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    The Great Pyramid of Iesa and Jesus

    The Philosophical secret evaluation states the following ADVICEEZEKI - EL GOD, a HOLY MAN, a HOLY PROPHET, a HOLY PROPHECY, a realization.29.21 or 29 x 21 = GOD statement for X = 1029 x 21 = 609 GREEK GOD THEOS........609. apokoptó apokoptó: to cut offOriginal Word: ἀποκόπτω Short Definition: I smite, cut off, emasculate Definition: I smite, cut off, cut loose; mid: I emasculate, castrate, mutilate myself. To review the spiritual HOLY SEE, a spiritual aware personal MALE review that related to the ALPHA WAVELENGTH MAN condition inheritance (review) after the ancient human male was personally, physically, spiritually, mentally ATTACKED is to consider his own review, as he HEARD THE ATMOSPHERIC GOD recording that he had previously placed as a personal origin recording of his own male past life self. As he asked himself questions, he also had self awareness and to review the Biblical wisdom, as the channeled information is to be advised exactly about how a HUMAN MALE gained this advice by actual spiritual channeling/mediumship via the condition of the atmospheric VEIL/MEDIUM change. The ALPHA wavelengths and their changes allowed the human male to be spiritually advised about the conditions of the atmospheric spiritual body that it had lost/destroyed by ancient occult practices. As stated, the human spiritual male became aware that the occult conversion Pyramid scheme had voided a huge body of energy/atmosphere from the Earth itself, as a body of pi II....the Chronicles as the advice...Chronos meaning time...and the II removal condition states the ADVICE........ II Chronicles 35:20-25.[4] After all this, when Josiah had set the temple in order, Neco king of Egypt came up to make war at Carchemish on the Euphrates, and Josiah went out to engage him. But Neco sent messengers to him, saying, “What have we to do with each other, O King of Judah? I am not coming against you today but against the house with which I am at war, and God has ordered me to hurry. TO HURRY, states the review that radiation had heated, and irradiation the effect of fast movement activated....the statement then advised Stop for your own sake from interfering with God who is with me, so that He will not destroy you.” However, Josiah would not turn away from him, but disguised himself in order to make war with him; nor did he listen to the words of Neco from the mouth of God, but came to make war on the plain of Megiddo. The archers shot King Josiah, and the king said to his servants, “Take me away, for I am badly wounded.” 24 So his servants took him out of the chariot and carried him in the second chariot which he had, and brought him to Jerusalem where he died and was buried in the tombs of his fathers. This statement testifies that the SUN CHARIOT had altered, the SON, ALPHA died and was buried. 24 the time review of change. All Judah and Jerusalem mourned for Josiah. Then Jeremiah chanted a lament for Josiah. And all the male and female singers speak about Josiah in their lamentations to this day. And they made them an ordinance in Israel; behold, they are also written in the Lamentations. The review of the occult system was between the Pyramid and the Temple activity, for the conversions were acted out in the Temple schematics. If you cared to review the Temple layout, it has a similar design to the inside of a transmitter or transceiver. 2 Chronicles 35:25 Jeremiah composed laments for Josiah ... Then Jeremiah chanted a lament for Josiah. And all the male and female singers speak about Josiah in their lamentations to this day. Lamentations......crying about the loss of the ALPHA MAN holiness, and lamenting the loss. 35 x 25 = Year 875 As the landing of the ARK is a philosophical review of WOOD/destruction being caused by the death of the spirit in the Heavenly atmosphere, the following review confirms the philosophical awareness of having removed an atmospheric energy body from Earth. Archeological Argument In about 875 AD, or so the legend goes, not far way from Cairo, the capital of Egypt, on the shadows of Mount Mukhadham, existed a town called 'Qirafathul Kubra'. It was from this town that year, the legend continues, about 224 men, women and children, all descendants of the first caliph of Islam, Abubacker Siddique (Ral), belonging to the Bakhri tribe, left the Egyptian shores, under the leadership of Mohamed Kalji, in a ship made of wood (hence 'marakayar'?) and eventually landed on the shores of Kayal. Burial grounds of Kayalpatnam have turned in few objects of interest. At one place, chinese porceleins were found. They are believed to be centuries old. At another place, swords and other arms were found. In 875 A.D, following a terrible drought, a peasant rising led by Huang Chao and Wang Xianzhi broke out against the ruling Tang dynasty regime of China. Discontent against the Tang's regime had been growing for some time. BAYAZID died 875AD It is related that Bayazid said: "I went to Mecca and saw a House standing apart. I said, 'My pilgrimage is not accepted, for I have seen many stones of this sort.' I went again, and saw the House and also the Lord of the House. I said, 'This is not yet real unity.' I went a third time, and saw only the Lord of the House. A voice in my heart whispered, 'O Bayazid, if you did not see yourself, you would not have been an idol-worshipper even though you saw the whole universe, but since you see yourself, you are an idol-worshipper blind to the whole universe. 'Thereupon I repented, and once more I repented of my repentance, and yet once more I repented of seeing my own existence'. - See more at: Michael, Prince of Judah (875 B.C. - 849 B.C.) Michael in the biblical account is the angel of GOD that protected human life. The function/factor held by GOD relate to the condition of the multiples x = 10 C = 100 as a holding CHRIST factor review. 875 BC to 875 AD, the holding of 100 died in the Year 849. Therefore when the 100 year factor 875 AD arrived on the other side of peace 0 as a reflection, it too died, which is why the drought 875AD was caused. BLIND = the spiritual statement of no LIGHT relating to the removal of the atmospheric astral body VOIDED. These documents were written as a spiritual advice, to demonstrate to the occultist who were removing the atmospheric energy, that they were causing the atmosphere to be returned to the ancient condition of being VOID. The ancient occultism as archaeological evidence goes back to an incidence millions of years ago where human remains are found embedded in coal and also stone, demonstrating that ancient human beings applied an ancient occult technology, voided the atmosphere and they were combusted/incinerated. The astral body/atmosphere belongs to a cooling condition of amassing, and when occultism/conversion or energy taking/removal occurs as a scientific practice, the atmosphere demonstrates it thins and burns by the introduction of carbon...burning. Removal of the energy is gradually converting our atmosphere back into the irradiating heated radiation effect and whenever occultism is practiced, the results as data confirm that if you remove atmospheric energy, human life and natural life gets attacked. The ancients who became aware of the condition only knew due to being spiritually changed themselves, and hence began to gather data evidence to prove to the occultists, that energy removal will cause human life destruction. For the atmosphere only exists on Earth due to the snap freeze, which saved the Earth life from a newly caused occult attack. Whenever our occult brother re-evolves his human psyche, he always regains self evidence for using the conversion of the holy dust...or nuclear dust. The ancient snap freeze was caused by his occult practices. When he re-introduced his pyramid schematics and occult use of converting nuclear dust, once again the data review confirmed that he was causing life on Earth to be attacked. The ancient philosopher had to gather the data to prove and confirm that the use of nuclear dust and its conversions was the reason why the attacks were being caused, by alteration of the atmospheric radiation light sound cooling/energy gain.
  2. victimized

