-2000 petitions are DENIED, although the court admits many, if not most, are WRONG. So the ENTIRE United States is LIVING BY THE OPINION OF LAWYERS. And you say you are FREE? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ribbit
  4. We are not supposed to have Free Energy yet. It's how this Construct is designed, with Calculus controlling. Once Calculus is no longer controlling, then Free Energy will be commonplace and it could already be commonplace but Calculus has been controlling. Ribbit
  5. Ps: Fuck eWe Robert and the HIGH Horse you rode in on. You are the Nazi and a Nazi Collaborator too. The Illuminati are comprised of the Knights Templar, as they reincarnate in each of their incarnations. That's how they hide from you. Ribbit
  6. I forgot to mention California’s Gestapo Checkpoints, which are located at EVERY entryway into California from the United States and throughout the State as well, as the Traffic Laws above explain quite nicely. And to understand the difference between a 4th Amendment Search versus the government’s Inherent Right of Inspection, just watch the following videos: Be sure to notice how Government Inspection Laws allow the Police to BREAK your vehicle’s windows to GAIN ACCESS to your vehicle for Inspection purposes and your children can be taken from you too and handed-off to Child Services. Here’s an example of a California “Random” Sobriety Checkpoint: Here’s a few examples of a California Smog Checkpoint: As you will see, the Smog Checkpoints are setup on City Streets, besides State Highways and Federal Interstates; and in the last video, the CHP Officer gave the camera person a LAWFUL ORDER to CEASE-AND-DESIST filming them from the PUBLIC PROPERTY AREA known as the Pedestrian SIDEWALK. Then watch the Drivers License Checkpoints that are being FUNDED by Federal Funds: So the 4th Amendment’s guarantee against unreasonable searches without Probable Cause, apparantly DOES NOT APPLY to the government’s Inherent Right of Inspection. So apparently somewhere in the National Constitution the government was granted Absolute Power over Inspection, which the 4th Amendment does not apply to; thus, ALL of California’s “inspection based” Traffic Laws are SPECIFICALLY designed to circumvent the 4th Amendment. Plus, if you live in California, you have to know that I-40 dead-ends into Barstow and you have to drive almost a mile through Barstow city streets to get to I-15 or vice-versa, which is absurd. Federal Interstates are not supposed to dead-end into any city, they are supposed to END at another Federal Interstate and then dump into the surrounding area/city, like I-30 East does in North Little Rock, AR, where it ends at I-40; but in Barstow, I-40 ends 1 mile away from I-15 and the Federal Interstate just dumps into Barstow, which means I-40 has NEVER BEEN COMPLETED and California is the reason why. It’s how the State of California managed to claim ownership over I-40 the entire length across the Nation, along with the “no borders” stipulation in their State Constitution. I-40 is California’s “link” to “occupying” or “owning” the ENTIRE United States, from Sea-to-Shining-Sea. The Yew-Shyster Nazi Contracts Lawyers in California know all of the tricks to ENSLAVE the People with, simply by doing it on PAPER. So be the Rock all you want, Paper COVERS Rock and if you try to use Scissors to cut the Paper with, Scissors have been designated a “Weapon” so you will be shot if you try to use Scissors to cut the Paper with. The Crook Nazi Lawyers of California thought of everything! There are 23 known definitions of Non-Conformist: Why are you not the 24th Definition? “There is no don’t, there’s only do; so if you can’t don’t, then don’t can’t.” - Old Toad Proverb “The world is a dangerous place; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people [sheeple] who won’t do anything about it.” - Albert Einstein “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” – Albert Einstein “Nationalism is n0thing more than Parentalism/Nazism occupying the governing bodies of tHis w0rld, creating a governing body of-and-4-the-parents, which will always enslave ALL of the Children of tHis w0rld, irregardless their age, gender, or origins.” - Old Toad Proverb Ribbit
