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  1. Well....truth is a pretty broad term, you'll have to admit. But the general concept I suppose is an agreeable one.
  2. Why should you believe anything you read anywhere? It's up to you to be able to determine what is reasonable and worthy of your belief. There will be propaganda of all forms that you will encounter...that's just unavoidable.
  3. I'm not a Christian, so no it is not a belief of mine. I'll just leave it at that .
  4. I agree with the previous poster, nothing wrong with letting the mind is especially natural to ponder the significance of your own existence and everything else in relation to it. Your droplet in the ocean perspective is interesting- I do agree that everything is (or at least has the potential to be) meaningfully connected to various degrees. Personally, I find the supposition of timelessness (especially in the way Einstein thought about it) particularly fascinating. Linear time is a man-made concept in the first place, so it makes sense if you think about it.
  5. I had always hoped the "real" illuminati would be a bit more interesting and clever...but I suppose you never know.
  6. People tend to get quite up in arms about Hitler, even unreasonably so. Of course he was a horrible and twisted individual....but around here you can't even so much as mention that he was incredibly intelligent and charming/persuasive (Wouldn't he have had to be?). It's a bit ridiculous.
  7. While not necessarily ethical or right, I don't think that truly counts as slavery...
  8. I think so, and if you take a look around it's hard to continue denying it. Not everything we do is toxic, but plenty of it is.
  9. Well, we're aliens to others....and there's a pretty big variety of us. I don't think it's ridiculous to think that some 'aliens' could act in ways that aren't hostile. Honestly, I've always assumed that most aliens would be indifferent to us.
  10. Well, it's not necessarily useful for us but it is pretty impressive and cool to know nonetheless. Though, as another poster pointed out- at that distance from us it's hard to tell if we're seeing something presently relevant or just old photographs and fragments left behind.
  11. Well, being Pagan myself I can tell you that kind of prejudice is very much alive and well. It's sad how far into ignorance some people choose to dwell. And while I have no personal interest in Satanism, most people who do (at least that I've known) are more into the LeVay school of thought and get a lot of unfair assumptions, as well.
  12. Agreed. I think this kind of thinking is too often relied upon and too rarely actually helpful. It's shameful to feed on peoples' fear in that way.
  13. I see what you mean quite a bit around me....once in a while I'll find others who seem aware, but everyone has their limits I suppose. You never know how fully aware you are.
  14. I think this has been a possibility for a while and am not surprised that it's still on the table...I'm sure it will be played off as something good for your overall well-being; monitor your health 24/7, keep your kids and granny safe, etc. Shame.