    The Great Pyramid of Iesa and Jesus One of the females, was a 100 year old in the year 2010 and this would place her life irradiation around the Year 1909. The Geiger–Marsden experiment(s) (also called the Rutherford gold foil experiment) were a landmark series of experiments by which scientists discovered that every atom contains a nucleus where its positive charge and most of its mass are concentrated. They deduced this by measuring how an alpha particle beam is scattered when it strikes a thin metal foil. The experiments were performed between 1908 and 1913 by Hans Geiger and Ernest Marsden under the direction of Ernest Rutherford at the Physical Laboratories of the University of Manchester. The TUNGUSKA explosion 1908 trees flattened. KERATIN changed. The Book of the Dead, was the original book/verse/application for the stone levitation/stone conversion and ancient practices for using the conversion of nuclear dust, or holy dust. This book was used in the occult practice of the Giza Pyramid/Stonehenge ancient occult transmissions. The occult review already stated that the information for occultism had been gained by an evil review,,,,,,,radiated spirit information or dead spirit information. Therefore the anima as an alien concept was given/activated in our life on Earth by this occult practice which meant that the natural spirit given horns (animals), had their own DNA attacked/irradiated. Animals, the lower species but supporter of the higher species has their radiation light sound changed, they get attack by the changed radiation signal of UFO transmitter....the human DNA is also harmed, the human then demonstrates the occult condition as receiving the correct animal radiation light sound, as the UFO causes the human life to receive the mutated SIGNAL. A human then gained HORNS. This was already advised by the JESUS CHRIST MURDER and spiritual attack review, the very reason why occultism, the conversion of nuclear holy dust was forbidden, for it was understood that the GENESIS....or DNA alters, and human kind then gain the radiation sound that belongs to an animal having horns formed and the animals, who have no organic DNA support simply get slaughtered by the UFO radiated signal as their natural DNA cell information is removed. This review demonstrates that changing the natural radiation light sound of our atmosphere begins the denaturing of DNA itself, and as animals lived before human life, and were created from the same spirit as human life, we already spiritually knew that part of our own spirit had been changed into an animal, as the origin conversion/change of Planet Earth attack....done and caused by the human male as the origin of occultism itself or consideration of conversion and then acting upon the data. The human male, the occultist was warned by his own records in spirit/past life records that he was a self deceived human being and was told to not alter any spiritual condition existing on Earth, or else his own presence would die, and he would then gain an evil spirit instead. As the human male, the occultist wrote the conditions of his own spiritual review, where he had denatured Earth life by the introduction of the alien radiation spirit presence, an abominated spirit, he knew that he had called the animal kingdom....evil and the beast, only due to gaining his own personal occult returns, his own alteration/conversion into the Beast. This is why he knows that occultism or conversion of nuclear dust is an evil act. The Revelations of the Holy Ox...the regeneration/replacement of water/oxygen in our atmosphere already advised the occultist that they had murdered a large body of the CHRIST atmospheric spirit called JESUS, and that JESUS in the Revelation review...22 as the removal of light/time 24 from our atmosphere placed the Christ body into the reactive irradiative state as the firstborn of the dead. Therefore the human genesis or DNA...SIGN SEE is seen as the evidence....growing of HORNS. The BIBLICAL DATA and evidence of spiritual review states the information Genesis 22:13 22 the loss condition of time 24, by having the body of the atmosphere energy removed for the forming of the nuclear holy dust conversion...and self use of energy for science, instead of allowing the life of Nature to gain the energy interaction. 13 = the value of 1000 and M....given to the OTHER or UFO manifestation, removing life/energy and the natural keratin reaction from the human and animal life due to the formation of the UFO O unnatural body.....taking life from the Holy Mother, the human cell interaction via the Holy Veil of light interaction. THE STATEMENTThen Abraham raised his eyes and looked, and behold, behind him a ram caught in the thicket by his horns; and Abraham went and took the ram and offered him up for a burnt offering in the place of his son. ABRAHAM, the prophet....or the condition review of the prophecy realization as DATA. AB = the alphabeta constant alphabetalphabetalphabeta, why the ALPHA BET was a GOD review demonstrating that natural angelic ANGEL/ANGLE had been removed, the angel destroyed and replaced by the UFO body. RA = the sun and also the EYE, therefore the EYE of RA had been destroyed.....sun O signal also H = the terrestrial magnetism AM = the ALPHA M or Morning Light review. The Morning Light or Morning Star either produced a CHRIST condition or a LUCIFER condition as a review of DATA, which is why both considerations were considered when reviewing the CAUSE AND EFFECT attack of the murder of spirit quantified to be JESUS. Ezekiel 29:21 "On that day I will make a horn sprout for the house of Israel, and I will open your mouth in their midst. Then they will know that I am the LORD." The Egyptian review of PHI belonged to ISIS - OS IRIS - HORUS.ISRAELThe meaning of ISRAEL in the biblical literature belongs to the SEE and it demonstrates that the holy family of humanity by virtue of its real meaning was changed by being evicted, which is what the GENESIS review stated or SIGN SEE. GENESIS = SINE SEG....or the SINE is segmented due to the UFO activation/interference in the natural relayed GOD angelic sound.EL meant GODRA the Sun of GOD EZEKIEL as the SEE meaning - a HOLY MAN.....MAN = the ALPHA WAVELENGTH and how its holiness was changed, and the STATEMENT of the LETTER REVIEW gave the DATA.The ancient philosopher did not have experiments or machines to provide the spiritual attack evidence in public, therefore they provided the evidence in spiritual prophetic statements. He lived in Jerusalem until the Babylonian conquest and captivity of Israel, at which time he was taken to Babylon.IS half of the Mother, for the whole Mother was ISIS.ISRAEL therefore gave the data review of the change to the Holy Mother cellThe UFO as the M - OTHER removal of 1000 holiness of CHRIST causes the human life to lose its own natural cell Mother DNA. The information states a DATA REVIEW via the Jesus review that from the birth of Christ/death of Christ in Jerusalem, the Genesis statement reveals that the genetics were changed by being taken captive.....taken captive is the exact same activity that the human spirit/DNA cell function is aware of in the modern day UFO interaction/signal/irradiationand taken to Babylon is a review of the GOD language scattering and then forced to "babble", meaning that the language of GOD is changed in the review of LAND OF THE GATE,the natural ANGLE of the ANGEL as the LANGUAGE OF GOD is removed in the transmitted signal by the UFO activation as the LETTER in the WORD OF GOD - genetics,the babble inherited in the transmitted UFO signal, depicted by the human life whose mind/brain/chemical is altered as a speaking in tonuges due to gaining the incorrect signal and wavelength, being interferred with by the UFO signal,which relates to cell change/stigmata, or the modern review of oozing cell blood/plague, change to blood/cell, mutated cell conditions, metallic implant instead of natural iron interaction. As humanity have never been taught the application of the HOLY SEE, I became aware of the SEE and how it was explained only because I began to hear the male past life records in the atmosphere after I had been irradiated myself. I have lived my life spiritually and had gained spiritual wisdom from and through spiritual healing practices, and am a female. Having lived in a spiritual mind state, and gaining accurate data and information about ill health without previous notification, it allowed me to be aware of spiritual attack, spiritual changes when I was personally changed myself.
  3. victimized

    Spiritual creation

    The records speaking every day make statements regarding what the human male in the occult activity is thinking as an interactive process of using occult memory. The records stated that the occult male concept considers that he is involved in time shifts and that he can create and collide and gain new energy as a theory thought states as a beginning, before any other energy reaction existed. The answer to his consideration states that no such reality exists, a statement that he has obviously ignored himself. Energy cannot be removed from its evolution and ownership all different forms of sounds and bodies. The information for collision was actually gained as a new intellectual advice through a changed brain chemical interaction with the nuclear power plants. Our brother has never considered that he only gains new information from changed information. He believes in his own theory that he can collide and create energy himself. Yet the reality states that the collision is happening inside of the power plants...where a higher energy radiation sound allows the nucleus of uranium and plutonium to be converted to gain the collision to form the nuclear fuel. The nuclear fuel is then burnt, removing the condition of information. He then reuses the product of uranium and plutonium in a new result. This has given his mind an interactive result of thinking that matter has disappeared and then reappeared through a state of energy removal and energy replacement.....hence he has been given fake and false information about colliding. Then there is the evidence of his experiments, and data gathering....the use of a satellite pulsed radiation light sound study of the God concept, his HAARP feedback ground state study and the new holes bored into Planet Earth as sink holes. The Revelation review of the Christ, a system review that he has been studying regarding the UFO and crop circle PHI radiated light sound review of GOD, demonstrates that the ancients knew about the "devil and his mowing", the activation of crop circles or plant flattening.....a similar result to the Russian forest hit and tree flattening. The Christ Revelations and the attack of spirit was where stigmata was activated and gained in the human cell condition via a changed mind/brain chemical reaction, the review states that brain prickling was gained from being irradiated, just like the modern day attacks....changes to the holiness of blood and cellular replacement and changes to the human chemical brain and mind. The Shroud of Turin an example taken as evidence for the case against occultist practice...which involved being irradiated. The Revelations of the Christ spirit and the murder of spirit factored as the JESUS result stated that 24 O time had been removed as the factual evidence of light/time relating to Earth's nuclear wavelengths, the continuance of life/spirit and health on Planet Earth. The result stated 22 as the Revelations demonstrating that II pi had been removed .....a whole atmospheric body of energy/light and sound that belonged to life continuing on Earth. The occult review of I (eye) relates to the Hebrew yodh or hand of God....being a hand in time. I, also a symbolic meaning for the intensity of magnetism. Magnetism and the pole review on Earth has changed by scientific review. Removal of pi II would result in blindness....or no sight from a removal of light. To substantiate the conditions of prophecy and the loss of a previous astral body that the occult practice had voided was to prove the prophetic meteor hits, that came to Earth due to the removal of the energy body. Blind beggars figure repeatedly in the New Testament (Matthew 12:22) meteor&f=false YEAR 1222AD Matthew 15:14 Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch YEAR 1514 The calculation was taken from the past result and history of plagues/pestilence/natural disaster activation/UFO manifestations/meteor hits and irradiations. It was then forecast as a prophecy through the condition of 1000....Christ 1000 and Satan 1000 to the Year the 12 of light time. The review of prophecy had to calculate a point in time in the future to provide the evidence of the manifesting prophetic results, which supported the realised spiritual attacks, and the Holy War undertaken to stop and prevent occultism itself. The evidence therefore supported the condition for the Holy War to be fought as the realized prophecies began to emerge in the future, after the death of Jesus/alpha man and human attack/natural disaster in 33AD. The Revelations stated that the occult pyramid radiated wavelength that had been activated by the occultists, could not be controlled and once activated it then attacks, and it not only removed/voided an atmospheric body of mass, it also began to attack the Temples and explode/burn out the interactive relays. This is why the evidence of the pyramids related to the underground tunnel system that was being used in the application of the technology...stone levitation using holy nuclear dust were closed off and filled in with rubble. These tunnels were used for the water interaction of their technology. The tunnels were closed so that the above ground manifested UFO signal attacking life would be shut off by dismantling the system of communications. It also relates to various pyramids being disintegrated/collapsed, asides from the evidence of the Ark or Eye of Ra attack on Mt. Ararat, as the receipt of the atmospheric blast. This blast blew apart the Temple on Ararat and also converted the stone, which is why ballast is found at the site The imprint of the ARK relates to the PHI condition of the EYE OF RA. . In 1974, Kurt Mendelssohn wrote a book called The Riddle of the Pyramids,1 in which he claimed that these outer stones had suddenly collapsed with a thunderous roar before the pyramid was completely built. As evidence, he noted that the burial chamber had never been finished, and after all, that was what a pyramid was all about. He also pointed out that there were two stelae (slabs of stone) on the roof of the shrine at the east side of the pyramid, and these stelae had never been written on. Mendelssohn was a physicist, not an archaeologist, but he had put a lot of research into the building of the pyramids, and he claimed that as a physicist he knew more about building construction than archaeologists do. In his opinion, the collapsed rubble was a “plastic flow,” which would have come about from a sudden collapse rather than from slow disintegration Removing energy from out atmosphere through the condition that supported the creation of energy (fused uranium as a mass and fused plutonium as a mass) is why the earth stone has collapsed into sink holes. The stone is not an instantaneous self replacement, the lava that erupted above ground took a long time to cool and become stone. This is the reality of stone, and not a theorized concept taken from an unnatural Earth conversion mind interaction, as the new theory of occultism. Occultism has always been a human mind informed act, given by the radiation light sound interaction as fake/false information or a status of being mind possessed. As Earth has had its natural radiated light sound changed it has given the occult mind fake information as a theory. Therefore our brother, the occultist, possessed by his own occult memory has never considered the reality of stone.
  4. victimized