  7. I don't know who said that crap but whoever they are, they are PURE EVIL! "Nothing interferes with my learning [of the truth] more than my formal [government led] education." - Albert Einstein [emphasis added] "The Greater the government led education, the greater the fool." - Old Toad Proverb “Whatever you Read in Books and Listen to from Preachers, Teachers, and Gurus, only creates Con-fusion. It's living the Confusion that creates kN0wledge; 0nly reading a book and/or 0nly listening to others has never created kN0wledge, that only creates sheeple.” - Old Toad Proverb You are obviously a government stool pigeon, Robert, a Nazi sympathizer. Ribbit
  8. The interesting thing about History is YOU CANNOT BELIEVE ANY OF IT because the governments have rewritten history to their liking, as well as the Yews have rewritten history to their liking as well, so anything you have been taught about your government by your government, you cannot trust; and anything you've been taught about the Yew by the Yew, you cannot trust either. Wikipedia is FULL of disinformation and misdirection but if you try to correct it, the Yew controlled hierarchy of Wiki will do everything in their POWER to STOP you, which is about to get Wiki FINED by the FTC for Monopolizing the TRUTH, which is an Anti-Trust violation from hell and punishable by up to a 100 million dollar fine and Wiki can expect to get hit for the full 100 million, as can others, and Fleecebook can expect to get hit with several billion in fines and the class-action lawsuits will finish BREAKING Mark Zuckerpucker and the rest of the Board of Fleecebook by the time it's all said and done. Then there are all the Online Forum Owners and their Moderators that will also be fined for their ILLEGAL activities and they will be going to a government workcamp too, since they are guilty of Misdemeanor & Felony Crimes against Humanity and the damage the ASSHOLES have been doing is SEVERE! The peeps affected take their online frustrations out on the real world. All of the Editing of peeps posts and Deleting Posts are Misdemeanor Crimes, Banning is a Felony, and ALL guilty of such, are going to government workcamps here shortly, along with a shitload of crooked politicians. It's not the End Days, the Final Days are upon us! To know what's going on, Invert Revelations and use that Inverted Primer against Nostradamus and Casey. Ribbit
  9. What does California Traffic Law say about the Nazi Police Power over Passenger Vehicles? 2814. Every driver of a passenger vehicle shall stop and submit the vehicle to an inspection of the mechanical condition and equipment of the vehicle at any location where members of the California Highway Patrol are conducting tests and inspections of passenger vehicles and when signs are displayed requiring such stop. Then, I love it that the State Legislature has allowed County Governments to get a piece of the Interstate Commerce ACTION too: 2814.1. (a) A board of supervisors of a county may, by ordinance, establish, on highways under its jurisdiction, a vehicle inspection checkpoint program to check for violations of Sections 27153 and 27153.5. The program shall be conducted by the local agency or department with the primary responsibility for traffic law enforcement. (b) A driver of a motor vehicle shall stop and submit to an inspection conducted under subdivision (a) when signs and displays are posted requiring that stop. (c) A county that elects to conduct the program described under subdivision (a) may fund that program through fine proceeds deposited with the county under Section 1463.15 of the Penal Code. (d) State and local law enforcement agencies shall not conduct motorcycle only checkpoints. 2814.1(d) is the Hells Angels provision. If they didn’t do that, the Hells Angels would bring-down the state by themselves and they wouldn’t need any help, so provisions had to be made to appease the Hells Angels so they would not cause any problems for the Nazis. “Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.” – Albert Einstein “Nationalism is n0thing more than Parentalism/Nazism occupying the governing bodies of tHis w0rld, creating a governing body of-and-4-the-parents, which will always enslave ALL of the Children of tHis w0rld, irregardless their age, gender, or origins.” - Old Toad Proverb “In a world controlled by law, there are two types of peeps, Lawyers and Bait; and in a world where the Lawyers specialize, even the Lawyers are Bait.” - Old Toad Proverb Ribbit
