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  1. Here goes a SURPRISE for you that I highly recommend to download. Its official description: "Every day on the Internet you can meet unsuitable advertisement, spam and viruses, but this file does not belong among these cases. Its content is very unique and although I could praise it, I won't tell you why. One should sometimes be surprised. And despite the fact, that your experiences with this file will be positive, do not trust all the other unknown files on the Internet. Thank you." There you are (size 664 MB, takes some time to download): http://www.med
  2. Almost every idiot in the world knows that for instance the people on these pictures keep their mouth in an askew position because of me: Or that such words were not in the old USA anthem: I also suppose that Donald Trump is not a real president of the USA. What is the point in the showing of such bullshit? Hellish people in the background of it are showing nonsenses including a lie about me, but they did not tell the truth. There obviously is one part of the Internet and TV shows full of fakes (they contain nonsensical things), and another part hidden f
  3. Everything we get to know has some influence upon us. With every new information we have got, the microstructure of our body and soul gets changed a very little bit. If I did not tell you and if you did not know, the microstructure would be very little different than when I told you and when you get to know. But I do not know the exact impact on your soul. It is almost certainly extremely small. By the way, there is no more need to avoid this site: www.pavelkastl.cz
  4. Only a total idiot believes in everything what he sees in the TV. For example, in my case it is about such a big interest that all the public must have been convinced, that in case of Hellish people I was wrong. But they are the masters of human psychology and know exactly how to convince you all that they are not Hellish. Small wisdom: Imagine a powerful organization that hides a terrible evil. Normal people are totally stupid and they will never find out. And, suddenly, there is one only man who is not stupid fully, but only partly (= me). And who starts to discover that
  5. Now I will describe my old visions of the future. However, before I will start with it, I have to say first that my experiences related to these visions have two main parts: 1. True visions, usually experienced by my soul. 2. Possible imaginations that are many and that sometimes appear in the end of the experience, more exactly after its "true part". The Future of Hellish People True vision: In 2011/2012 (in the evening outside the town) there was the spiritual creature saying words meaning "Do not be afraid" or "Fear not" and "They (meaning Hellish people - commen
  6. Preface: Please forget now all what you have ever seen in the TV, what you have ever been told by the official authorities. In certain things they lie to the whole world. The story: After I have written my first book and started to write other books, I have experienced a strange encounter. Before it, it seemed that I was tested somehow. How I am with women, how much I fear this or that. Then one video was recorded with me about my books to let there be some memory of me. After it I was some time observed, which ways I use to go, what type of public vehicle transport I use e
  7. Strange interventions into our lives… Now I will ignore all the strange things from the last years and will only take a look into the past in which, to my hope, I can find the key to the future. I would like to say first that when I was a kid, my father was buying and reading books more than other people did and he was studying foreign languages, which, in our country, was not too usual at those times. I am saying this because it could have been the reason why my father and subsequently our family was observed. However, maybe such an observation is a s
  8. Human society is ruled by so-called "Hellish people". It deals with Hellish humanoid souls incarnated into the human bodies that, although being better than evil Hellish demons, are not still fully good, of course. They originate from a place that I call a "lower Hell", which means a less evil Hell, but still being far from the real Heaven. Their endeavor is to reach technical development. They have two main goals. One of them is the creation and management of a positively-functioning human society and the other one is to arrange a regular occurrence of some evil things in it.
  9. Some of you have been manipulated and tricked into a situation, in which you have unknowingly helped to damage a true elected God's servant. I am him and at the same time the only person that has explained the point in human life and the essence of a perfect human society. The reports shown to you about me are untrue. If thousands of trillions of Euro were given for the creation of negative public opinion about me and the bad development of my work, it will be so. And you must understand this. Because my brain was 15 years under impacts (I have realized everything
  10. Since 2001 I was under detrimental vibrations opening the Hell in me + the murderer(s), and this is what they did after it: http://s20.postimg.org/m9dibt6x9/the_poisoning_01.jpg http://s20.postimg.org/gz8jkimod/the_poisoning_02.jpg (By the way, my clothes still smelled of the strange vapor even after they had repeatedly been in the washing machine and they were thrown into the dustbin. And several weeks after it, in the first time in my life, I have had ketones and bilirubin in urine, but perhaps secret police removed the other results.) Then t
  11. There are bad people who rule this world for thousands of years. They have created religions with a majority wrong explanation of the point in human life, they have created artificially many big wars in the history and some personal unhappiness in the life of many particular people. And, suddenly, one man is here who knows a little bit and writes about it. Pavel Kastl. And there is a danger that people could believe in what he claims. So that your most important task is to convince the entire public of the whole world that he is wrong (and bad and crazy). The bad people use their secre
  12. I have encountered a demon that has the red centre of his eyes and the color of his skin is close to that of the sand. How did it come to pass? During several years I have seen regularly various demons, since especially during my stay in the bed the Hell used to open in me; the demons were touching me and penetrating my anus with their penis, I was waking up paralyzed and so on. The reason for this was secret equipment, the vibrations of which, sent into me, were opening the Hell. Because I was so unusual and strong that I have managed to live with that for years... .
  13. If you want to do something evil to somebody and to gain the agreement of the whole human society for this, first all the people must have a bad meaning of that guy, which is easy to arrange. The best convincing proof are (own wrong actions of the person in question and) videos, but these must be made by such a way to make it impossible to discover that they were created artificially, in other words that they are a cheat. There are many ways how to create these videos and the most efficient one is to make the guy do or say something what will call out the feelings of dislike in the e
  14. Here is my latest video related to the abuse of visual & audio elements in the entertainment (+ bonus :-): http://www.mediafire.com/download/xcf343rpv999p2f/small_things.zip All the PDF files related to "Reversed Meaning" are posted here: http://pdfs.mysteria.cz/ Thanks.
  15. Guys, Even if the TV and all the other authorities told you not to download my writings, please do not obey them at all. The following collection is little improved and contains several small educational videos: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hva025sh8v8t2dl/pavel's_wisdom.zip Due to my state of health (energetic and chemical impact on my brain) and mainly all the cheating, my view of so-called "Hellish people" was exaggerated in some points, but you should understand why. Anyway, the time will come when my explanations will be trusted more than today, it was written s