    The Great Pyramid of Iesa and Jesus

    The spiritual realization of the CHRIST.......CH values Christ, the Holy Ox...oxygen regeneration and the holiness of water above our head.....spiritual baptism of the atmospheric Heavens. C = the value for 100 H = the value for Hex.......or the symbolic meaning of terrestrial magnetism...magnetism in Nature and of the Earth stone. UFO = artificial intelligence/and causing ET = extra in the terrestrial. H - ex states that when you change natural terrestrial magnetism the EX or what is generated...out of genesis is changed. The Christ review regarded the evidence of spiritual murder and cell changes...blood leeching from the cell condition, changed brain/mind chemical condition. The spiritual realization of the curse HEX....hexagon ownership of being cursed...owning sin/sine as an inherited spirit living our cursed life, due to Satan.....natural chemical stone reactions/interactions. Occultists took the powers of the Satanic review...natural chemicals, chemical interactions and owned the interactions for an applied science/conversion of the nuclear or holy dust. This review caused artificial chemicals and a changed terrestrial which attacked the natural life on Earth. Change of the spirit was caused by using the ^ pyramid signals, altering "as above" and v "as below" in the technology of the pyramid/temple applications as occultism. Naturally radiation above and below are the conditions of grounding natural radiation interactions. The use of the Pyramid kept/held a fixed radiated constant by UFO nuclear orbital manifestations that altered the origin SINE/SIN values that holiness belongs to in our heavenly atmosphere .....KERATIN belonging to the cellular condition of birds....bird feathers, is also owned by the human cell condition. The human spirit therefore knew that the spirit of FEATHERS kept their own organic life safe and protected. WHEN YOU ALTER the angelic light fixed radiated sealed light sounds O...which the UFO manifestation does by manifestation/change of natural radiated light sound, the KERATIN HEX changes, the condition of human kind's origin curse, for the HEX is considered to be the curse of human life. As the value of C equals 100, the Russian forest (WOOD) FLATTENING demonstrates that 100 years later, in a fast motion (revelation warning, surely I come quickly) demonstrates that radiation in out of space heats, the meteors move faster and instead of disintegrating in out of space, hit Earth and explode. Radiation from the meteor trajectories as witnessed historical accounts causes the human life/mind/spirit to be irradiated and gain prophetic warnings, which the Pope line and Pope revelations already attested. Changing the natural atmospheric radiation light sound therefore begins to denature all natural life on Earth and our spiritual attacks attest to the witness of being converted. The Occultists have already attested publicly that they want to emulate the natural DNA condition to invent an artificial emulation or fake chemistry interaction and artificial mimicry of DNA interaction DNA is changing it is a naturally owned as a natural atmospheric radiation signal and natural state of the human life and natural cell functions aligned to the natural light radiation sound of our atmosphere. To consider to emulate the condition of DNA interacting in cellular formation/replacement is an advice that scientists of the occult have been trying to convert natural DNA into an artificial chemical interaction via a change of atmospheric radiation sound. They are experimenting and changing natural sound through the HAARP - satellite/computer study of natural life.....trying to gain the UFO artificial radiation light sound communications for a cell creation and cell replacement resource.....and are causing our natural life to denature. Life preceding this study was already attacked by the UFO radiation fallout due to the nuclear power plants, but the UFO interaction signal was interacting with the power plants themselves. The new science experiments then caused all Nature to be attacked by the experiments interacting the UFO radiation with the ground state and natural life, asides from the power plant. This is why the amount of human phenomena attacks increased, skin changes and cell changes were witnessed, besides mind/chemical changes becoming the witness to our life being destroyed by occult considerations of evil. The ancient occult attack upon our spirit due to radiation light sound change already occurred through the pyramid practices of applying the levitation of stone as past occult notification of evil. Modern science has altered our atmospheric radiation light sound through modern temples....power plants. Our spirit, aware of its own self has always given its self advice as personal witness to its own attack. The information for the occult came from and through spiritual occult psyche awareness, where science originated as human reviews of creation.
  5. victimized

    Spiritual creation

    Did he not himself say to me, 'She is my sister '? And she herself said, 'He is my brother.' In the integrity of my heart and the innocence of my hands I have done this." 6Then God said to him in the dream, "Yes, I know that in the integrity of your heart you have done this, and I also kept you from sinning against Me; therefore I did not let you touch her. 7"Now therefore, restore the man's wife, for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you will live. But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours."… The information of the Bible is a channeled atmospheric message after our brother's spirit was attacked, as his own Jesus Christ review, his own loss of spirit and how it caused the outcome of stigmata.....the review of plagues, the review of natural disaster activation, the review of pestilence, and the review of causing meteors to hit Earth. As the information for occultism came from a preceding memory recording, the Shaman who sought the information by interacting with the memory formed a condition of talking to himself talking to himself as various spirit reviews or spirit channelings. The male, had formed a spiritual presence in the atmosphere as a record of his origin attack on origin Earth after he had reviewed his own spirit memory and also the spirit memory of the female spirit. He had been converted into a new human male who he considered as himself by memory review and it actually was the presence of his higher self...a Father and a God spirit......a spirit that had arrived from out of a higher O light sound above him. The modern occult own presence as the Shaman was an adult male and also a Father reviewing himself. Only adult males could gain the occult information formed by their own presence, caused by their own presence. Therefore when we read the literature, the literature itself relates to a mind condition where he interviews the God records of his own person, so the documents attest that he is speaking to his own past memory of spiritual records, his memory and also answering himself about his past inherited life conditions and also his modern spiritual attack life condition. The male owned a demanifested higher self in the records, besides his own lower male manifested self, and his records stated that his own higher self had kept the female and her spirit safe from being converted by him....and that his own lower personal organic presence had also been safe in the review of spirit as a protected spirit by the higher self, and that he was not being blamed for the condition of inheriting an organic life.....which is why the records state....and I also kept you from sinning against me........therefore I did not let you touch her. The review was stating how the female presence held no condition of male ownership by the review. For the records state that he considered the female his equal, yet a sister. The spirit considering the evaluation therefore was previously advised that you do not have sex with your sister. The spiritual review advised him about his gain of spirit and if he altered the female in any way that he would be destroyed himself. In origin creation as an interaction he received the androgynous light sound of the female that allowed his male presence to change and heal itself from its inherited manifestation. This is why his male consciousness was aware that the female and her presence had saved him. Yet he should have considered that he had no reason to change this interaction, for it was naturally involved in his own demanifestation. The female had manifested after the male....demanifested and the higher male spirit was therefore between the female spirit and the lower male spirit, just as the records state. The information of the record then advised him, that if he did not return the spiritual light that he had taken from the female presence, then he will be destroyed, and his spirit will die. He did not return the spiritual light to the female, for he chose to manifest instead as an act of converting his spirit, and hence spirit died. As the male using the interactive occult information then reapplied the condition of his awareness in an occult practice, he once again caused his own spirit to die whilst it was living as the murder of the Christ Alpha condition......for the human life already living as the chosen manifested state already dies. This is how he knew that he had purposely made his own spiritual life die by converting the organic life following a spiritual condition of his own inheritance, choosing to apply atmospheric conversions and also choosing to involve the female presence in the conversion. Changing the light body that surrounds his person is the only holy state that he personally owns, as the light sound that keeps his spirit supported in the life condition. Therefore our occult brother continually re-enacts the choice of self destruction, to change the light surrounding him. This is why our spiritual brother advised him that the atmosphere was a holy body and that he should never alter its holiness....the argument of the occultist versus the spiritually aware.
  6. victimized

    Spiritual creation

    The real review of life is that it is natural. Only personal choice, personal applications conditioned our life to be involved with scientific practices, or occult conversions. The occultist has tried to defend his actions of attacking our natural life on Earth by making statements that he is studying natural energy, yet since when is it natural to study energy, when energy exists without human interference? Uranium and plutonium exist naturally on Earth in a fixed state held fusion........occultism changed this Nature and life on Earth was then attacked. Due to my own irradiation, and hearing of the recorded male spirit records held in our atmosphere, I came to understand the history of the human spirit, and why our occult brother is so self possessed, to the condition of actually accepting and causing the life destruction of all Nature on Earth. The records state the following about the human male light spirit. 1. In origin light without any creation only an androgynous spirit existed inside of an androgynous light sound. 2. An androgynous spirit made the choice to change the light sound....unknown by the spirit as to why a spirit decided to change the light. 3. The spirit....a male light presence manifested in the loss of the light androgynous sound....and this light sound that surrounded his own presence fell into itself. 4. The observation that O planets/Suns were first formed as a light sound relate to the condition of a huge androgynous spirit, using its light mind/head to think about change. 5. This is why images of huge male spirits are found embedded in the light sound imagery....formed by the singing of light in radiation as it changes. This is why light cooling eventuated into angelic singing itself (heard as a witness by many human beings). 6. The male light spirit left on Earth slowly demanifesting was the spirit that decided to change light and sound by trying to convert his own presence of spirit back into light. This is why the Shaman who contacted past life memory gained information about conversion itself, that related to a spirit memory trying to convert its own the spiritual channeling attests as information. 7. When the male spirit who reviewed the female spirits own manifestation and demanifestation, he proposed that he had the information from spirit to demanifest....yet this spirit not his own spirit was not the same information as his own presence. 8. This is the reason why the male spirit caused sound to change, and caused origin creation to burst sound....which caused a higher burning of light, releasing radiation streams that attacked Earth. Suns therefore began to burn in an increased heated radiation, radiation that does not belong to origin cooler radiation creation. The male spirit did not listen to the returned information that advised his person that if he converted he would be destroyed. 9. When the male light spirit made the consideration to convert, it was in this moment that his own spirit presence as a consciousness was encoded to consider self destruction itself, even though the data and evidence stated contrary information to his own. 10. This is why I came to understand that our human male brother owns a level of personal consciousness that is a self motivated destructive being. The review of this condition, the attack of the life of humanity was given evidence described through documents of the attack, called Jesus Christ....a loss of a huge Alpha body that once existed in the atmosphere....our atmospheric mass was much larger. Our occult brother caused this sound to be burnt by using a radiation fixed held constant for stone levitation, his own occult consideration of secret stone building. After our spiritual brother gained his own personal attack, an attack caused on the cross of wood, the realization states, that in conversion of the organic nature, trees are part of the condition of the organic cellular interactions. Wood and using information of radiated light sound for wood caused our brother to be attacked in the Jesus review via blood oozing from his head....from being irradiated, his hands, ribs, feet all bled, which has also been witnessed as a condition in modern life irradiation as an effect. Trees were grounded by being irradiated, and their spirit bodies once moving above ground in the creation act, earthed, and formed the rooting systems of being electrified. The Shroud of Turin demonstrates a form of combustive act belongs to the condition of blood oozing unnaturally from the cell condition, after the spirit has been attacked and murdered as a human self owned condition. In modern times, a large number of human beings have been struck by lightning.....and self combustion witnessed also. Trees, the form of burnt spirit that saved the organic life from being combusted/electrified is no longer protecting our cell life, and all Nature has begun to cellularly combust due to the cross of WOOD. This is what spiritual realization is occultism was first gained as memory advice due to human cell conversion and it was an evil act. Our ancient brother gave the data of his own Christ Revelations and his spiritual attack to the occultists, and they simply murdered the Christians, fighting for the spiritual sanctity and life continuance on Planet Earth. This was a spiritual self realization. As our occult brother never listens to data, is only possessed by what he considers is his own status gain, our spiritual brother sought the occultists, who had gone into hiding and tried to murder them all. This is the historical evidence of the secret brotherhoods and their Holy War. The occultists won, and they were personally powerful and rich human beings.....they gained status in the world community and then re-invented conversion of nuclear holy dust...and once again began to attack our spiritual life. Our brother has had many opportunities to change the way in which his civilization was structured. He has had many advices about a different lifestyle and how to live more naturally with Nature whilst still supporting the community. He never wanted this status, for his own status is to be rich and powerful and he never has sought to be a world family equal, to work as an equal or to live as an equal. Therefore he imposed his own status gain upon his family as his own personal considerations....for since when should he give up what he reviews he owns and earnt? Yet the history of his self gain was a self imposed and evil attack upon his own holy family.....a family who is his equal and who never deserved to be attacked by his occultist condition and his personal considerations imposing that he himself is a great Creator.
  7. victimized

