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  1. The Philosophical secret evaluation states the following ADVICEEZEKI - EL GOD, a HOLY MAN, a HOLY PROPHET, a HOLY PROPHECY, a realization.29.21 or 29 x 21 = GOD statement for X = 1029 x 21 = 609 GREEK GOD THEOS........609. apokoptó apokoptó: to cut offOriginal Word: ἀποκόπτω Short Definition: I smite, cut off, emasculate Definition: I smite, cut off, cut loose; mid: I emasculate, castrate, mutilate myself. To review the spiritual HOLY SEE, a spiritual aware personal MALE review that related to the ALPHA WAVELENGTH MAN condition inheritance (review) after the ancient human male was personally,
  2. One of the females, was a 100 year old in the year 2010 and this would place her life irradiation around the Year 1909. The Geiger–Marsden experiment(s) (also called the Rutherford gold foil experiment) were a landmark series of experiments by which scientists discovered that every atom contains a nucleus where its positive charge and most of its mass are concentrated. They deduced this by measuring how an alpha particle beam is scattered when it strikes a thin metal foil. The experiments were perfor
  3. The records speaking every day make statements regarding what the human male in the occult activity is thinking as an interactive process of using occult memory. The records stated that the occult male concept considers that he is involved in time shifts and that he can create and collide and gain new energy as a theory thought states as a beginning, before any other energy reaction existed. The answer to his consideration states that no such reality exists, a statement that he has obviously ignored himself. Energy cannot be removed from its evolution and ownership all different forms of sound
  4. The spiritual realization of the CHRIST.......CH values Christ, the Holy Ox...oxygen regeneration and the holiness of water above our head.....spiritual baptism of the atmospheric Heavens. C = the value for 100 H = the value for Hex.......or the symbolic meaning of terrestrial magnetism...magnetism in Nature and of the Earth stone. UFO = artificial intelligence/and causing ET = extra in the terrestrial. H - ex states that when you change natural terrestrial magnetism the EX or what is generated...out of genesis is changed. The Christ review regarded the evidence of spiritual murder and cell c
  5. Did he not himself say to me, 'She is my sister '? And she herself said, 'He is my brother.' In the integrity of my heart and the innocence of my hands I have done this." 6Then God said to him in the dream, "Yes, I know that in the integrity of your heart you have done this, and I also kept you from sinning against Me; therefore I did not let you touch her. 7"Now therefore, restore the man's wife, for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you will live. But if you do not restore her, know that you shall surely die, you and all who are yours."… The information of the Bible is a channe
  6. The real review of life is that it is natural. Only personal choice, personal applications conditioned our life to be involved with scientific practices, or occult conversions. The occultist has tried to defend his actions of attacking our natural life on Earth by making statements that he is studying natural energy, yet since when is it natural to study energy, when energy exists without human interference? Uranium and plutonium exist naturally on Earth in a fixed state held fusion........occultism changed this Nature and life on Earth was then attacked. Due to my own irradiation, and hearing
  7. Spirit and the presence of spirit is and has been a contested review. Where did creation come from, became a theory, and the subject of conversion and energy creation, the gain of information thought to belong to the "thinker", the human male who first proposed himself to be inventor/creator. The human male the proposer of values, the consciousness who gave value, reviewed conditions to imply values and was only ever the receiver of information that already had values as existing presences. To review the condition of value is to review the condition of argument and also spiritual statement. T
  8. God created man and man is the ALPHA or the ALPHA wavelength. The condition of GOD, a symbolic review of O a circle, and how a circle created the PHI condition (I) symbol as the yodh....hand of God. O and forming the loss of sound spirals into a G, to form an O, to then split into D and D. D given the English review of value 500. DD - 1000 the condition review of the Christ Heavenly spirit against Satan 1000. Occultism, a review of acts in creation to gain powers in creation. The ancient occult practice involved Temples, the Pyramids, and also nuclear dust, called holy dust. The ancient spirit
  9. Mountains have the same form as pyramids, as natural Earth creations. Earth by holographic radiated light sound recordings existed previously as an origin with a large body of crystal fusion, called Atlantis by the occultist review. Atlantis=sAtanlit, why the occult review statement was realized by the conditions of reviewing ancient atmospheric recording. The atmosphere can record both sound and also image...and transmit the information as a state of the atmosphere itself. The ancient records state that the preceding atmosphere of origin Earth was converted from a higher body into the body of
  10. You make statements about Jesus, when Jesus as a review regarded occultist practice....cause and effect and the receipt of the cause and effect as human male notification. Hence the occult review of the occult attack was called Jesus, and done so by a human male.....owner and inventor of the occult practice itself, conversion of the nuclear dust and what it causes. Therefore a human male from his personal human psyche related the conditions to which he became aware. Therefore when you quote about Jesus, you only quote about male spiritual awareness itself. We have only ever involved our own pr
  11. When you review occultism, then review the conditions that occultism belongs to......conversion of nuclear dust. What happens to the atmosphere when radiation light sound is changed by human beings. Spirit has already had a huge experience and personal lived life as a humanity who has reported their own experience. We share information as a family to support realization. We gain realization only due to the fact of having lived a life of being harmed. Humanity as a personal lived experience do not want to live being harmed. We therefore asked ourselves regarding our own situation and owners
  12. Women the equal to a human male, yet never considered as the presence that the female represents. Religion an occult male review consideration for his own scientific pursuits. Religion then became a personal male review for gaining spiritual attack by applying occultist conversion practices....nuclear dust conversions. Males, self deceitful, believed themselves to be the Creator as their own information states. This information pursued by their own persons for their own reasons, given the reasons by their own male consciousness that imposed that higher beings gave them this information. Yet
  13. The review of occultism is wrong, always was. We were created as spirits, spirits in origin androgynous light that were released from the origin androgynous spirit, and as spirit existence in Nature is so diverse existing in the exact same atmospheric condition, it provides its own evidence that it came from origin light. You cannot exist as organic presence in the same atmosphere and then be determined to not exist in the same atmosphere which an occultist implies. An occultist implies conditions to think about aspects all existing in 1 moment as a review to gain ownership, and causes separa
  14. As the Church is researching perverSION and their own brotherhood taught spirituality, knowing that they represent the community support of a loving, kind, caring being obviously cannot control their sexual urges. We can live a communal life without sexual urges overtaking the life, when the sexual urges are only present for the circumstance of sexual procreation. If you have a sexual urge, then as you are owner of your body, then you can personally deal with your body without including another human in the condition. Hence there is no excuse. Yet the review states that an increasing amount of
  15. Eden is a legend, not a myth. A legend relates to the condition of forming symbolic spiritual meaning to the conditions of applying science/occult conversions of the nuclear dust. We are self punished, being the condition that the Illuminati express themselves, as an act of self punishment for creating new sin. The act of Adam and Eve created new sin to the life on Planet Earth in an act of destruction/disobedience to the Laws of God.....the Laws of God were the SION of stone...the conditions that made stone Holy as a place for humanity to live. The Laws of God were a spiritual channeled self