  10. This SUPPOSED Traffic Law, forget CIVIL, is truly PRICELESS: 2810.1. (a) Any traffic officer may stop any commercial vehicle, as defined in Section 260, that is a rental vehicle and inspect the bills of lading, shipping, delivery papers, or other evidence to determine whether the driver is transporting household goods in violation of the Household Goods Carriers Act (Chapter 7 (commencing with Sec. 5101) of Division 2 of the Public Utilities Code). The officer may only stop and inspect where the officer has probable cause to believe that the vehicle is being operated in violation of that act. (b) It is a public offense, for which an officer may issue a citation, for a driver to unlawfully transport household goods in violation of the Household Goods Carriers Act. That public offense is punishable as prescribed in Article 8 (commencing with Section 5311) of Chapter 7 of Division 2 of the Public Utilities Code. It is an infraction to refuse to submit to an inspection as authorized by subdivision (a). I can’t believe the words “probable cause” finally showed-up, instead of Reasonable Cause but that doesn’t matter, they don’t have to abide by ANY RULES in California except whatever they want to abide by. Plus, HOW THE FUCK can a Public Utilities Code be APPLICABLE to the ROADWAYS and be called TRAFFIC LAW? Edwards vs. California (1942) has been nicely circumvented by Public Utility Codes. Don’t try to transport Horses in the State of California or Cows or even Chickens! Ribbit :P
  11. 2806. Any regularly employed and salaried police officer or deputy sheriff, or any reserve police officer or reserve deputy sheriff listed in Section 830.6 of the Penal Code, having reasonable cause to believe that any vehicle or combination of vehicles is not equipped as required by this code or is in any unsafe condition as to endanger any person, may require the driver to stop and submit the vehicle or combination of vehicles to an inspection and those tests as may be appropriate to determine the safety to persons and compliance with the code. That SUPPOSED Civil Traffic Law is NAZI SWEET-SWEET-SWEET!!! Ribbit
  12. This is JUST as GOOD: 2802. (a) Any traffic officer having reason to believe that a vehicle is not safely loaded or that the height, width, length, or weight of a vehicle and load is unlawful may require the driver to stop and submit to an inspection, measurement, or weighing of the vehicle. The weighing may be done either by means of portable or stationary scales and the officer may require that the vehicle be driven to the nearest scale facility, in the event the scales are within five road miles. Note that the use of the word “vehicle” covers ANY and ALL vehicles on the Interstate Commerce Navigable Bi-ways of California. ;) I just love the Road Nazis of California! :D Ribbit :P Ps: I also loved Charlie Manson outing the Nazis as well. He did an awesome job of proving California is FULL OF NAZIS!!! But California is the WHORE of Babylon.
  13. I just love this SUPPOSED Civil Traffic Law: 2804. A member of the California Highway Patrol upon reasonable belief that any vehicle is being operated in violation of any provisions of this code or is in such unsafe condition as to endanger any person, may require the driver of the vehicle to stop and submit to an inspection of the vehicle, and its equipment, license plates, and registration card. And EXACTLY what DEFINED CRIME has been committed by SAID DRIVER? That Law is California’s Navigable Bi-ways Search ALL and Seize ALL Law. It gives the Police ABSOLUTE Search and Seizure POWERS over Interstate Commerce. And you say California is NOT a BUNCH of NAZIS? I say BULLSHIT! I also say that you and your twit-friend are both Nazi Collaborators! Ribbit