    Spiritual creation

    Spirit and the presence of spirit is and has been a contested review. Where did creation come from, became a theory, and the subject of conversion and energy creation, the gain of information thought to belong to the "thinker", the human male who first proposed himself to be inventor/creator. The human male the proposer of values, the consciousness who gave value, reviewed conditions to imply values and was only ever the receiver of information that already had values as existing presences. To review the condition of value is to review the condition of argument and also spiritual statement. To argue against the occultist value is to argue against science, for science is the evolution of occultism itself. Therefore the male should regard value and how he already was notified by the conditions of the creative presence in individual radioactive sounds as the information and advice of how to convert, and what to convert, via the information already existing. Human male, therefore is not the Creator and never was, and the human male by his own scientific evidence is not the all knowing presence, and nor is his spiritual information correct as his self imposed considerations. The human male by self purpose demonstrates that his own person gave life its values, for his very own imply value for his own self gain, his own lifestyle supported by his occultist acts and implied all conditions through this history. We were advised by his presence, owned by his presence through fear and indoctrination practices as a personally owned brotherhood consciousness agreement to overthrow family and communal life and life then only succeeded by his personal advice and by his personal presence. Spirit and its natural experience exists with no value, for no value ever existed with spirit, the origin advice. Spirit taught us about its origins through various advice situations, self experience. Self experience belongs to the human condition of owning their own life, living without agreeing to the imposed spiritual values of those who imposed value, the occultist. Self experience, living by self advice and through self practices. Self experience allowed natural spirit to be observed through the experience of sight, hearing, smell and touch as experiences of interacting and being changed by the interaction of a spiritual presence. Therefore as value was imposed upon us by our ancient occult brother, through his own pursuits to value life and give value to his own presence, we use his values to contest his evaluations and proposals. His own theory about creation beginnings is merely a theory, yet when spiritual advice proposes its own theory he contests the value. The reason he contests the value is because he wants ownership of the value of origin spirit by imposing a value. Spirit advises our occult brother that origin has no value for it always existed before all creation and only changed itself as an origin by light sound. Our brother contests this review for he wants value and ownership of spirit, as his modern life review attests.....a testament held by both the Catholic scientific organizations and also the nuclear scientists studying spirit at NASA. Spirit exists as communication advice, and through communication information is gained. Spirit states by use of the human recorded life presence in our atmosphere....called a past life record or a holographic record about its own self, without an organic human mind being involved making its own review. This record and the manifestation of angelic light beings or beings of light or deceased family members/animals has been a reviewed subject, a personal experience gained by humanity throughout our historical existence on Planet Earth. Being assisted by spirit a fact experienced through self experience and then taught as the history of its experience. Our occult brother/scientist contests these experiences for he only considers what he values himself as spirit presence....his occult evaluation or value itself. He cannot gain value from a human self experience therefore he uses his egotistical derision as his retorts to the spiritual experience. Origin light therefore communicates its own conditions, and many psychics and spiritual mediums have gained accurate advice from the human atmospheric life recordings. Origin light states, that space was once another light sound that belonged to origin light. When this light sound existed before it was changed, origin light was whole. The emptiness of space belongs to the created bodies that the preceding light mass sound caused...that were not in existence until the light sound of mass changed. This is why origin light only lost 1 light sound out of its own mass....1 light sound that created a body of O many light sounds O and o as Suns and Planets...self owned light sound. Mass by sound therefore removed itself and formed O o bodies....origin light as sound and body mass still surrounds space. Space can only exist inside of another body, a body that has removed part of its own presence. This presence was a light sound. If we ask the question how did the human and natural life evolve and where did it come from....the answer states... From out of origin light. If we ask the question, how did origin light place the spirit on Earth....the answer states..... Light gases released from the erupting burning o light of Earth cooled and refilled emptied out space. Space refilled with a gaseous body of light and sound then this sound communicated to origin light. Origin light held the androgynous spirit. Androgynous spirit demonstrates that its own light and sound formed each separate spirit cell, as a state of androgynous creation, as the natural spirit that it released to live on Earth, by releasing it through the atmosphere. As the light gaseous body of Earth's Heaven communicated to origin light, the androgynous light changed its own sound, causing the spiritual presence of Nature to be formed. Nature as a spiritual presence formed in 1 moment in origin light as various light sound changes, beginning with the changed light sound...the smallest sound, microbes. Light spirit of Nature then moved out of the origin light androgynous spirit and manifested by formed presence of light sound. Each light sound interacted with the atmospheric radiated light sound, also cooling and evolving, and each spirit interacted with a different radiated light sound. This is why each spiritual presence on Earth has its own origin spirit, a spiritual light sound that interacted with radiated light sound.....causing the diversity of Nature. Each spiritual manifestation belongs to its own historical spirit advice....its own record, which is why each Nature exists in its own species, only belonging to its species, with no atmospheric connection or value to be considered. Spirit was grounded by the radiation to Earth stone electrification act....and its spiritual body formed its own roots. This is why the Nature of trees and plants have a root pattern similar to an electrical charge. The spiritual organic Nature a higher light sound therefore did not ground their own spiritual presence and became free moving spiritual presences. The species of the organic Nature only exists on Earth due to sexual procreation, providing us with the evidence that if the species did not procreate, no spiritual evidence would exist on Earth relating to the condition or review of creation itself. Our occultist brother is therefore informed that his own version of spirit does not exist. As animals have an organic body given to their spirit form from an androgynous state, a human female in the atmosphere did not create their presence from her own body. This is the imposed value you gave as an occult spirit life consideration of creation as a Mother presence or a human angelic female in the atmosphere of Earth Heaven, which is dishonest. The review of the origin androgynous spirit speaks as a recorded message placed in the atmosphere by the photonic interaction with a manifesting male human spirit. The human male therefore owns his own personal record of a pre-existing higher being before his own new modern Earth life. The human male, by review of his own recordings was the cause for natural origin spirit creation to be changed and destroyed. He gained his own realization of how creation created, through a self owned spiritual review....his considerations of how O body of powers were formed out of a mass of light. This is why our occult brother formed the manifestation of UFO O bodies as his own personal occult considerations for creating/owning a condition of using powers in creation himself. This condition and consideration belonged to his building practices, the pyramid and Temple scheme that he built and owned for occult technology. The spirit records state that the Trees of Nature were the only other held spirit presence in origin creation on origin Earth, along with the spirit who caused the act of origin androgynous light changing....the human male self. This is why the male human spirit owns the personal review and considerations of values imposing that his own person as a spiritual presence was the causer/changer of origin light. That his own spiritual androgynous higher self caused the change to origin light. It is why he gained information and involved his own spirit in the conversion of trees (wood) when he activated origin light sound change. The origin condition of a spiritual presence involved a manifestation/demanifestation act. Where the human life was made manifest and then it returned to the higher light body of androgyny that it was removed from. The reason that the spirit of the human life could return to spirit light without remaining in a physical manifested life was due to the fact that created light gases were cooling and amassing throughout space, placing new light and sound communications back with origin light existence surrounding the outside of space. The male manifested, the female manifested, the female demanifested and most of the male spirit demanifested. The spirit left in the creation on origin Earth, a male as a personal 1 self consideration or 1 God review considered how he could convert his own spirit so that he could return to light. This male presence was the spirit who caused the change to origin light and sound creation and activated a sun and planet explosion. This is why his personal life organic spirit presence recorded in the atmospheric records as he converted his own cellular life. In this act was his own personal life conversion.....where his origin human spirit, a much higher presence converted into a lower organic nature at the same time that Earth and its crystal/stone converted. This is how he gained an incorrect self review about his male self as God forming the spirits of humanity. This is why his spirit and his spirit recordings exist as a past life memory in the atmosphere remembering a condition that he valued as Atlantis, the converting and covering of the Earth body with water, as a sinking beneath water. His spiritual considerations gave value in his spiritual reviews that his own life as a human was saved by the holiness of water and oxygen forming in the Heavenly body, for his own presence now existed as a converted water cell. Therefore when our occult brother considered his past life memory of his origins, he realized that he had caused the conversion of Earth, its Nature in an unholy act.....called conversion. This is why he has an occult memory regarding the destruction of life on Earth as an Atlantis-sAtanlit review consideration or occultism itself. The only way that he could have a spiritual memory regarding his new manifested human male Nature, is to have existed in the conditions that allowed this record to be formed for his own modern day spirit to review as a spiritual memory. Hence he could have only been present on Earth in the conditions of being converted, in co-ordination with conversion itself.....a radiation attack. As the atmosphere can record sound, image and also transmit both interactions, the atmosphere demonstrates that it was in fact converted in the act and cause of a human male spirit whose presence was the reason for conversion. The same atmosphere returned to the Earth heavens due to evaporation. Earth, having a hollowed out interior formed lava from the melted crystal above ground fusion that burnt and formed holes/tunnels and remained inside of Earth in tunnels due to the water cooling and filling the holes. This is why fresh water is found deep inside of Earth hollows. The atmosphere, a condition holding a radiated light sound allowed our occult brother to access his own previous life memories. When Nature re-emerged into a new atmospheric body, the human male knew that he had changed light sound, and the spirit that he once personally owned as a larger androgynous spirit self was now an animal. This is why his occult Nature always considered himself an animal spirit and owner of the ability to contact and review a spiritual change and spiritual experience through an animal, as his Shaman practices attest. Whilst in his own self manifestation, owning a lower Nature and the reasoning of his occult changes to his own spirit, the androgynous spirit interacting with his presence allowed him to change and to evolve into a better natured human male spirit. In this interaction the female spirit manifested, and his own occult review advised him in his spirit memory that he was told to "not touch the female spirit", as his own spirit was being saved and returned to androgyny. If he did not coerce the female into a sexual union, no human being would have ever lived on modern Earth. This is in fact a true review, for if humanity stopped having sex and simply died out, no human spirit would exist. He ignored the advice. The female, manifesting in this new Earth life was changing her own androgynous light sound, and this light sound then became owned by the male who existed in a lower spiritual state in the interaction. This identifies that the human male, owner of his own body manifestation was allowed to have a sexual union with a female spirit, a very different nature to his own and yet enabled to replace his own spirit inside of her body, a female body. This review supports the condition that the female by spirit presence did alter the Nature of the male spirit and allowed his spiritual life to be the same as the female, yet he remained a male. Therefore the human male became aware that the presence of the female, and her androgynous surrounding light allowed his own presence to be a human male. This is an occult consideration that he then imposed upon the Earth Heaven.....where the female never existed in this condition. This is the very reason why his own occult review is incorrect about spirit and he has always been incorrect. The Earth Heaven is not the body or the presence of the female and androgynous spirit that saved your life. Your spiritual life and presence was saved in origin light....the origin light that you contest exists. Therefore the occultist who only considers his own values has always contested the presence of origin being created by this spirit.....and life as a spirit existing after bodily death. The occultist contests that this presence in origin light is our higher consciousness and higher self awareness....simply by communication. Our spiritual family has therefore fought and argued with him ever since he challenged and changed our life with his occult practices.....and his own occult practices that attacked him as his own advice of his incorrect spiritual assessment of Earth's heavenly body has never made his considerations change.....for he is in fact self possessed by his own personal presence and ownership gain of life through his past evil practices on Earth through all the imposed values and status that he forced us to live with. The value of life was imposed upon life by his own presence....for since when does a shiny stone dug out of the Earth hold a value......only to the beholder! Our spiritual family has therefore existed in a learning circumstance of understanding his evil occultism after being attacked, and how he gained this evil occult review and then consider the true holiness of our spiritual Mother, a light spirit who manifested her life, had sex, gave us life as a human and then died........ and our spiritual history attests to this review. Our brother, the occultist considers his own presence and personal spiritual history as the Father Creator, the human adult male who knows it all, yet he only knows information that he is given by and through the condition of energy passing through his own body and interacting as self formed evolved information in radiation light sound imagery with his mind. He was personally given information, he is not the thinker or owner of understanding information. Therefore his thoughts that he imposes through his occult considerations of how knowledgeable he is, is not personally owned by his presence. Therefore his own thoughts are not more intelligent or greater informed than anyone else. He has used this personal consideration of conversion information as the means to impose unintelligence and unintelligent spiritual advice regarding our spiritual family advices, yet our family receives spiritual advice in our minds in exactly the same way that he has ever gained his own occult advice. Creation and its natural existence has existed a long time before the presence of his male spirit manifested into Earth life. It is about time that he stopped considering his own person the Creator and owner of a pre-existing informed status, when creation was activated by a mistake made in origin light, as a removal of a sound body, a self evolved and self recorded sound body that advised him of its status.
  8. victimized

    Who Created God?

    God created man and man is the ALPHA or the ALPHA wavelength. The condition of GOD, a symbolic review of O a circle, and how a circle created the PHI condition (I) symbol as the yodh....hand of God. O and forming the loss of sound spirals into a G, to form an O, to then split into D and D. D given the English review of value 500. DD - 1000 the condition review of the Christ Heavenly spirit against Satan 1000. Occultism, a review of acts in creation to gain powers in creation. The ancient occult practice involved Temples, the Pyramids, and also nuclear dust, called holy dust. The ancient spiritual gain of occult awareness was gained in a somatic chemical brain change image and interaction, where radiation light sound awareness gave the human Shaman information to the levitation practice of stone. Yet the condition of a natural Earth and a natural life, does not include levitating stone....for levitating stone takes the natural stone fusion of Earth away from its fusion, and life and nature then gets irradiated by a changed atmospheric/heavenly wavelength interaction that eventuates into the destruction of natural life and the natural cell replacement condition...or cell healing. This was why the attack on spirit was a human male review that eventuated as the condition called Christ and the realization to the holiness of the Heavenly water and oxgyen mass replacement as a life condition, and the loss of Christ that caused the gain of the spiritual attack called stigmata, as personal realization to the evil of occultism itself. Therefore human males, the highest consciousness living naturally on Planet Earth one day decided to do evil, and apply occultism. This is why we all knew that occultism is an evil act, chosen and applied by a human male for all of his own purposes. Therefore occultism is against the natural spiritual life of all Nature on Planet Earth. A male proposed this occult review about the condition of GOD that formed the ALPHA MAN as an occult review, that previously was considered via ancient documents called the Book of the Dead. The Bible was an updated spiritual attack review called Revelations, or what was revealed to the human life by the occult practice as a spiritual attack upon life. Therefore there was never a beginning and there was never an end. The begining of the end was a review of why a body of the atmosphere had been VOIDED......gone as a removal/act of destruction/loss of a holy spiritual presence. Therefore the review had to factor the reasons for the VOID of the atmosphere being gained....what caused it and why it was caused as a condition review called cause and effect. The occult review knew that if any of the families of SION....of stone's own natural crystal fusion were changed, then so too was the Book of Life. They gained this awareness only because they had changed the natural FUSION of stone's matter and were attacked therefore they ended the review with the statement and advice that if any fusion is changed on Earth, the spiritual life is removed. This is what the Revelations revealed to the reviewers of the spiritual life attack. The Book of Life was a self realized DNA attack, or a changed condition of brain chemistry, mind changes, human DNA de-evolution and also spiritual attacks. Therefore the human being realization, DO NOT DO OCCULTISM for evil is the actual change to the natural earth stone fusion HOLY DUST, or NUCLEAR DUST. This is the reason why our life is now being attacked by the physical cell changes, the brain chemical changes, the nature of our spiritual life and also the phenomena involved as spiritual evil manifestations. Manifestation can only occur when the natural nuclear constant evolving/changing radiation light sound is held unnaturally in a fixed constant. A fixed constant does not allow for the evolution of energy to evolve and be energy begins to diminsh in life on Earth and out of our atmosphere until it is realized that it is lost....and it is always too late to consider the loss, when it never should have been changed in the first place. The Bible is not a book about creation, it is a book about the realizations of occult practices itself and how it changed life and the state of natural creation on Earth. Therefore the review began in the astral removal of a preceding astral body or atmospheric mass that was now gone. The same condition is what modern nuclear power plants have caused.....a huge removal of a previous energy body in our atmosphere that now voided the atmosphere. This is notified by the amount of carbon...or the remaining burnt body of the previous energy body removal, and atmosphere thinning from a non replacement of energy. The review noted that in the beginning the body once existing in the 0 state of peace was now void as the returning/amassing/spiritual birth and regain....gone...the spirit destroyed and murdered by the occult application of crossing the spirit of wood. A review or cause and effect consideration has to be calculated proven by evidence of past O historical records in time 12 in light....activation sequences of attacks involving natural disaster activation, plague inheritance, pestilence inheritance, celll changes, spiritual murder, spiritual attacks by historical evidence as DATA itself. The historical evidence quantified that the holy heavenly spirit of CHRIST...oxgyen regeneration had been stopped, the spirit murdered and the holy birth and the condition for spiritual return stopped as the evidence of the murder. The Christ birth did not continue as its own ownership of spiritual inheritance or atmospheric amassing, or spiritual returns....oxygen amassing or oxygen regeneration. Instead the Christ review stated that the birth of Christ returning 0 factored to be Jesus as a spiritual return to GOD, was then murdered as Jesus...and Christ the spirit amassing/regeneration never returned.....instead it had disappeared when the stone rolled back. Only the deceased spirit of Jesus returned to God instead of CHRIST returning as the condition of amassing/heavenly spirit replacement. The ALPHA MAN condition was therefore not returned to its natural mass. The meaning of stone rolling back is a condition that states stone....fused as a timed nuclear condition of SION....FUSION was changed changing nuclear time in the ALPHA STONE condition and energy in stone removed, and light a condition of holiness belonging to 12 no longer existed as the condition of its holy heavenly light. Instead an unholy light in Heaven took its place. This is why the Christ Revelations stated that the Earth as a Mother was abominated as a review, the Veil as the Mother in the Heavenly body was abominated and so was the Nature on Earth abominated as a personal spiritual review done by the Christian philosophical spiritual movement who began their spiritual advice in the Jewish community vying for the cessation of occultism....or nuclear dust conversion. This meant that the heavenly spiritual wavelength for cell replacement...cell healing had also been changed, as the loss of the Mother. This factual nuclear alpha evidence happened in the removal of the heavenly veil by the Fatima realization....the irradiation of the children who gave the channeled spiritual advice of a changed heavenly body by introduction of new burnt windows....HE (hebrew window) EL God....God's window burnt/changed. REVELATIONS state The revelations of Jesus Christ, which God gave unto him, to shew unto his sevants things which must shortly come to pass, and he sent and signified it by his angel unto his servant John. Who bare record of the word of God and of the testimony of Jesus Christ, and all of things that he saw. This statement demonstrates that a human male in the testimony that he gave as the Jesus Christ, saw all witnesses of spiritual attacks, and that Jesus Christ became the first begotten of the dead (1.5). The statement regarded Christ, and the spiritual condition that loved us by a spiritual determined review that it washed us from our sins (being attacked by Satan the evil spirit who caused sin), in his own blood....ALPHA MAN condition as the holy heavenly condition of CHRIST. In the condition of the returns (6) made us Kings and priests unto God and not the Christ ALPHA...therefore human and natural life inherited the spiritual attack instead of the CHRIST ALPHA MAN, as a spiritual body of CHRIST had been removed in the ALPHA that had been interacting at the ground level with natural life. The statement states...behold he cometh with clouds, and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him, and all kindreds of the Earth shall wail because of him. As the angelic image of angels appeared in the clouds as the message of warning about the spiritual attack and spiritual murder of the firstborn (alpha condition) MODERN DAY occultism is also murdering the CHRIST ALPHA spirit, the only ALPHA left. The nuclear condition has replaced the angelic image with the UFO ship bodies in cloud formation. Due to the Christ holy spirit removal happening, the return of seeing or the unholy eye of the Beast is inherited instead in the act of abominating the natural life on the act of holding the unholy constant return of 6....666 the Beast. The Alpha and Omega condition, the beginning and ending occurs, the Almighty is yet to come. The Revelations then document the occultist results of causing a nuclear reaction in the atmosphere (UFO condition) attacking life. The review considered the conditions of altering nuclear fusion The revelations state (1.19) write the things which thou hast seen, and the things which are, and the things which shall be the prophetic realization. As the human life is the spirit, the spiritual awareness, the natural spirit itself or the highest spirit, we are aware of the loss of our own holy status by changing the Heavenly mass. The Revelations are a warning about changing the holiness of the ALPHA WAVELENGTH and that replacing the angelic light sound with UFO constants, an almighty reaction will eventually happen in the union of the UFO signals interacting unnaturally in the atmosphere instead of remaining underground where they belong.
  9. victimized