  14. Nazism breeds Nazis, it's that simple; and when Nazism is slid-in underneath everything, disguised as a Democracy, it's easy to out whether or not you have been enslaved or not by Nazism: English Law Philosophy = Mother the Protector = Rules “from” Bleeding Heart Spain Law Philosophy = Father’s never Wrong = Rules “with” Iron Fist Sharia Law = Father’s always Right = Rules “with” Dick/Prick/Stick From that, you just have to look at THEIR LAWS: California Vehicle Code: 2800. (a) It is unlawful to willfully fail or refuse to comply with a lawful order, signal, or direction of a peace officer, as defined in Chapter 4.5 (commencing with Section 830) of Title 3 of Part 2 of the Penal Code, when that peace officer is in uniform and is performing duties pursuant to any of the provisions of this code, or to refuse to submit to a lawful inspection pursuant to this code. (b) (1) Except as authorized pursuant to Section 24004, it is unlawful to fail or refuse to comply with a lawful out-of-service order issued by an authorized employee of the Department of the California Highway Patrol or by an authorized enforcement officer as described in subdivision (d). (2) It is unlawful for a driver transporting hazardous materials in a commercial motor vehicle that is required to display a placard pursuant to Section 27903 to violate paragraph (1). (3) It is unlawful for a driver of a vehicle designed to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver, to violate paragraph (1). (c) It is unlawful to fail or refuse to comply with a lawful out-of-service order issued by the United States Secretary of the Department of Transportation. (d) "Out-of-Service order" means a declaration by an authorized enforcement officer of a federal, state, Canadian, Mexican, or local jurisdiction that a driver, a commercial motor vehicle, or a motor carrier operation is out-of-service pursuant to Section 386.72, 392.5, 392.9a, 395.13, or 396.9 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, state law, or the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria. Exactly where does California get the Legislative Power to LEGISLATE over FEDERAL Laws or INTERNATIONAL Laws? That REQUIRES Interstate Commerce Powers, of which NO STATE POSSESSES in the UNITED STATES of INTERSTATE COMMERCE STATES, which is comprised of Lawyers that have STOLEN EVERYTHING FROM eWe. Any OUTSIDE interference with Interstate Commerce AUTOMATICALLY forms a MONOPOLY!!! The Slaughterhouse Cases DO NOT BEAT AROUND THE BUSH when it comes to how those LOCAL LAWS created a MONOPOLY and the United States Supreme Court has ALWAYS held that Monopolies are forbidden in the Locale, ONLY Congress can create a Monopoly; but even then, Congress is limited but the States are FORBIDDEN from creating Monopolies but all it takes to OUT a Monopoly is to POINT the finger at the LAWYERS themselves and how they have Monopolized Law in their State by occupying Interstate Commerce with THEIR OWN WAY OF DOING LAW in THEIR STATE and you MUST get one of THEIR Law Licenses to DO LAW BUSINESS IN THEIR STATE, which is a MONOPOLY, whereas Federalism says that ONE Uniform way of DOING LAW is the way it’s supposed to be nationwide, thus, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are supposed to be the LAW of the BAR nationwide but they aren’t, the States of LAWYERS have formed Monopolies to PROTECT THEMSELVES, to PROTECT THEIR LABOR RIGHTS AS A LAWYER. Lastly, will someone PLEASE point to WHERE EVER in the Law above I cited, it EXPLAINS EXACTLY what CRIME you have committed, when you violate ANYTHING within the Law, that says it is UNLAWFUL to DO A WHOLE LOT OF SHIT but WHAT CRIME DO YOU COMMIT? Answer: You have to LOOK ELSEWHERE to FIND OUT WHAT THE ACTUAL CRIME IS, whether CIVIL, MISDEMEANOR, or FELONY, which qualifies as AMENDING THE LAW FROM WITHOUT and an ABSOLUTELY UNCONSTITUTIONAL FORMATION OF LAW. Laws MUST fully DEFINE themselves from WITHIN the BODY of the Law, the CRIME cannot be piece-meal’d-together from ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE. So whenever a Law says that it’s Unlawful to DO ANYTHING, whatever CRIME is to be charged for doing that Unlawful thing, the Crime MUST BE FULLY DEFINED in SAID LAW calling it Unlawful or it’s BULLSHIT calling itself Law! Plus, ALL Navigable Bi-Ways are GOVERNED ABSOLUTE by INTERSTATE COMMERCE, which is CONGRESS, not any State Legislature. The Uniform Vehicle Code peeps ROYALLY FUCKED EVERYONE OVER but consider themselves PATRIOTS! “A patriot to the politics of government is a Traitor to the Children/People of the World.” - Old Toad Proverb Ribbit Ps: Be sure not to MISS Penal Code showing-up in SUPPOSED Civil Traffic Law.