    The Great Pyramid of Iesa and Jesus

    Mountains have the same form as pyramids, as natural Earth creations. Earth by holographic radiated light sound recordings existed previously as an origin with a large body of crystal fusion, called Atlantis by the occultist review. Atlantis=sAtanlit, why the occult review statement was realized by the conditions of reviewing ancient atmospheric recording. The atmosphere can record both sound and also image...and transmit the information as a state of the atmosphere itself. The ancient records state that the preceding atmosphere of origin Earth was converted from a higher body into the body of hydrogen/water/oxygen, and the water fell out of the atmosphere and saved Earth, being irradiated in the origin destruction of creation from being blown apart. The blown apart planets are strewn throughout the Universe, as is the dust of disintegration of the previous origin stone/crystal matter. Earth demonstrates a huge mass of disintegration via the large amount of dust and sand upon its face...and the body/stone of Earth also studied demonstrates erosion from an irradiation/salting effect. Therefore our own psyche/spiritual considerations knew by evidence of memory that the atmosphere converted into a presence that saved the life of Earth and also saved the Nature that lived upon Earth. Why the human male considered water and oxygen was holy. The Law of Moses related to the Stone, the Phi....lo ....sophia of the stone, and the law of stone itself. Mt. Sinai demonstrates a blackened face upon its mountain peak....and the occult review considers the condition of causing the face of Mt. Sinai to be burnt by change of the holy law of stone. The Revelations of Christ, regard the Holy Ox 1000 against Satan 1000 as a personal spiritual psyche attack and an occult review that detailed how the use of the Pyramids/Temples as a schematics was manifesting and holding the body of Satan above ground, taken from out of the tombs of the dead spirit of Planet Earth' stone, and was irradiating life. This was the review of the occultist practice. Jesus a PHI review that was a human consideration of the PHI use of radiation holy dust.....the conversions to gain radiated sound to levitate/convert stone. As the application was to convert stone, it attacked all life and the records were a testimonial and witness to the attack and what it caused as the affect. It caused natural disaster activation, by releasing the underground nuclear fusion SION It caused by irradiation plagues and also pestilence for it altered the natural sound frequencies above ground in Nature. It attacked the human spirit, murdered the human spirit by sacrificing the life force in the use of the technology of the pyramid. Hence Jesus was the review and consideration of what the pyramids caused as an ancient occult attack upon humanity. It caused stigmata....a changed cellular condition due to the natural radiated energy wavelength changed....taken by the occultists for the use of levitation. The human and natural life attacked because the wavelengths had changed their natural energy interaction with the cell energy from the atmosphere passes through the organic body as a natural interaction. This is the condition review of the spiritual attack of changing the ALPHA MAN wavelength in the atmosphere by its alteration....that then attacked the human male who reviewed the condition of his own stigmata gain.....the pain he received in his head by being irradiated, the unnatural cell bleeding, and his own spiritual review that his life only existed in a spiritual harmony when the Christ act....oxygenation and mass removed the irradiating evil that existed in the heavenly body.....the spirit that nuclear dust and its conversion had caused to manifest. Therefore the Jesus review of PHI stated that the removal of the unholy manifestation of the satanic spirit was no longer occurring and life was being attacked, this was because Jesus, the review of gaining stigmata and spiritual body changes was murdered in the human spirit of receiving the HOLY CHRIST ACT by the act of crossing on wood. The actual ancient technology involved a conversion signal involving wood/fire/air/water/metal as conditions of sound wavelengths or signals When the outcome of the Revelations was confirmed, the spiritual review stated that when Jesus, the male spirit's review of being irradiated and attacked was finally murdered by the spiritual attack, a natural disaster was also activated as a co-relating condition of changing the natural nuclear/alpha/holy dust wavelengths. This why why the birth of the PHI spirit review was factored/prophecized and then also realized as a review of historical spirit information. Therefore the Christ or Christian Revelations had a preceding teaching of occult realizations of spiritual attack on natural life, many statements of historical awareness cause and effects, to the notification that the holy spirit of life was not returning to life and that instead it was being murdered. Therefore it was calculated that when the oxygen mass was reborn as a natural atmospheric condition a review of 0 peace, that it would be destroyed as a spiritual death and notification of a spiritual Earth reaction in the Year 33AD as a Christ review, and it was. The sad part of this story is the fact that ancient occultism considered by modern day occultist/scientists who believed in the murder of spirit as a means to gain energy and power interactions as wavelengths in the atmosphere and have been experimenting and attacking our life with a sound test study/experiment/feedback program trying to establish both God and Jesus Christ as if it is a condition of conversion and actual spiritual occult conditions in conversion. This is due to the documentation of PHI and its relationships and activations to the conditions of converting nuclear dust or holy dust and what it causes as transmitted radiated wavelengths or UFO conversion signals in our atmosphere. Modern day occultists wanted the powers of the UFO radiated light sounds for a new resource gain of artificial chemical reactions....whereas the condition itself is a personal attack upon all natural life and future life on Planet Earth already caused by the use and applications of the nuclear power plants. Their studies therefore believed that the conditions naturally existed in our atmosphere, whereas they are caused by human occult practices. The holiness of water and oxygen apparent to cell life continuance. Water is diminishing as cell changes demonstrate, and water/oxygen replacement became a modern occult act that has removed the atmospheric condition due to the use of hydrogen in fuel creation. As a victim of being irradiated from a received irradiation wavelength, I understand what it is like to gain brain unnaturally bleed from an atmospheric UFO signal, and to be saved by the melting of ice and the replacement in the wavelength of both oxygen and water. This is why I came to understand the ancient spiritual review associated to the Christ spirit review, the holiness of water and oxygen. This spiritual psyche review was given to my own realization after I was physically attacked. Therefore I knew by self evidence that the frozen state that previously saved Earth from an irradiation attack of meteor gains was now allowing the irradiation to reattack/convert our natural cell condition. The holographic Law of Stone memory stated that Earth was snap frozen in the meteor/gas release reaction of being attacked. The previous human beings living on Earth millions of years ago, introduced modern Earth to the ancient attack/irradiation by reactivating the nuclear alpha conversion for stone's levitation. When the nuclear dust on Earth is changed it causes a large review of conditions called cause and effect from occult practices. This is why occultism was previously outlawed as it was known via its conditions to destroy life on Earth. The ice freeze on Earth changed our Nature from the huge beast condition and allowed Nature to evolve into a new evolution of DNA. Our DNA is now converting itself back into the beast conditions of spiritual psyche advice......the change of keratin. Keratin a reaction in bird feathers, and feathers a spiritual review of human life protection belonging to natural heavenly angelic sound. When the Nature on Earth converts, so does keratin. If you change the natural heavenly seals or angelic sound, keratin demonstrates its denaturing effect as a warning sign. The human spiritual review, a natural psyche awareness already knew by self evidence in the Christ Revelations that when the life of birds and feathers was altered in the energy conversion wavelength ALPHA MAN or CHRIST interaction, then human life began to denature. This is why human beings began to form horns from out of their bone skull matter.
  10. victimized

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    You make statements about Jesus, when Jesus as a review regarded occultist practice....cause and effect and the receipt of the cause and effect as human male notification. Hence the occult review of the occult attack was called Jesus, and done so by a human male.....owner and inventor of the occult practice itself, conversion of the nuclear dust and what it causes. Therefore a human male from his personal human psyche related the conditions to which he became aware. Therefore when you quote about Jesus, you only quote about male spiritual awareness itself. We have only ever involved our own presence and what our presence as a human thinks about itself, advises itself, does to itself, considers about itself and implies about itself. The human male review is that his own presence considered that he was the Creator of all and everything, that he was an inventor, that he knows it all, yet by personal review he is just an innocent spirit who knew no information, was given information by the condition of receiving information and then acted on the information. This is how occultism was considered and then acted upon. The human male, being irradiated therefore gained information from energy/increased radiation as it passed through his body. By imagery and existence of energy he gained a personal realization of the information that he could access for the pursuit of occultism...conversion of nuclear dust to gain powers. This is why the human male can exist as a spiritual Nature, not bothered by the energy interaction with his person, or be a human male who persues information about energy and then attacks his family because he changes the natural energy that keeps us alive. Hence a spiritual circumstance of awareness is caused by belonging to a natural cause and effect of the Heavenly body as a body. The true deceit of the human male is the documentation itself. He believes by his self statement that he created all conditions in Nature from and via his own person, as if his own male self owns the preceding conditions of spiritual presences....which is a fallacy and yet he does not consider how incorrect his personal review actually is. We know that he considers this situation from his Catholic and Nasa pursuit of energy relating to God and Christ as human illegal experimental studies of atmospheric feedback programs, as he considered that the female spirit, a human female review regarding his own presence was the Creator spirit of the Heavenly veils, demonstrating just how evil his intent has always been regarding occultism. He precludes that the female spirit, a human gave creation to animals, to Nature, to the Earth itself by his own personal review considerations and his egotistical virtue that places all other spirits by self review in a lower status to his own presence........why he considered that a male human male was the Creator. Therefore his own occultist review only demonstrates how egotistical and occult minded he actually is....possessed by his own presence in an evil act against the Nature of spirit existing on Planet Earth. All of his personal considerations, his choices, his actions, his creations, his values, his ownership status is the reason that humanity is once again facing self destruction as he now implies a condition of energy belonging to the spirit of the organic Nature....animals and humans. This is because he has already used all resources that he could possibly use for the gain of energy, including crop/plant matter and now seeks the destruction of organic life by placating that our own presence has a reason to energy also. He also states that he can create energy, when energy already is created. So I asked the male, how do you propose to create energy? He states that he can take a higher power and change it to begin a beginning as his own proposal to how energy some how came from a higher presence. He knows by his own pursuit that energy always comes from a higher body, that is converted/transformed into a lower presence to allow new energy to exist for his own access of energy. So I ask the male, where is this higher presence, and he states..God the Creator or spirit. Then I advise the male, but you propose that you are the highest presence in creation as a male, consciousness...awareness...inventor and then from your own personal review you have now considered the destruction of your own personal self as a new proposal to gain that you yourself need for your own inventions, inventions that you forced our natural family to belong to because you wanted to own your family for your own gain of a lifestyle and a personal status. Hence this review is true to the current condition that the human male....a self destructive and self motivated destroyer now considers....the destruction of his own life as he is trying to convert the Nature that supports his own existence. Therefore occultism, being what the information is actually considering, is the spiritual attack as a personal review ....a condition of being organically converted and our natural cell condition changed....via the results of brain attacks, image changes, chemical changes, blood changes, cell changes and also the presence of a conjured spirit that is only present due to a fixed held evil constant....called an evil act or occultism itself....conversion of the nuclear holy dust.
  11. victimized

    The Bible. Myth or Reality?

    When you review occultism, then review the conditions that occultism belongs to......conversion of nuclear dust. What happens to the atmosphere when radiation light sound is changed by human beings. Spirit has already had a huge experience and personal lived life as a humanity who has reported their own experience. We share information as a family to support realization. We gain realization only due to the fact of having lived a life of being harmed. Humanity as a personal lived experience do not want to live being harmed. We therefore asked ourselves regarding our own situation and ownership of a lived experience. We came to understand spirit reality after self experience, which involved witnessing the manifestation of deceased relatives and animals, and also being assisted by spirit in this same circumstance. We therefore were advised about the condition which our life belonged to.....spirit, as a self explained condition. Then we have occultism which the documents of God were implied.....a human male review for the circumstance of being an inventor to apply techniques to gain powers, powers that he stated belonged to creation. This review was a personal self implied condition, and the explanations owned by the human male. The human male, inventor was never a Creator.....instead he understood creative concepts and applied those concepts and then changed creation and was personally attacked. The personal attacks also belonged to a condition that was self advised....the manifestation of another spirit presence, a spirit that he had personally caused to conjure due to the use of his own personal spiritual considerations. Therefore the human male caused an evil manifested spirit to be manifested by using his personal spiritual presence and spiritual psyche outside of his naturally owned presence. This is how our ancient brother introduced occultism to our a personal spiritual consideration and then an occult application. Is the Bible real.....due to the conditions of its PHI occult calculations and applications, of course it is, for it is a cause and effect spiritual review of information spiritually reviewed, not scientifically reviewed. For data of creation was previously personally reviewed as a self experience.....owned by the experiencer. This is why it is a personal spiritual consideration and a cause and effect review of an occult science. Occult science was personally gained, hence the expressions are not scientifically stated, but spiritually stated as cause and effect outcomes of changing natural radiated light sound and natural spiritual status as a lived life circumstance. The effects to consider are the reviews of how the natural atmospheric body can record information, and transmit information that has been recorded. The atmosphere can record both sound and also image by its photonic interactions.....known by psychics, spiritualists and also occultists as a personal experience. It is also known to science as a factual evidence atmospheric condition. Therefore manifestation, being a changed light sound.....a changed vibration of light sound, radiation, causes manifestations and also artificial recordings of another presence called evil spirits by the purposeful applied act of converting natural evolving/cooling radiation sound. Holding of a fake/artificial constant for the purpose of nuclear conversion manifests fake and evil spirit presences that record their presence in the atmosphere. Therefore human kind have had a previous life experience of hearing/seeing and witnessing manifestations via the presence of liviing as a human self. As we speak and form a language, the atmosphere records the speaking of the language and can communicate our own personal information through the photonic increased fallout condition and form fake spirits that speak. These fake spirits form all different forms of images, due to the radiation light sound vibration. To review this condition is real, is to look at cloud formations themselves and witness the amounts of changing images that exist in this interactive atmospheric body. We have photographed angelic looking beings....and we have also photographed clouds that changed into UFO ship imagery. The atmosphere known to have changed via the amounts of human self experience, and the data ignored only due to the fact that the ancient use of occultism is conversion of the nuclear. Therefore evil is real due to the conditions in which it is human choice itself and human practices. To gain a spiritual review about evil, can only involve the condition of looking at memory to gain information. Past spiritual information as recordings was therefore accessed by the human psyche to give new occult information for those who sought the occult information. The history of history is to also keep records of the phenomena, which humanity has always considered and always kept as records of advice. Past life history advice recognized that when phenomena was caused, it was only caused by human change the natural atmospheric radiation cooling/energy light sound....and use the condition for a self applied technical use.....the ancients did stone levitation and also conversion, just like occultists do today. The information therefore quantified that a changed blood or cell condition was due to the fact of causing radiation light sound to change by occult practices of conversion of holy nuclear dust. Hence past historical evidence states that human life was previously irradiated....gained a changed cellular and blood condition due to removal of the holiness considered as an atmospheric condition that allowed life to exist....for life to remain in existence and for the support of life. The occult review made statements about what was caused by changing the natural radiating light and sound in the atmosphere called a heavenly body. Is there, there is only a human male who had a previous male presence recorded in the atmosphere. The modern human male using his own psyche and spiritual mind, reviewed his own past life records and laid claim to the condition of being personally God.....his own information states this review was considered by his own person as a personal review of his own self implied status.....that he was a Creator. As human males have always believed in their own personal status, how can any human argue....when it is the human male who imposes all of the conditions of his own self review, simply by being present as a male doing the reviews. The male used his personal status as a egotistical male to propose that spirits greater than his own person gave him this information, where the spirit of his own previous person, a male gave him this information. Before this circumstance, the same situation existed.....a male seeking information, reviewing his own life recordings that existed before him. Yet when he reviews all considerations, creation already existed, already supported his own presence and he never considered the conditions to which he actually belonged....a naturally formed status, which he had no right to consider, to change or to cause his family and the Nature on Earth to be attacked. So does the recording of the human male represent his own version of his own presence....the answer is yes of course it is......yet in his modern day presence as a human male and a human living condition, the review of God personally does not exist.....only an atmospheric body supporting his own natural life. If you review the information for how it was written, by and through a human male's personal spiritual psyche and spiritual past life memories, he implies that his own spirit was present as a human male in a higher state creating creation as a personal statement of spiritual memory. Since when can you exist as a personal organic self with the same insights, which is what a human male is as a consciousness before you exist? You simply cannot. Yet recordings of your previous existing self would give you the impression that a large presence of a larger male spirit entity existed before changing the atmospheric information by the same considerations as the modern day occult review....with the exact same purpose of causing changes and causing conversion interactions personally, from and through personal male manipulation techniques. Human consciousness exists due to atmospheric recordings of the self experience which we all reflect upon....the previous selves and previous life experiences. Yet the same review about occultism should have also been considered....the occult documents state spiritual attacks and spiritual destruction, just as modern occultism conditions will also cause. The reason that occultism was applied as a religious and spiritual teaching was by and through personal observations of occult attacks only for the purpose of keeping humanity self advised about the evil conditions of applying conversions as a cause and effect outcome in the condition of alteration of the nuclear dust.
  12. victimized

    Women. Religion’s longest running victims.

    Women the equal to a human male, yet never considered as the presence that the female represents. Religion an occult male review consideration for his own scientific pursuits. Religion then became a personal male review for gaining spiritual attack by applying occultist conversion practices....nuclear dust conversions. Males, self deceitful, believed themselves to be the Creator as their own information states. This information pursued by their own persons for their own reasons, given the reasons by their own male consciousness that imposed that higher beings gave them this information. Yet when you personally are spiritually aware, it is notated that the first record of occult ownership belongs to the human male. The history of spirit attests via the historical memory review, used by the first occultist, a male who decided to persue information so that he could act as a Creator....yet he was an inventor and became an occultist destroyer, from his own personal spiritual attack and his cause and effect realization. This is the true spiritual story. We existed as mutual manifested light spirits and the males decided to do science/occultism. The human psyche/ physical and spiritual presence was attacked by irradiation and we lost our memory relating to the conditions of our spiritual inheritance. As our family and their DNA healed, human life began to express different spiritual reviews do the circumstance of personal spiritual development, which was then taught. When you review occultism, information about conversion, the males who wrote the information were born from the act of sexual procreation. Our origin parents, equal pairs of male/female adults manifested, had sex and then the females gave birth to human life, who since have procreated....not manifested. Since our brother decided to do occultism and reviewed his own spiritual memory, part of the memory of the male's presence was that he had manifested.....yet this is only memory. As he used memory to persue the gain of information his incorrect status of spirit then caused our life to be attacked. First of all is to consider that as we are natural beings in a natural life, to consider to change our natural life, was a male's own consideration, which his spiritual history attests is his own testimonial to his constant self destructive nature....he never supports or allows the natural spiritual condition to remain natural, which is a review that goes back to origin itself and how he altered origin light sound to form creation. His own spiritual review attests by information status that he was self aware that he had caused the condition himself. As information only exists as records and memory, this review determines that the males on Earth already knew where we came from and that they had changed the origins in which our spirit presence previously existed....the information itself attests to the condition of gaining information. Information is formed by memory/image/light and sound recording. You cannot argue with the condition of how a male first accessed information as the status of information. Yet we can argue the condition of his personal review, which never has considered his own ownership and status stating his personal presence is the Creator.....and inventor....whereas by personal review he is the changer and destroyer of all natural conditions. He reviews his own life as if he is owner of all conditions....yet since when is a human any other presence than a human who comes after all other Nature and all creation? This is why he gave his own person a spiritual review of being an egotist and also the various other name calling reviews of his person. Being a female, I lived a spiritual life where I became aware that his personal religious teachings were false to the condition of spirit. I knew by self experience and by personal spiritual interactions about how self deceitful and dishonest a huge portion of the male community actually is as a human conscious review. Females were created/manifested in exactly the same condition as your since when are you anything other than our personal equal? When we do a spiritual history and memory review, the female understands that males were the reason that the female ended up manifesting in a life and organic body, due to the conditions of your self status....something a female has no control over and never had the ability to argue her own status. It has taken billions of lived spiritual female lives to allow the female to gain an atmospheric recording to evaluate the condition of the recording of spirit that males originally created as the self statement for the activating spiritual cause for changes to spirit. Females became self aware via the spiritual lived life. We now know how self deceitful males have been as a spiritual aware record. The human male gave the status of all lower bodies a that he could pretend that he was the Creator of all presences and to give himself status and hierarchy over his equal spirit...the female. He named the Earth a Mother...he named the atmosphere a Mother....he named the Nature a Mother and gave his own presence the statement of male Creator. And this review is as fake as he is. The Earth is a body of stone....a light sound. The atmosphere is a body of ethereal presence...gases.....a light sound. The Nature is a body of self owned spirits....self owned. There is no female present as a status of a spiritual you would have to question your own spiritual psyche as to the conditions why you gave the female a lower spiritual review and presence, compared to your own spirit. The spiritual memory states the following. The males manifested as a light being out of androgynous spirit, by changing the light that surrounded their own spiritual being. The male therefore reviews himself as the causer and spirit who changed origin light. Origin light lost sound that fell into itself...and created creation......light sound evolving/changing is a natural evolution with now ownership for the status of creation is light sound evolving. Males inherited their spiritual presence as a female light spirit existed...only the androgynous spirit. This is true for the presence that manifested before his own spirit was the tree origin creation. The female spirit was caused to be created because of his own presence...therefore he knew that he had caused the spiritual creation of the female light spirit. The female...the exact same sound as his own was not in the same co-ordinated light sound manifestation as his own spirit......yet by physical review the 2 spirits are bodily the same organic presence. The female demanifested....most of his male spirit demanifested......yet the lower male who caused the creation was left with Nature. He did not want to exist in this condition...only slowly demanifesting due to his spirit being the causer of creation. He then reviewed the total female records as a history and thought to replace her spirit in Nature as the spirit trapped with the Nature, instead of his own. This is how his review of the records caused his own presence to convert...he converted natural origin light sound and the origins of creation converted....due to his considerations and then personal spirit activation by bodily presence. Therefore his reviewed consideration of the female being Nature was a self imposed evil act that he had previously recorded due to his spiritual condition. This is the review that my own spirit gained from acting/living as a spiritual human being and female. After being irradiated by his own evil occult practices, I then became aware of all of his records that he had owned and perused to gain occult advice. Hence I know by personal experience how evil minded the human occultist is, and what he is currently practicing as an evil science against humanity, who unaware of his science occult practices are being used for data, without any moral consideration to their humanity.
  13. victimized

    Introduction to the Life of Nikola Tesla

    The review of occultism is wrong, always was. We were created as spirits, spirits in origin androgynous light that were released from the origin androgynous spirit, and as spirit existence in Nature is so diverse existing in the exact same atmospheric condition, it provides its own evidence that it came from origin light. You cannot exist as organic presence in the same atmosphere and then be determined to not exist in the same atmosphere which an occultist implies. An occultist implies conditions to think about aspects all existing in 1 moment as a review to gain ownership, and causes separated reviews, which is then used as a condition of advice, when it never was advice.....but self deception. We exist as a life form, an organic spirit created in 1 moment of activated change to the light sound of our spirit. Our own spirit formed its new body from having its spiritual light changed as a sound. We live and we die.....the energy that is left of our presence is our deceased body. The energy then deteriorates as the body decomposes. This is the place where organic energy goes...into decomposition. So where is your spirit occultist? Where is the so called link to energy returning to energy, when energy is a caused activated condition belonging to decomposition? The origin spirit, always existed....lost a part of its own light spirit sound, yet still communicated to the lower body from the higher androgynous light sound. This is how we developed the ability to know due to owning a condition of a higher light sound.....or else we would only know about the only condition to which we belong....a mind/organic presence. The other light sounds of radiation interactions are lower than our own, therefore their communications would not be known from an organic state as an owned light sound. We are being attacked everyday in an occult study of the God statement and the human and animal Nature by occultists who consider data is the only reason their family exists. We have never ever been treated as an equal, or as a being worthy of your considerations. Instead you review our life as if we simply exist to serve your own personal status of ownership. You have never believed in family or equality....but you do believe in abuse and status. The modern day occultist believes that his spiritual family belongs to huge spiritual powers of God and the Christ and they want the beginnings of energy and imply that a human being exists with the beginnings of energy. And it is so frustrating to listen and read the information of a self deceived consciousness. Since when does a human life exist anywhere else except in their own presence. You want us to be energy, for you used crops as the latest then seemingly have looked to the organic Nature to supply you with new references for a energy fuel resource....just as your thinking implies, as does your studies.......truly sick minded human beings. We are not energy...we are spirit and our presence uses energy to stay alive. Energy passes through our body...and our cells interact with energy and use energy. Yet if we did not eat we would die. Just because some spiritual minded gurus could meditate and keep their bodies on a level of energy sound, you seem to believe that this implies that the body is energy. Yet a normal human, living a real life cannot exist without replacing both water and food as energy supplies. Get real occultist you evil minded beings. You obviously do not believe in spirit, you only believe in evil. If you did not conclude a self advised statement about science and occultism our family would still be living a natural life, without any cause to be concerned about a loss of resource or what to do in the future without a resource. You caused this condition for our family to inherit, so deal with it correctly instead of attacking our life, our mind and our right to live..,...even though you do not believe that we deserve to be treated as your equal.
  14. As the Church is researching perverSION and their own brotherhood taught spirituality, knowing that they represent the community support of a loving, kind, caring being obviously cannot control their sexual urges. We can live a communal life without sexual urges overtaking the life, when the sexual urges are only present for the circumstance of sexual procreation. If you have a sexual urge, then as you are owner of your body, then you can personally deal with your body without including another human in the condition. Hence there is no excuse. Yet the review states that an increasing amount of human morality has changed, and to review the condition, the condition should be reviewed. The evidence of spirit has always been evident...self expressed, self applied, self the condition of spiritual ownership and also spiritual expression. If you change the conditions in which spirit exists, then spirit, the human awareness status alters, which it has done before. It has done so before, or else the information would not exist as historical statements and also historical teachings. The information of the spiritual attack states, that if you alter the holy dust the effects as the Revelations is to abominate the conditions that the male reviewed as status for his own occult practices......creation, creation effects, science and conversion both as a method and also as a cause and effect outcome. Therefore the cause and effect of using conversion of the nuclear light radiation sound, a sound cooling/changing via the conditions in which it interacted....was changed previously and the effects witnessed. The effect reviewed was a changed sexual morality and a changed sexual expression, as the brain chemicals are only balanced in the mind if the wavelengths/radiation light sound remain in the condition of natural energy....natural energy increasing/changing light sound. Holding the energy in an unnatural condition, a nuclear constant is the destruction of the atmospheric energy wavelengths that Nature uses and relies upon for the correct status to which the spirit of life exists. Our occult brother stole the energy interactions from our Nature and gave it to the nuclear power plants.....and humanity has changed, so has Nature in a multiple effect review. You cannot argue with the evidence, the evidence is real.....perverts.....from the change of SION = perversion. Therefore your own holy orders of males no longer have a spiritual mind, and have become perverts as your own evidence of supporting evil occultism.
  15. Eden is a legend, not a myth. A legend relates to the condition of forming symbolic spiritual meaning to the conditions of applying science/occult conversions of the nuclear dust. We are self punished, being the condition that the Illuminati express themselves, as an act of self punishment for creating new sin. The act of Adam and Eve created new sin to the life on Planet Earth in an act of destruction/disobedience to the Laws of God.....the Laws of God were the SION of stone...the conditions that made stone Holy as a place for humanity to live. The Laws of God were a spiritual channeled self realization of the human males who knew that they were the owners/causers of conversion and previous changes to both spirit and also the stone of Earth. This is why the spiritual nature of the male created a spiritual law review which he knew by his wisdom, gained by previous spiritual attacks upon his own person that to alter the Law of God was to alter the law of fusion O. Human males on modern Earth preceded to copy/emulate the preceding occult advice to cause conversion of the stone's natural fusion. Stone is fused by its crystal nature, and crystal can denature and become a lesser crystal fusion alteration removes the nature of the crystal of Earth. Humanity, attacked by Satan, converted by the presence and manifestation of the Satanic spirit (witnessed as aliens/evil beings) is caused by new fall out and new sin....occult practices. Sin therefore is a personal act of choosing to destroy the spiritual life of humanity and also the nature of the stone of Earth. Human males therefore knew that they had caused new sin to be reacted in the Heavens and also on above, so below and gained this awareness by being attacked spiritually and physically. Humanity then follow the ways of Satan....for Satan gets released out of the dead tombs of Earth stone....old fusion and all life gets irradiated and converted and the spiritual Nature of humanity is forced into the collusion with the Satanic presence.......not because of choice....but because original sin gets changed. Original sin as an occult review is the condition of O contracting into a VE (contraction PHI released sine).....PHI light sound, the evolution/healing process of the angelic presences gets destroyed and it falls out. Original sin therefore gets destroyed in the female review condition of GOD. Female sound in life o, the cell is then lost as the fall out irradiates the human inheritors of EVE.......and the incident of Fatima is the reporting condition of being irradiated and losing cell life whilst an atmospheric angelic light sound is changed.....causing a new window of burning energy called HELL...he (window) el (god). Spiritual psyche awareness is true to the condition of being advised spiritually, as this is how occultism/conversion information of the nuclear dust was first advised through the human mind/brain condition.